The Jingleberries Will Make You Famous, Or Look Fucktarded (Part 4)

Remember when The Jingleberries put out a call for recordings? Well, we’re doing a 4th round that we can send off for The Jingleberries to work their magic on, while we sit back and hope it gets played on the air. Like these previous rejoins!

Allegedly Official Awesome Original Shawshank Redemption

Women of EllisFam Rejoin

There was another rejoin that made the cut, but we don’t have a recording of it. If you do, please send it to us!

Round 4

Fuck Your Face (by: emilyinSD)

Welcome Back (by: tank_yanker)

Get The Cock Off Your Chest, Motherfucker (by: tank_yanker)

Urinal Dream (by: AZ_RedDragon)

Testicles (by: serutti)

Get Out (by: sharkchucker)

Sarcastic Moment (by: sharkchucker)

Short Bus (by: sharkchucker)

A Book Story (by: sharkchucker)

Barrel of Monkeys (by: Scarlet_Kitty)

Special Feelings (by: Scarlet_Kitty)

Dirty Barry (by: bitPimps)

Smack Em Yack Em (by: bitPimps)

The Jingleberries Will Make You Famous, Or Look Fucktarded (Part 3)

Remember when The Jingleberries put out a call for recordings? Well, we’re doing a 3rd round that we can send off for The Jingleberries to work their magic on, while we sit back and hope it gets played on the air. Like these previous rejoins!

Allegedly Official Awesome Original Shawshank Redemption

Women of EllisFam Rejoin

And now, part 3 of the new recordings…

B-Rip (by: wiz1010)

You Sexy Bastid (by: tank_yanker)

A Lot Like Herpes (by: Cody_McCraw92)

Scat (by: Cody_McCraw92)

Sexual Orientation (by: Cody_McCraw92)

Side Effects Include (by: Cody_McCraw92)

TJES, Cougar Approved (by: Scarlet_Kitty)

Clit Off My Box (by: Scarlet_Kitty)

Bumpy Banana (by: Lugoman43)

Thanks, Hitler (by: Lugoman43)

Thanks, N-Bomb (by: Lugoman43)

It’s Tough To Choose (by: serutti)

Cable (by: serutti)

Jew Bell (by: sharkchucker)

All That Pussy Rawdog Smashes (by: bitPimps)

I Got Super Powers (by: bitPimps)

Smoke Weed Everyday (by: NorCalRowe)

Bom Da Boo Poo (by: NorCalRowe)

If You Were To Give Me A Nickname Or Call Me A Name, What Would It Be?

As a game for everyone to play, I asked a simple question “If you were to give me a nickname or call me a name, what would it be?” and asked everyone to use the hashtag #bitPimpsShouldBeCalled and here are the responses: Continue reading

EllisFam Interviews

I have asked for the EllisFam to do a small 8 question interview so that we may get to know one another and how The Jason Ellis Show has changed or impacted our lives. These are their reply’s, unedited and all in their own words. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and thank you to everyone who participated. Without you all this wouldn’t be possible.

Sleepy Joe (@sleepyjoe_RDS)

  1. Where do you live? Port Orford, Oregon
  2. What is your occupation? Stay at home father
  3. Tell me a little about yourself. I am a disabled commercial fisherman/ranch hand.  Married to a most excellent lady, and have two amazing daughters. Spend most of my time trying to make a positive impact on the Ellis family.
  4.  How long have you listened to TJES? I have been listening to Jason Ellis’s Show since late 07 early 08
  5.  How did you discover TJES?I discovered the show driving a friend of mine to his dialysis, would sit in the parking lot listening to Satellite radio, and changed to faction (cause I love the mix of music they put on) and is was the start of the show. Was hooked instantly cause I see eye to eye with most of the points that the whole crew makes not just Ellis.
  6.  What keeps you listening to TJES? I will always listen to the show, one because my debt to ellis, tully, Shoebox, and even Rawdog. The mix of all those personalities and opinions make the show what it is.
  7.  Has the show changed or impacted you life in any way? How? They have helped me through so much…relapse of addiction to old habits, making a change to battle my ailments such as Anorexia, PTSD, and epliepsy. I gave up right around the same time I fought in Ellismania 4, I was 5 weeks out of open abdomen surgery when I fought, because I gave my word to be in the fight, was against the doctors advice.  Stupid Idea cause I had 4 surgeries when I got back from Vegas. Since that experience I have made the 100% effort to change all this stuff for the better.
  8.  Is there anything else you would like to share? The Jason Ellis show is a much needed impact in the world we live in, to many of us skate rats, troubled youths grown up need someone that understands that kind of life situations. The duty of the Ellisfamily is to spread the word and the show anyway they can, but only for the right reasons.


Twisted Trucker (@tank_yanker)

Well, I was expecting a few crazy questions, like favorite position, which hand do you wipe with, describe your O face… But here goes..

