Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/22/2015

sit-on-my-faceWaddup mah ethnically and racially diverse members of whatever sex you identify with? In – out – in – out. That’s how the fucking goes. But what if you just kept going in and never out? Like a tractor. Ellis had a really good weekend, just livin’ and not worrying. Ellis trimmed off his beard, it was getting out of control. Wanna watch Ellis race on Thursday and Friday – all damn day? You near the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego? Well then you can go and watch. Then he’s going to another race event Saturday and Sunday at some other place and I bet you can go there too, if you know where it is. Tully is now bonding with his child as they share lies and secrets. Rogan has gone full conspiracy theorist about the Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock fight, calling it suspect and fake. Speaking of which, the fellas are still looking for fight submission videos from the fans. Try to make an effort, shoot the video like you’ve owned a fucking phone for more than 10 minutes. And then send it to Have you watched On Deadly Ground yet? Because the guys will be talking about it on the show Wednesday. Speaking of movies, Ellis wants to make another movie – starring Steve Deadload. Tully is in it as long as he falls in love with the story. Jude is it as long as the budget is $500k or more. They kicked around some other movie ideas as well, like Gory Hole.

shit-hell-pissTully’s signature segment that he totally invented and nobody has ever done previously or is doing now – Recently Released Songs Monday – is up now. I don’t have the time, energy, or patience to note the various music tracks and their reactions, sorry, not sorry. You’ll just have to listen to the show. Guess who stopped by the show for a visit? No, not your mom. It’s Hotdog! He’s been doing terrestrial radio, gaining weight, eating shitty, drinking lots of alcohol, and partying. The Wheel of Doom has been replaced with The Wheel of Appreciation. Now instead of being used for when someone fucks up, it is used for when someone does something good and they can win some pleasant prizes. First, we need to think of some pleasant prizes to put on the wheel. Hotdog provided his lovely “That’s sooo hot” voice to produce a new drop. He was high as shit too.

say-whatYou’ve heard about those 2 murderers that escaped from prison in New York, right? Did you know one of them has a huge penis? Well he does. That’s how the pair broke out of jail, with his huge cock. If I were to guess, big cock guy smuggled a masonry drill, a chisel, a sledge hammer, 4 over-sized orange cones, 2 reflective jackets, and NY State Sewer & Water utility vehicle in his foreskin. He and his cohort drug his big dick to the main sewer line, he went in backwards with his cock & stash in tow, and popped out on a street hundreds of feet away. The pair put on their reflective vests, put up cones around the sewer entrance and lit up the flashing lights on the utility vehicle. A lady was driving by, big cock guy threw his giant penis across the road and the ladies sport utility vehicle bottomed out on his massive dick. His dick snaked its way to the passenger door, opened it and told her to get out, at which point the two escapees got in and drove off to Mexico. Trust me, that’s how it happened. Allegedly. And that’s all I got for you today. Go. Be free!