Boy, Dads Pissed and In A Perfical World, Jude Would Do More Drugs

2015: Miscellaneous Audio

Here is some unsorted and unused audio from 2015. There was a reason it was recorded, but hell if I can remember why. But here it is anyway, have a listen. Or don’t. I don’t give a shit.

Andrew DJ’s In The Morning

The guys have been taking turns prerecording themselves the previous night to be DJs in the morning. This Tuesday was supposed to be Will, Cumtard, & Andrew – however, they thought it would be funnier if they just stayed silent and left Andrew to battle his way through the breaks on his own. And they were right. While he may be a professional producer of radio, he clearly has difficulty behind the mic – which turns out to be a bonus for us all! Let’s listen in as Andrew painfully, yet hilariously, weaves his magic through the breaks.


Andrew connects with his audience by using terminology that they may consider familiar.

Show Re-Cap for First Half of August 2015

I’m back! I know, thank the sweet baby Lord Jesus, right? Here’s what I have for you so far for the first half of August.

  • Starting Thursday August 27th, Jude is supposed to be doing a 1 hour show every Thursday immediately following TJES! It’s his own show on Faction and it’s all his to do whatever he wants. This should make your Thursday’s a whole lot better!
  • We’re talking sounding. No, not your eccentric grandfather’s version of “sounding”, but the Rule #34 of sounding. The kind that involves the “meatus”, and let me tell you this, there is no shortage of Rule #34 meatus. Let’s listen to the enthusiasm in Will and Andrew’s voices as they say “meatus” – which in this instance is the piss slit hole located at the tip of your weird dick.
  • 08-14-2015: Final calls actually brought us not just 1, but 2 gems! Trust me, you’re going to want to listen to both of them – in their entirety. First up, we have a guy whose girlfriend enjoys beating up his dick. No, you read that right. Beating up his dick – she physically punches him in the dick – and he’s not so into it anymore. Next up, we have innocent little Ashley, who probably shouldn’t even be listening to the show in the first place. She doesn’t know what she likes about the show, other than “the Australian”. But that’s not the payoff here. The real gold comes at the end when Tully asks her if she heard a portion just previous to her call – and then her and her friends giggle out the show.
  • The guys played a game where they had to guess if the verses were from pre-teen poetry or a terrible pop song. Ellis soon realized he could write his own pop song if he just read his daughter’s diary over some music – so here’s Ellis’ new pop hit “I Love Your Butt Anus”.
  • In another segment, the guys were talking about Fabio and the terrible audio tape he released to lonely, bored, housewives who crave romance with extra cheese and body odor, so they can masturbate to it. They had to come up with their own Fabio style readings to get the ladies nice and lathered up in their nether regions. Here’s how that played out.

Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/22/2015

sit-on-my-faceWaddup mah ethnically and racially diverse members of whatever sex you identify with? In – out – in – out. That’s how the fucking goes. But what if you just kept going in and never out? Like a tractor. Ellis had a really good weekend, just livin’ and not worrying. Ellis trimmed off his beard, it was getting out of control. Continue reading