  1. Where do you live? I live in central Ontario, commonly called cottage country up here. (Because of all the lakes and trees and shit)..
  2. What is your occupation? I’ve been an owner/operator for 20 years driving a truck. Before all that, I was an industrial millwright, welder/fitter, jack of all trades type. Finally fed up with fucktards in management at one end, and babysitting dummies that failed basic math at the other.. So I shit canned the whole thing, bought a truck, and never looked back.. (What the hell was I thinking)…
  3. Tell me a little about yourself.
  4. How long have you listened to TJES? Been a steady listener of TJES about 4 years.
  5. How did you discover TJES? and pretty much knew of Ellis when the Red Dragons started fucking with Bubba (BTLS) which was funny as shit, so I started to catch his shows then. Been hooked ever since..
  6. What keeps you listening to TJES? That’s an easy one!. WTF is gonna happen today?
  7. Has the show changed or impacted you life in any way? How? Since listening to the show, and signing up on twitter, the first few people I started following was @AZ_RedDragon, @bitpimps , and @mike_in_canada. Since hooking up with these fuckwits, its expanded to a lot of people in the #EllisFam, and that started my slow roll into hell… But at least I’ll be laughing my ass off when I hit the hot stuff!! Which brings us to…
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share? Just so you all know, I genuinely care for each and every one of you, and anytime I can help out, I’m happy to try. I’ve met a lot of stand up people through the #EllisFam, (and some crazy bastids too!). You all really help me get through the miles, and I appreciate you taking the time to be smart asses with me all day! *all this written at 60mph. Yeah, I can multi task like a mofo..* *some names have been changed to protect the innocent*.. **wait!..none of you are innocent** never mind.. carry on…

If you would like to be apart of the EllisFam Interviews, please contact me (@Az_RedDragon) through twitter and I will send the interview to you.

Show Re-cap For Friday 7/13/2012

Danny O’Donnell vs Alicia Leii

Welp. It’s Friday the 13th, and a lot of you lucky mofo’s are already in Vegas for EllisMania 8. Nobody even invited me. So here I sit, writing a re-cap for your asses, clicking furiously on tweets tagged with #EM8, and getting my box of tissues ready for the bikini contest. But guess what? I lied to you guys again today. But it was a good lie, I swear it! I started shouting out @emilyinSD, @tank_yanker, & @mike_in_canada, claiming it was all of their birthdays. I saw several re-tweets and happy birthday wishes flying. It was glorious! Even though it may not have been their birthdays, just think of how good you made them feel by wishing them one! And guess what, you made my day that much more awesome too by perpetuating my lie! I’ve told you before, I’m a pretty fucked up individual. So see, it wasn’t a bad lie. We got to hear the usual suspects being introduced at the start of the show from Vegas. @DanOD5 turned up as JagerBeard, already drunk and high and sitting on Uncle Mayhem’s lap and semi-chubbed up. And that’s when the real JagerBeard came on the scene to take a large shot of Jager and it sounded like he almost hurled.

Dead Acid Cunt vs Some Hot Readhead in the “Yo Momma Round”

Weigh-ins sounded pretty hysterical with Alicia pushing Dan around and Rawdog telling Ruby that he’s ready to kick her 111 pound ass. Gay Bruediger weighed in at 190 pounds while Ellis weighed in at 198 – let’s just keep in mind that Mayhem was working the scales. Gay started acting a fool almost immediately and ended up threatening to beat up Tully and Rawdog if they played the Jingleberries song about him for his walkout music. There was a quick “Doing stuff with Rawdog” segment, which is always a pleasure to hear and very informative, especially the “how to put on a condom correctly” and “how to insert a tampon correctly” pieces.

Bikini contest winner showing one of her techniques

Rawdog’s go to foreplay move is “necking” and aggressively playing with “titties”, I’m ready for love just typing that shit. The bikini contest was next up on the list of show segments, there were 10 fine ladies who entered the contest and was almost widdled down to 9 after one of the contestants flashed her titties at the crowd. After security talked to her and saw her tits up close, she was allowed to stay and the competition continued. The entire contest was broadcast for free, in streaming HD on Shout out to Dead Acid Cunt (@freedrose) for being the runner up and Dead Acid Balls (@hendro9364) for banging that shit!

Your mom’s motto

The remainder of the time was spent with Ellis walking through the crowd taking final calls from fans in the crowd. There were quite a few people who apparently purchased their Wolfknives membership at the show, and they all got their gang names. Mayhem will be debuting his newest career skills tonight as a rapper, and I’m guessing Katie is getting banged in the butt later in the night. And that pretty much wraps up this re-cap, I hope everyone in Vegas for EllisMania 8 is having a great time and staying frosty! I have one last question for you. You know how sometimes when you see really, really, morbidly obese people and you aren’t sure if they’re a man or a woman? Wait, of course you do – you’ve seen your mom lots. OH!