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What Ellis Says
What Ellis Means
Abducted Inducted
Ablib Adlib
Abominational Abominable
Absence makes for...a great night out with your friends...gets you fucked up. Absence makes the heart grow fonder *Dingo mistaking absence for absinthe
Absolete Obsolete
Acidicky Acidic or acidity *Dingoism
Adjediv Adjective. Wilsonism
Aggressional Aggressive
Alpha Rhythm Algorithm
Altermacation To alter
Anals Annals
Analysist Analyst
Antelope Cantaloupe
Anticdote Anecdote
Anythink Anything
Apostrophes Commas
Appalachian Ablation (the heart procedure performed on Ellis)
Areola Wanny Ariel Helwani
Aretha Franklin, 'Merica' Analogous statement signifying greatness. The first part being a reference to Ellis' repeated assertion that every man dies, but not every man has the privilege of copulating with Aretha Franklin. The second part of the statement is self explanatory, 'cause Murica. Fuck yeah!'
Armadillus Amadeus. As in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Artillerary Artillery
Artrocious Atrocious
Assumption is the mother of all fuckups Blind speculation is a common mistake that often leads to unnecessary misunderstandings and/or rumors
Athalete Athlete
Athletical Athletic
Autistic Artistic
Baby Frat Baby Phat, Russell Simmons' womens' apparel company. See also: Frat Farm
Backeotomy Back surgery
Baffoon Buffoon
Barking up a bad tree Barking up the wrong tree *Dingoism
Beanie Sexual finishing move whereby a man deposits his ejaculate onto the top of his partner's head, ideally creating a puddle resembling a knit cap, toque or yarmulke.
Bedazzled Glamored, a True Blood/vampire reference to a type of mind control the vampires can exercise on humans
Bellevalent Benevolent
Beluga whale The animal from which Tully (Oxtard) thinks Beluga caviar comes from, as opposed to Beluga sturgeon, which actually produce eggs
Beverly 902 fucking gerbil Ian Ziering
Bill Bellamy To bounce out of the situation
Billy Corrigan Billy Corgan
Birdafly Butterfly
Bleeding like a stuffed pig Bleeding like a stuck pig
Bong cleaner Pipe cleaner
Bowl in a China shop Bull in a China shop
Brandon Schaub Brendan Schaub
Brass Taxes Brass tacks, as in 'Let's get down to brass tacks". Statement indicating one's readiness to cut the bullshit and talk in a serious, more concise manner.
Bring that to circle Bring full circle *Dingoism
Brisking Basking
Bum bag Fanny pack *Australianism
Bung Ankle Bum Ankle
Burger knot Bergamot; an fragrant orange that's essence is commonly used in cologne
Bush Pig An undesirable woman, subjective to the observer, slightly less undesireable than the human slam pig; see Sea Turtle and Shit Pig
Ca-chunk ca-chunk To continue on; to win; to bask in victory
Cahlooney Clooney, as in George Clooney
Calvin Klein Kevin Kline, actor
Can't deny the riff There is no argument that the subject has talent
Captual Capsule
Car-key Khaki
Carcasion Caucasian
Cardignal Cardinal *Dingoism
Carnival Vagina
Celeb Caleb *Caller name that Ellis consistently reads and pronounces incorrectly
Charity Jam The act of copulating with someone with whom you would not normally consider an ideal sexual partner, out of a sense of pity mixed with empathy and generosity.
Charlie Chapman Charlie Chaplin
Chef Boil-ardee The cyst-ridden spectacle also known as Cumtard
Chest Bunt Chest Bump. See also: Chest Butt
Chest Butt Chest bump. See also: Chest Bunt
Chicken Doodles Chicken noodle soup
Chip-a-top-lee Chipotle
Chloride Fluoride
Chubby McTenChins Sam Rubin
Chuchalabre Chupacabra
Clitele Cartel
Clubber Lane Clubber Lang, Mr. T's character in Rocky III
Cluster Clutter
Co-hearse Coerce
Coal War The Cold War
Cock-hold Cuckold
Cocky Khaki
Comedical Comical
Concisive Decisive as in a "concisive" victory.
