Show Re-Cap for Monday 4/20/2015

blunt-conversationWhaaaaat’s uuuuuup maaaan! It’s 4/20 duuuuuuude! You baked? You stoned to the bone? You higher than bird pussy? Duuuuude! First live show since like, forever, bro! Some chick Ellis was with during his vacation didn’t know what 420 meant, but she kept dropping the whole “turnt up” thing. He’s also very impressed with BET and loves their new show, Nellyville. He says it’s the black version of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and hey, it stars Nelly. Yes, that same one. Apparently Chris Rock is in it too and it’s a funny show, Ellis wants you to watch it. The fun didn’t stop there though, oh no, the BET Awards were on next. And yup, he watched it and yup, he said it was awesome and it left him inspired. Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Thursday 1/29/2015

Whenever I listen to “Butt Town”, I make sure to belt out those lyrics and stare at whoever is next to me in traffic, making sure to never break eye contact. People appreciate passion and commitment, and that’s what I bring to your ass. That and herpes. Lots of herpes. Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Thursday 12/11/2014

Country music is speaking to Ellis and it’s not as annoying as he thought. Soul music is speaking to Tully and his adulterous ways. Ellis still has roid issues, he’s shitting blood, he wants to sit on a bowl but he can’t do that and run the show at the same time because he rides differently when on the bowl. Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Monday 10/13/2014


What is this “soccer” you speak of?

It’s another Monday recap, and you know you looooove it! Ellis has been 43 like 5 times in the past 3 or 4 days, with all the cake and celebrating. Dingo is looking good today, he’s dropped about of weight lately and even he’s having a skinny mirror day. Tully watched a woman attempt to take a selfie of herself for about a half hour, she was a trendy looking black woman trying to time her selfie just right. Dingo & Ellis discussed how phones have become new tools allowing for people to look at themselves. It bums most everyone out to run into a man who has to have names for his weed, you know exactly the kind the of dude they’re talking about. “I got some headband and n-bomb riot, bro – you gotta try it!” Continue reading