Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/15/2015


Your mom sure seems excited about the show.

Here we are again, for our rendezvous. Let’s see if Tully is still sick or he has passed it back to Ellis. Will Dingo be there? Has Andrew farted since the tragedy known as FartGate2015? Will Will impose his will on anyone’s last will and testament? Neither Tully or Ellis sound sick so far. I don’t hear any Dingo. Nor do I hard Andrew the Farter. We will have to wait to see what’s up with Will. Ellis went to the Gay Pride Awards, where he received several awards for not being gay. Continue reading

Show Recap for Tuesday 6/9/2015

I really could have sworn that today was the 10th, but apparently this bitch was living in the future- because today is Tuesday the 9th and my mind has been minimally blown. Maybe not minimally blown. Maybe just shaken up a bit. That’s what happens some days, I guess. Just means that I wrote the date wrong on a bunch of shit today. Whats the worst that could happen? But, anyway, welcome to the show and fuck off. Ellis found some awesome balls at the airport and he is having another kind of ball using Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/8/2015

goodbyeDingo spilled a little bit of smoothie right at the start of the fucking show, can’t take that guy anywhere. He cleaned it up though. Oh, yeah, the show is back from Austin and is in LA again. Billy Bob Thornton is in a movie with a 20 foot bear, a bear that eats other bears and shit. Dingo busted out a new word today, “exspecially.” He seems overly concerned about about Ellis’ new tattoo and if he had a donut on donut day. Mind your own god damned business, Dingo! Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Monday 5/18/2015

hervy-derntIf you’re happy and you love Monday’s, helicopter your dong. I can’t sing, sorry. That was terrible and I should feel bad for that. Let’s just get right into the show and skip all the pleasantries, shall we? So what’s the first thing you noticed about today’s show? That’s a rhetorical question, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you – Dingo isn’t there. We live in The Matrix man. We live in The Matrix man. Whoa, déjà vu! Which is actually just a glitch in the Matrix. See? Proof! Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Monday 5/4/2015


All this Mayweather / Pacquiao talk, I don’t wanna hear it.

So it’s Monday. “Star Wars Day” for many of you, and “Who Cares Day” for probably just as many of you. So Ellis ended up watching the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight even though he didn’t plan to. He didn’t want to contribute any money towards a man who allegedly has beaten women 7 times in his life. I didn’t watch it and I’m super glad I didn’t because man, I’d be fucking pissed if I paid money to watch what ended up being the equivalent of a high school slow dance. Continue reading