Congregated Roofing Corrugated Roofing
Considerately Considerably
Converse Convert *Dingoism
Cookie Vagina
Cotton babies When a woman forgets to remove her tampon until days or weeks later, and when removed, an enlarged, blood-filled tampon resembling a fetus is born
Cougar McGruber, Coonan McGrubey, Coo Malubey, etc. Conor McGregor
Creditable Credible
Crenoli Cannoli
Crustated Crusty
Cum barnacles After sexual self manipulation in the shower, some men may choose to try to remove the resulting ejaculate from the shower floor by wiping said deposit with their foot towards the shower drain. That same man may then attempt to simply rinse away the inevitable remains from his foot, under the flawed assumption that this will remove the deposit. The reality is that like a buildup of stubborn arthropods on the hull of a boat, without the aid of abrasion and a cleansing solution, the spilled seed will remain and become part of the foot.
Cum challenge Definition coming soon...
Cunnilingo Sex talk
Cuntilingus Cunnilingus - When a man or woman (hell yeah) really likes a woman's lady parts, he/she may be inclined to put his/her mouth on said lady parts and move his/her tongue around in various manners in order to cause pleasure to the woman's feminine bits, thereby causing pleasurable feelings for the woman. The ultimate goal of this exercise is either reciprocation of oral pleasuring of gender specific parts or sexual congress. i.e. knockin' the boots.
Cute tips Q-Tips
Darwism Darwinism
David Lee Ralph David Lee Roth
Deceivious Deceptive and/or divisive *Vagiantism
Deckles* Decals *this word originated from a caller; apparently it's a Canadian thing
Deer dick Dyrdek, Rob
Demend Demon
Desperado Desperation, i.e. "You can see the desperado in his eyes."
Devolve Dissolve *Dingoism
Dick Mittens The microbial residue resulting from manual contact with male genitalia. Said residue may then be tranferred to surfaces that come in contact with the hand that has come in contact with the cock. This phenomenon is apparently especially prevalent in the jackoff booths of Manhattan. orig: Katie
Diggereedoo Didgeridoo *Rude Jude pronunciation
Dint Dent
Disadained Sustained
Discriminive Discriminative
Disgard The bastard verbal offspring of 'discard' and 'disregard'.
Disjardia Giardia
DJ Blackout One who gets wasted and makes such a nuisance of oneself before a scheduled performance that they are forcibly removed from the venue at which they are scheduled to perform, then sneaks back in to said venue to fulfill the aforementioned obligation. See also: Jake Browned It
Documentated Documented
Dogmata An obvious cross between Dogma and Stigmata, referring to the Kevin Smith film, "Dogma"
Door-eat-ohs Doritos *Tully originated this pronunciation and Ellis adopted it
Dotty things Punctuation
Doverman Doberman Pinscher
Dr. Monroe Dr. Moreau
Dr. Zeus Dr. Seuss *Also a Dingoism
Drowneded Drowned
Dry Reaching Dry heaving. Almost vomiting but without the spew.
Durisjiction Jurisdiction
Edmington Edmonton (Alberta)
Electrifried Electrified
Embezzle Bezel, as in the ring around the face of a wristwatch
Embuelism Embolism
Emoshy Emotional
Encrested Encrusted
Energenic Energetic
Engraved Ingrained
Epervescence Effervescence
Escape Goat Scapegoat. *Dingoism
Eternia Eternity
Euthanasianized Euthanized
Ex-pat Someone who used to play for the New England Patriots
Exorb Absorb *Dingoism
Expediate Expedite
Expelsion Expulsion
Expidential Exponential
Explisive Explicit
Expresso Espresso
Extramint Excrement
Extreme Falling Skydiving or wing-suiting
Fanny Vagina *Australianism
Feelion Feline
Flamingo guitar Flamenco guitar
Flu-rescent Fluorescent
Franatical Fanatical
Frat Farm Phat Farm, Russell Simmons' apparel company. See also: Baby Frat
Fucktarded Retarded
Furfilling Not a despicable act done to animals, just Ellis mispronouncing 'fulfilling'.
