2016: New Show Intro’s

The Jason Ellis Show woke The Jingleberries up from their hibernation to produce some new show intro’s, and as per usual, they delivered gold. A new intro for each day of the week.

Boy, Dads Pissed and In A Perfical World, Jude Would Do More Drugs

AutoRap Battle

It’s battle rap time, using an app called “AutoRap” by Smule. The guys face off against each other to see who has more LA street cred and ultimately more turf. I’ve included the “dry” vocals (pre AutoRap) as well as the final “wet” (post AutoRap) audio just so you get the idea. Sounds like they’re looking for people to challenge Ellis (or I’m guessing anyone on the show) to a rap battle, so if you feel so inclined, download the app, make your rap and submit it to the show through the regular channels. I’m also assuming @CassetteCoast is prohibited as he’s already systematically destroyed the entire show several times over.

2015: Miscellaneous Audio

Here is some unsorted and unused audio from 2015. There was a reason it was recorded, but hell if I can remember why. But here it is anyway, have a listen. Or don’t. I don’t give a shit.

More Epic Callers: Drunk Guy, Large & Normal Sized Lady Parts

While not many callers reach the legendary status of Oxy John or Snow White or Manny, sometimes we get surprised with some great callers. Here are a few that are worth honorable mentions and a listen. We get a drunk guy on vacation, a group of girls with 6 pound clits, and a girl without a 6 pound clit!