Dingo Learns Something About Menstruation

On Rude Judesday (June 9th, 2015), Jude was there to tell how he got sick with a head cold, it wasn’t from Ellis. Nope. It was from some Filipino chick – who not only was sick, but was also in the later stages of her period. Dingo was unaware of just how strong the female bloody pussy cycle truly is. Well, he got a lesson on this, thanks to Jude and his sexual depravity. If you’ve read Judy’s book, Hyena, you know he can power through some shit when it comes to sex. Once you eat a stillborn child straight from the womb, no amount of period blood is going to phase you. But giving you a head cold? That’s straight up unforgivable. Listen how Jude describes his encounter to the amazement of Ellis and the inquisitiveness of Dingo.

Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/8/2015

goodbyeDingo spilled a little bit of smoothie right at the start of the fucking show, can’t take that guy anywhere. He cleaned it up though. Oh, yeah, the show is back from Austin and is in LA again. Billy Bob Thornton is in a movie with a 20 foot bear, a bear that eats other bears and shit. Dingo busted out a new word today, “exspecially.” He seems overly concerned about about Ellis’ new tattoo and if he had a donut on donut day. Mind your own god damned business, Dingo! Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 6/3/2015

pay-attentionDid you know it is Wednesday? No, seriously, it is! And as soon as the fucking show starts, that’s when people need to come in my office and talk and call my phone – so missed the very start. Ellis has sick voice. Tully’s kid took mad dick pics of his dad. Missed more show because now someone wants to come to my office with a fucking “boo hoo, poor me” story. What the fuck is this shit? GO AWAY! Continue reading