Genetically Modified Orgasms Genetically Modified Organisms
Geverty Longevity
Gherkin Merkin *Rude Judeism
Gibraltar Rock solid, as in the Rock of Gibraltar
Girdle Belt Garter Belt
Globjuals Globules
Gluteny Gluten intolerance *according to Domtard
Goat Goad. To encourage, egg on, incite or provoke.
GOAT Acronym for Greatest Of All Time. Usually used by Ellis in reference to Ricky Carmichael.
Godiva Cadaver
Goldmind Goldmine
Gondola Grotto
Gramification Ramification
Gramifications Ramifications
Great Fruit Grapefruit
Grimstone Brimstone. As in fire and brimstone, the shit that rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah because the people were sinful and deserved to die a horrendous, painful, melty death in a hailstorm of flying lava. Disclaimer: The editors of this list in no way condone destroying homosexuals with flaming rainfall. Hehehe...flaming.
Groper Grouper
Gumgum style Gangnam style
Habandero Habanero
Happy mediocre Happy medium
Hatch it out Hash it out
Hayabusa Ayahuasca
Head fund Hedge fund
Hedgerow Hetero; heterosexual
Herpes Oysters Herpes Zoster. The virus that causes shingles. Not like the things that protect your roof, but the irritating, at times very painful rash that can occur if you have herpes, like Kevin "Kraft Shingles". Don't judge him too harshly. If you've had chicken pox, you could be next.
Hilariousisms Amusing anecdotes or quips
Ho Chi Man Trail Ho Chi Minh Trail
Homo-side Homicide
Horse mohawk Horse mane
Horse wheelie Riding a horse that is rearing up
Huge Hugh
Human slam pig The most regrettable being with which one could copulate
Icy dudes/Icies ISIS
Infloatable Inflatable, like a raft.
Injector Seat Ejector seat
Insertation Insertion *Dingoism
Invested Vested
Jackie Chan A sexual maneuver in which a man or woman inserts his or her entire hand, in a karate chop position, into someone's vagina or anus
Jacques Christoe Jacques Cousteau
Jah-queen Joaquin. As in Joaquin Phoenix or Hurricane Joaquin
Jajaunderice Jaundice
Jake Browned It To have slammed so hard that one should rightfully have died upon impact, but instead just sustained major bodily injuries. Bonus points for loss of shoes due to said slam. See also: DJ Blackout
Jawndra Genre
Jawseses Term referring to multiple generations of white sharks on a vendetta against the Brody clan in the Jaws films
Jiggly Gigli, that horrible J-Lo & Ben Affleck Movie that no one saw
Jim McFeddries Generic name for any random man. Similar to John Doe, but mildly derogatory.
Joyousome Joyous
Kai-El Superman AKA Kal-El
Kaiser Permanente Enduring; perpetual
Kers Coors, as in Coors Light *Vagiantism
King Ja Moon Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea
Kumbayashi Kobayashi, Takeru - the Japanese competitive eater
Kurt Hammett Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist for some band Ellis has tattooed (his very first tattoo) on his leg. Metallica (in case you're too fucktarded to know)
Lay-Goals Legos *this word originated from a caller
Lead Way Leeway
Ledge Legend
Leprecorn Leprechaun
Let A Known Let alone
Levertation Levitation
Liam Nielsen Liam Neeson
Lightsaver Lightsaber
Linsanity Tully's spawn
Liverachi Liberace
Livered Livid
Living in vertigo Living in limbo
Lord See-air Lord Sear
Lyric-ist (Lyrik-ist) Lyricist *Dingoism
Majistical Majestic
Majistity Majesty
Makembe Matumbo Dikembe Mutombo
Martina Nataratalova Martina Navratilova
Master Muster
Medium Median, as in highway median strip.
