Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 6/24/2015

steven-seagal-faceThis could be the last show. Ever. Probably not, but you never know. It’s the last live show this week anyway. Ellis might have AIDs. So that’s pretty fucking terrifying. Plus this show was touted as having less AIDs than other shows. Let’s hope it stays that way. So Ellis & his kids and Pendarvis & his kids saw that Thomas Haden Church movie, “Max”. Ellis didn’t cry and Pendarvis didn’t either, but he might have gotten a little choked up. José Aldo, is he in, is he out? Nobody knows for sure, they’re still waiting for test results. Something about Rick Ross being arrested on kidnapping and assault charges. He also used to be a correctional officer. I missed most of the first hour of the show and this was the rejoin into the second hour. Were pirates the original metal guys with their Jolly Roger flags and shit? What about Vikings? Now it’s time to review the 1994 classic movie “On Deadly Ground” starring Steven Seagal.

So that covers the first 2 hours, sorta. You’re really gonna love this… Madchild stopped by, I missed all but like 60 seconds of that. I did catch that he’s wearing a gold grill and you can really hear him fighting to speak without spitting them out. So that’s hour 3 fully detailed, right? What about the enchanting 4th hour, you ask? Bonnie Rotten came to the studio, the cold, cold, really cold studio. She was on Jude’s show today, so now she’s here. Big surprise, I missed all but 3-5 minutes of that too. Look man, I had work I had to get done. Will you ever forgive me?