AutoRap Battle

It’s battle rap time, using an app called “AutoRap” by Smule. The guys face off against each other to see who has more LA street cred and ultimately more turf. I’ve included the “dry” vocals (pre AutoRap) as well as the final “wet” (post AutoRap) audio just so you get the idea. Sounds like they’re looking for people to challenge Ellis (or I’m guessing anyone on the show) to a rap battle, so if you feel so inclined, download the app, make your rap and submit it to the show through the regular channels. I’m also assuming @CassetteCoast is prohibited as he’s already systematically destroyed the entire show several times over.

Show Recap for Tuesday 6/2/2015

Holy crap, do you know what is awesome? I finally have use of a real actual fucking computer again and am not currently typing this on my iphone or from the baby’s ipad. That just straight up makes me happy!!!! Weeeeee!! An actual keyboard!!! Wooooo

anyway, I’m sure you really don’t care all that much about that, other than the fact that I don’t have autocorrect and have to remember to put in my own punctuation and all that shit…so let’s get right down to it. Did you know that the song from the intro, the intro that I call the ‘yeah, motherfucker hillbilly sounding intro’ is played in an Australian movie about Australian skinheads that went around beating up and killing Asian people? Why, neither did I, but Ellis knows that and was letting all of us lovely listeners in on the info. But, you know what? Ellis has been to that train station (I’m guessing some train station somewhere in Australia that was featured at some point in the movie) and he has definitely seen Asian people there, because Australia is like Canada when it comes to Asian people, but he has for sure never seen a skinhead there. You know where he did see skinheads? He saw them when he was on the bus and they almost beat him up and started shit with him because he had a shaved head because he was a skateboarder and that’s what all the cool skate dudes were doing at the time. Other than that though, nope, not a skinhead in sight at the train station.

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Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 5/6/2015


Ronda Ronda Ronda Ronda Ronda Ronda Ronda.

Why the fuck are Bics so expensive? What the fuck is up with that? Ghey. Anyway, it’s Wednesday, whatchya gonna do bout that? Loitering, what is it exactly? Can you get arrested for it? Got Google? Are you lazy? Suffering from irritable bowel syndrome? Ellis is on some prescription drug that is used as part of a treatment plan for problem drinking. Basically, he’s gonna get violently ill if he drinks while on this medication. Sounds fun, right? Tully wasn’t sure exactly what loitering was, now he’s not sure the difference between gas and oil. Ellis learned the connection between crude oil and “fossil fuels”, and he didn’t think he was going to learn anything today. Pfffsssshhhyeah, right. Whoever found oil and figured out you could burn that shit and run stuff on it, was a smart mother fucker. The Ellis kids got vibed at the park for driving those battery powered toy cars, his r/c car got the boot too. Ronda Rousey. Book. Reading. Rousey. Book. Ronda. Book. Hero. Book. Ronda. Emotional. Book. Rousey. Fucking hell. Now you know what it feels like to be brow beaten by a god damn book. Now it’s evolved into Rousey / Pacquiao / Mayweather, the trifecta of I could not give any less of a shit. But, I guess other’s are probably interested in it, so whatever – fuck me, am I right? Continue reading

TJES: Unknown Karaoke

This is “Unknown Karaoke”, a segment in which the guys try to sing along to a song they have little to no clue how the actual lyrics go. Things we learn from this bit:

  • The words “vanilla” and “white” have now been replaced with “Andrew”
    (e.g. “Andrew bean ice cream is delicious”, “She just got her teeth Andrewed”)
  • It’s no mistake that Will only knows the most creepy, murdery, stalkery parts of songs.
  • Cumtard does the “meow” thing because when goes for the high notes, it sounds like someone stepped on a cat.
  • Tully feels like a natural woman.
  • Ellis just out Whammied Wham.