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Jason Ellis

"I can't feel this side of my nose so when I pick it, it's like rape."
[Ellis high on nitrous oxide and a pain pill after getting a root canal at the dentists.]
"If I'm a serial killer, in serial killer heaven, and Jimi is in my farm... I'm gonna flinch him."
[Ellis in a Heaven and Hell debate with Dingo, Tully, & Rawdog and what he'd do if Jimi Hendrix were in his "serial killer heaven".]
"You should finger yourself on the webcam. I'd make a couple extra meals at home to have you finger yourself on the Internet."
[Ellis and Tully trying to convince Josh to make some money online.]
"I don't believe in "brown out", that's not a thing. I black out. Otherwise, I'm a walking brown out."
[Ellis debating whether or not Cumtard honestly "blacked / browned out" during a night of drinking & smoking and he doesn't seem to remember anything for 30 minutes or so, but then miraculously remembers after that short period of time.]
"You're like the Criss Angel of Jews!"
[After noticing that Rawdog almost magically grabbed the $100 dollars offered to him for dunking his balls in Andy Bell's coffee.]
"Why wouldn't you want to be part of the revolution and stick your Jew balls in coffee?"
[When asking Rawdog to get a coffee for Andy Bell, who requested (demanded) it to be "tea bagged".]
"If you're Googling "Why am I so rich" you're having the night of your life."
[Playing the Google auto-complete game "Why am I so..."]
"That's a t-shirt, huh? Guys can't sob and pump."
[During a call from a female, Ellis reveals he has had sex with girls while they cried, but guys can't cry during sex.]
"Nation Cunt America Awesome."
[When asked by Will Pendarvis what "NCAA" stands for.]
"I knew microwaved milk before you did."
[Responding to bands Rawdog saw at Coachella when he lost his car, which included Neutral Milk Hotel.]
"Rhianna, she of course has 4 heads, because of her forehead."
[World's Greatest Wednesday nominees for person with the most heads.]

Michael Tully

"Your brain is like a pretzel fag."
[Jokingly responding to all the "fag" comments from Jude's "Hate It Or Love It" segment where "Doc Banger" debuted Slingin' Cream.]
"I'm picturing Tommy Chong jerking you off."
[Speaking to Frank DeCaro after his story of getting a rub & tug from an old hippy with "magic fingers."]
"You look like a Nazi with leukemia."
[Speaking to Cumtard now that his head is completely shaved.]
"There are listeners that I hate that I rip off ideas from all the time. And I claim them as my own."
[During the explanation of Rawdog's depature. SAID JOKINGLY, OF COURSE!]
"I'm the Rosa Parks of drunk driving."
[Talking about how doing drugs you don't think should be illegal.]
"Sure they do. You ever put bananas in the back of the fridge and forget about them?"
[After reading a story about graying vaginas and Josh asking, "Penises don't go gray, do they?"]
"All day!"
[After Josh asked if the guys wanted to hear more nasty, antisemitic tirades from the Internet.]
"Boners don't lie, and I got one."
[In response to Rawdog's feminine sigh as he does his 2nd ever Primal Challenge workout.]
"My morning boner is ferocious."
[Talking morning sex with Jude & Ellis and explaining why he prefers morning sex over night sex.]
"My vagina is slick with anticipation."
[Playing the Google auto-complete game "My vagina is..."]
"And Sal Masekela's not black."
[After Ellis was clarifying a joke, saying that "Donald Schultz is not racist."]
"Just below my dick"
[Answering the question, "Wheres the strangest place you've ever gotten a blowjob?"]
"It sounds like ZZ Top is taking a shit."
[Commenting on a band from New Music Tuesday that Rawdog didn't say the name of until the clip was stopped, turns out, it was ZZ Top.]
"I'd love to share my life with Oprah. I'm going to cry just talking about it."
[Talking about being Oprah's trophy husband and sharing his life and love with her.]
"You can have an unlimited supply of the robust's poop."
[Talking about how the meek will not inherit the Earth, but will inherit what the robust do not want.]
"Ah. You just weren't doing it right."
[Responding to Ellis, who was telling Jim Florentine how horrible an experience it was being cradled in a pool by an 80-year-old naked guy.]
"You're like a coke-whore for weed, aren't you?"
[Talking to Rawdog about how he'll go nearly anywhere as long as you have weed to smoke with him.]

Will "Shiny Shins" Pendarvis

"I have a friend whose looking for someone with 'chops under their belt.'"
[After hearing Rawdog's horrendous radio clip (as an intern on TJES), while he was looking for an actual job in radio.]
"I'll judge your butt"
[Will explaining what the winner of the "Muzak Name That Tune game" will win.]
"I really like brown frosting."
[Will is losing his voice and really wants one of the cupcakes, the guys are harassing him and making him say things to earn the cupcake.]

Josh "Rawdog" Richmond

"Do you ever tell your husband to suck it?"
[Rawdog, talking to a girl caller who said she has a big clit & her husband likes to suck on it.]
"Are you actually going to pay me $100 dollars if I do this?"
[Rawdog being offered $100 dollars to dunk his balls in Andy Bell's coffee, which he didn't want to do until the $100 dollars was offered.]
"Oh, if your sway bar is fucked, then you can't even sway."
[Rawdog being asked his thoughts about the racing truck conversation between Ellis and Twitch.]
"About a year later, I had something called nonverbal learning disorder."
[Rawdog talking about how when he was younger, he was tested for a learning disorder and does not have a speech impediment.]
"So, she had some of my load in her mouth. And then kissed me. I couldn't spit it out in front of her!"
[The beginnings of the infamous "Snowballing" incident.]
"I'm a good car. Driver. I'm a good driver."
[After Ellis saying Rawdog should never drive above 55 MPH.]
"But I'm an independent woman, Jayce."
[Pretending to be Ellis' mom in the future, really old and still wanting to drive herself around to the store to buy Vegemite.]
"I'm not. I might have smaller balls than you."
[Responding to Ellis when asked if his balls were bleeding from being yanked on with an r/c truck.]
"I want to ride a rabies wolf."
[Chiming in on a story about rabid wolves.]
"Because still. It's like, right there. Right?"
[Mr. X gets snowballed because he didn't want to offend his girlfriend.]
"My fute is in the open water from the shower."
[Explaining to Jim Florentine how he cums in the shower and does not have load toes because his "foot" is in the water.]
"There were a fair amount of hoes."
[Talking about dancing at a drum circle after leaving a sensory deprivation tank.]