2016: New Show Intro’s

The Jason Ellis Show woke The Jingleberries up from their hibernation to produce some new show intro’s, and as per usual, they delivered gold. A new intro for each day of the week.

You Are A Cunt (Rejoin)

The world is buzzing about the latest rejoin “You Are A Cunt”, which is a portion of this. So here it is. Listen and/or download. Don’t know how to download a god damned MP3 file to your phone? Tough shit, go Google how to work your fucking phone, this isn’t the Phone Guru Store.

Download (link to MP3)

TJES Raw Intros – Pre-Jingleberries Magic

It was decided the show needed some new, fresh intros today and so they did just that. These are the raw recordings before Cullen & Cechnicki work their magic, and are here more for posterity sakes. Jetta isn’t even sure what’s going on, Cumtard almost throws up between “there’s a chance you’ll hear me”, Christian exposes his utter disdain, Tully busts out a poem, and Hotdog drops one of his iconic lines with such conviction that it shook Ellis to the core. Give it a listen.

The State of HATEBEAN As Of Right This Very God Damned Moment

This is the current, entire enchilada, full mama-jama, whole shabango, of all production quality HATEBEAN tracks as of right now. You can thank that one guy that probably doesn’t want to be named. All I can say is he’s considered one of the “top men”. He’s also a very integral part of the show, as well as other channels. He may also be part of a legendary parody band. This is all allegedly of course. But shout out to him!

Need more HATEBEAN? We got more HATEBEAN!