Megalodon Extremely awesome
Melk Milk *From a manboy who DEFINITELY does NOT have a speech impediment
Methamol Methadone
Mimes Mayans *Dingoism
Mongol/Mongolian Dumbass, moron, tard, idiot. The origins of this term may stem from an incident where Ellis was run off the road on his scooter by a woman driver from Mongolia, resulting in a gnarly crash of said scooter, however this theory is unconfirmed.
Moon Patrol Twilight
Moon Ring Mood Ring
Motional Mobile; movable
Muffin chops Mutton chops
Murial Mural (Dingoism)
My niscus My meniscus. As in: Ellis said to Bas Rutten, "My niscus is torn."
Napoleon Neapolitan
Needle Swabbing Needle swapping. Originally misinterpreted from the STD News intro as "anal swabbing".
Neutralizing Naturalizing, legally moving towards citizenship of a nation of which one is not a native born resident. *Dingoism
Nip it in the butt Nip it in the bud
Nordals (Narwhals) "Porpoises with sticks out of their face."
Novist Novice
Nucular Nuclear
Old Timer's Altzheimer's
Opportunitist Opportunist
Optimal Prime Optimus Prime
Ordacity Audacity
Orification If anyone knows what the fuck he means, please let us know
Ovaries (Alistair) Alistair Overeem
Pajama Coat Smoking jacket
Pamplet Pamphlet *Wilsonism
Patch Evans Wilson Pendarvis, patch aficionado. Unintentional play on Robin Williams character Patch Adams
Perched Parched
Perifials Peripherals
Perocative Provocative
PG PC (politically correct)
Philampchewist Dingo's devastating attempt at pronouncing "philanthropist".
Photochopped Photoshopped
Pic-a-nic Picnic
Pie-odie Peyote
Pier Tier
Planet Parenthood Planned Parenthood
Police License Badge
Politeful Polite
Pon-pons Pom-poms
Poofta Homosexual or douchebag
Poontoon Poutine
Pouch Foreskin
Pound For Pound Interjection randomly added to a conversation when the speaker has paid absolutely no attention to the subject currently being discussed. *orig: the Dingo
Power Drive Pile Driver (wrestling maneuver)
Preception Perception
Profanic Profane
Professant Professional as in "Andy Dick isn't a medical professional". *Vagiantism
Projectory Trajectory
Pronounciation Pronunciation. *Vagiantism
Propelling Rappelling
Prosecution Persecution
Prosperity Posterity
Prostateascope Periscope, in this case the video streaming app.
Proxicity Proximity
Pulling a Josh Hansen Immediately leaving a situation and/or location
Pumble Horse Pommel horse, an artistic gymnastics apparatus.
Ranshit Giuliana Rancic, whom by the way never ran shit
Raping It In Raking It In *Dingoism
Rappinport Michael Rapaport
Re-o-bilitated Rehabilitated
Real deal Holyfield The real thing
Recanarated Reincarnated
Red Dragons To fuck, or to have fucked, shit up; metaphorically and/or physically
Referral Reference or example *Dingoism
Registrating Registering
Relative Relevent
Renigged Reneged
Resend Rescind *Wilsonism
Retro-gayed Retrograde, as in some sort of crystal rubbing hippy astrology shit like "Mercury is in retrogade". Dingoism
Reunite the spark Reignite the spark
Reverse chicken wing ball Proprietary sex position where a woman performs fellatio on a man while holding a spicy chicken wing on the man's taint as to stimulate the membranes in the region with the hot sauce from the wing. The man has found a keeper if the woman proceeds to eat the wing after the man climaxes, preferably on the woman's face.
Reverse scorpion Proprietary sex position where a flexible woman lays face down with her forearms and chest on the ground and arcs her legs up in the air back up over her head, resembling a scorpion's tail. The man stands facing the opposite direction as the woman and enters her to perform sexual intercourse.
