Show Re-Cap for Friday June 19, 2015

Make sure you all congratulate AZ_RedDragon on his recent sex change. He now proudly goes by Janice and has a sweet, perky rack. His life’s about to get REALLY exciting. Speaking of excitement, Tully and Jason have come to the conclusion that life is overall pretty boring, which is why humans are living so much longer than before. This spurred a conversation about being reckless as kids and Ellis thinks he will never not know when his kids do something reckless, even though we all know that’s not gonna happen. Tully told a story about being 14 years old and going to bar in NYC with some hot, older chick that totally wanted to bone him, but decided against it because Tully was so young. Man, when I was 14, I was too busy watching Jackass with my friends and making our own stunt videos to be at a bar downtown getting in on a bit of statutory rape. Some guys have all the luck. Ellis and Tully discussed the upcoming holiday of Father’s Day and Tully stated that he could give a flying fuck about it and Mother’s Day for that matter. Tully is one cold-blooded sumbitch. He plans on spending the holiday at some mansion partying it up and doing blow off of hookers’ asses   hanging with his family. Ellis and Tully discussed the upcoming UFC and Bellator events, which includes a bout between Kimbo “He’s Still Alive?” Slice and Ken “Where’s Tito?” Shamrock.

AZ_RedDragon's new look.

AZ_RedDragon’s new look.

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Show Re-Cap for Thursday 6/11/2015

First and foremost, may I say Rest In Power to the legendary sir Christopher Lee. He starred in over 200 films, made symphonic metal albums in his 90’s, and was one of Winston Churchill’s most elite Nazi hunters. He was Dracula, the Man with the Golden Gun, Count Dooku, and the dark wizard Saruman. An absolute legend if there ever was one. Thank you, good sir, for all that you’ve done. They don’t make them like that anymore, and that’s exactly the point Ellis started today’s show off with. TRANSITION, BITCHES! Bet you thought I couldn’t pull that one off, eh? Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Thursday 5/28/2015

Psst, hey kid….wanna buy some EllisMania? Go to the Hard Rock in Vegas on October 9th, walk-up to the first hooker you see, whip your dick out, and start doing the helicopter. Do it right, and you’ll end up with tickets to the mayhem that is EllisMania. Make sure you spin it counter-clockwise otherwise you’ll end up with tickets to Les Miserables and no one wants that. Continue reading