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We’re kind of a big deal. But not really. This site is a playground of sorts for some EllisFam, Wolfknives, and others. We have nothing important to say, but say a lot. We’re self proclaimed superheros of funny, we tweet funny to The Jason Ellis Show as well as barrage your Twitter Feeds / Timelines with funny comments on all sorts of subjects and hashtags.

This site provides fans of The Jason Ellis Show (and possibly others) a place to share, read, and hopefully laugh. Want to meet some of the EllisFam and/or Wolfknives? Check out the EllisFam Interviews and when you’re done, submit your own.

This site sells nothing.
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We sometimes run contests that are sponsored by third party companies as they may provide the contest prize.

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  1. Ummm, hello? HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOO Oh there you are. Thank you for letting me be on your page. So officially now there are 2 people on here. YAY! I like your recaps, theyre interesting #mancrush and you insight is enlightening #bromance so keep it up dude, good job. #iWillCutMyselfIfYouStop

  2. Hey, do they broadcast live the whole Sirius Ellis show on Ellismania.com? Or is it just clips and stuff. I’ve got Sirius in the car but I’d much rather sit at home and watch the show live. And isn’t Sirius worried people may cancel their subscription if he’s streaming live everyday?

    • Streamed live on Ellismania.com everyday they are live. Typically, you can’t hear callers and buttons, but other than that, you get the show plus breaks. Unless the live feed goes down or Ellis shuts it off. You also get access to clips they make off-air.

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