Ribbage Putting your arm around a chick and really getting into her ribs and underboob for a photo
Rob DiMaggio Ralph Macchio
Robusk Robust
Romantical Romantic
Ronnie Rollback Foreskin
Rouge Rogue. As in Nissan Rogue, Tullymobile. *Tullyism
Sadictive Sadistic
Salary Celery
Salsa Seltzer
Scissor kick cookie wiggle Sexual act whereby two women engage genitally in a usually horizontal orientation with legs rotated at a 90 degree juxtaposition between partners, thus allowing greater contact between sensitive lady bits. Once thusly positioned, they may engage in grinding and wiggling of said lady bits with the ultimate goal being orgasmic release
Sea Turtle An undesirable woman, subjective to the observer, slightly less undesireable than the human slam pig; see Bush Pig and Shit Pig
Sea urchent Sea urchin
Sha-gang To get hit in the neck from behind, alas, sounding like a chicken
Shakura or Tupac Shakira Tupac Shakur *Dingoism that evolved into a 2Pac Shakira joke by Ellis and Tully
Shaq-eye An eye condition that causes one's eyes to look in two different directions, e.g., lazy eye or a glass eye
Shard Shart
Sherman Shaman
Shit Pig An undesirable woman, subjective to the observer, slightly less undesireable than the human slam pig; see Bush Pig and Sea Turtle
Shit-whipped To wreck bad
Shocking Asia Outrageous
Shoot a Metallica album Shoot a Load (1996 Metallica album)
Signifying Signalling
Six pounds soft This phrase is in regards to the weight of Ellis' penis when weighed, in a flaccid state, on a scale
Slither Sliver
Sooooge Knight Suge Knight *Manboyism
Spear of the moment Spur of the moment
Spear of the Moment Spur of the moment
Spectacle Monacle
Spectular Speculum
Star Track Star Trek
Starter kit Reference to something basic or mellow. Usually something that is not meant to be permanent due to it's insufficient nature. A stepping stone on the way to something more desirable.
Stevia virus Zika virus
Stigmata Astigmatism
Strand Strain, as in a strain or variety of pot marijuana.
Subduce / Subducing / Subductive Seduce / Seducing / Seductive
Suffercate Suffocate
Supposably Supposedly *Tullyism
Suri Siri
Swatchsticka Swastika
Table guy that you touch to make sound Keyboard
Tail Boy Rush Limbaugh
Tans-in-mental demonstration Transcendental meditation
Tendond (Cumtardism) Tendon
Thank Barry Thank God, Odin, Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Satan, whatever the fuck you believe in, because we all know the voice of Barry White is fitting for all of them.
Thawn Thawed *Dingoism
The Grunge The Grudge, more specifically, the ghost-boy character
The Soap The Soup, a comedical telivision clip show.
Thrasher Shark Thresher Shark
Time release Mellow; It will be ok
Tit Bit Tid bit, a small amount
Toe Load see: Cum barnacles
Tor Tour *Tullyism
Tor-na-ment Tournament *Tullyism
Toss Has style, especially when riding
Tosser Wanker; douchebag
Transit dental Referring to transcendental meditation. See "Tans-in-mental demonstration"
Unappropriate Inappropriate *Wilsonism
Underlining Underlying
Urinary Traction Urinary tract infection
Vagiant A combination of two words, vagina and giant, which are the two best words to describe the producer of The Jason Ellis Show, Andrew Gruss.
Val Killmore Val Kilmer
Valigalagalo Vitiligo, a disease that causes loss of skin pigmentation
Vandetta Vendetta
Vetrinarian Veteran; occasionally Veterinarian
Vicuriously Vicariously
Vitiglio Vitiligo *Tullyism
Weak Ollies Poor fundamentals
Weapondry Weaponry
What are words? An expression of the pointlessness of a statement
Whoop Whoop The middle of fucking nowhere
Wingspand Wingspan
Witch's hat Traffic cone
Wobbly-gong Wobbegong (shark)
Word ends with -ink Word actually ends with -ing
Yabo One nearing white trash status
Yesessarily The antonym of not necessarily
yoLk Yolk, but with a ridiculous emphasis on the 'L'. *Vagiantism
You're Bobby Brown It's your prerogative
Zima dick The most embarrassing form of limp dick known to mankind
Zimbabwes Saggy, floppy breasts
Zion Scion (vehicle)