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WolfknivesNo You Are (NYA) is not an “official” home, store, or support site for the Wolfknives (WK). While we offer an unofficial home for Wolfknives related content, we do not sell Wolfknives memberships, we do not provide names for new Wolfknives members, nor are we responsible for any Wolfknives related purchases, inquiries, or support. We merely offer the publicly available information we find or is provided to us, for entertainment purposes only.

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Wolfknives FAQ

  • What are / is the Wolfknives?
    Essentially, a group of people who all voluntarily decided to support Jason Ellis, The Jason Ellis Show, and it’s cast members, by purchasing a package that provides them with Wolfknives swag. Much like EllisFam, this is just another subset of fans who decided they wanted to be part of a group of people whose major commonality is The Jason Ellis Show.
  • How did the Wolfknives start?
    It started when Jason Ellis was riding his scooter to and from work, he wanted to start a fictional scooter gang – hoping his friends would also buy scooters and they could all ride scooters together through the streets of LA. The idea was loosely based of the common motorcycle gangs such as the Hells Angels or Mongrols, but without all the seriousness and violence. It was just a vision in his head that he thought would be fun and cool. A group of friends all riding scooters around in packs.
  • Where can I purchase my Wolfknives membership?
    The link is above, however, you’re probably too lazy to scroll up, so here it is again. Purchase Wolfknives Membership Package
    (Men’s & Women’s packages are available)
  • What is included in the Wolfknives membership package?
    You’re seriously not even looking, are you? You get:

    • An exclusive shirt
    • Skate Deck
    • Banner
    • Back Patch
    • Bandana
    • Necklace
    • Patch
    • Membership Card
    • Military Zip Hood (Optional – costs extra)
    • Work Shirt (Optional – costs extra)
  • How and when do I receive my official Wolfknives name?
    Wolfknives names are generally given out live on the show by Jason Ellis, Mike Tully, and Will Pendarvis. If you are a longtime EllisFam / fan that they recognize, you will most likely be given your known nickname. If not, they will usually give you a name they come up with while live on-air. You can also visit our Wolfknives Random Name Generator – but it probably won’t make a difference in what you are officially named, as the generator is just for fun.
  • How many members are there? Can I find out who else is a member?
    As far as we know, there is no “official” count or list of members. However, we do have an “unofficial” list of Wolfknives members. If you are a member and do not find yourself on this list, but wish to be, you may submit your information and you will be added. Visit the Wolfknives Membership Registry for details.
  • I haven’t gotten my Wolfknives package / name yet, what should I do?
    Sometimes shipping (especially outside of the US) takes awhile. It could be weeks, even close to a month. That’s typically because of customs of the receiving country, US orders are typically shipped much sooner. Just wait it out for a little while. If you hear them say your name and then give you a nickname on-air, your package is on its way. If not, then you should contact the show or the official seller of the package. One way or another, it will be sorted out and you will receive what you paid for.
  • What happens at Wolfknives meetings?
    Secret shit. Maybe one time everyone gets an exclusive patch that is reserved for only attending Wolfknives members. Maybe there are secret handshakes, maybe people get to temporarily see Will’s home. It’s all secret and reserved for only attending Wolfknives members. Similar to Fight Club, no member is allowed to talk about what happens at Wolfnives meetings.
  • How can I make sure nobody shits in my mum’s fishtank or fuck her sloppy hole?
    Sorry. There is nothing you can do. Eventually, someone will shit in your mum’s fishtank or fuck her sloppy hole. It’s happened before, otherwise you wouldn’t even exist. Just let it go.