Dingo Learns Something About Menstruation

On Rude Judesday (June 9th, 2015), Jude was there to tell how he got sick with a head cold, it wasn’t from Ellis. Nope. It was from some Filipino chick – who not only was sick, but was also in the later stages of her period. Dingo was unaware of just how strong the female bloody pussy cycle truly is. Well, he got a lesson on this, thanks to Jude and his sexual depravity. If you’ve read Judy’s book, Hyena, you know he can power through some shit when it comes to sex. Once you eat a stillborn child straight from the womb, no amount of period blood is going to phase you. But giving you a head cold? That’s straight up unforgivable. Listen how Jude describes his encounter to the amazement of Ellis and the inquisitiveness of Dingo.

Show Recap for Tuesday 6/9/2015

I really could have sworn that today was the 10th, but apparently this bitch was living in the future- because today is Tuesday the 9th and my mind has been minimally blown. Maybe not minimally blown. Maybe just shaken up a bit. That’s what happens some days, I guess. Just means that I wrote the date wrong on a bunch of shit today. Whats the worst that could happen? But, anyway, welcome to the show and fuck off. Ellis found some awesome balls at the airport and he is having another kind of ball using Continue reading

Show Recap for Tuesday 6/2/2015

Holy crap, do you know what is awesome? I finally have use of a real actual fucking computer again and am not currently typing this on my iphone or from the baby’s ipad. That just straight up makes me happy!!!! Weeeeee!! An actual keyboard!!! Wooooo

anyway, I’m sure you really don’t care all that much about that, other than the fact that I don’t have autocorrect and have to remember to put in my own punctuation and all that shit…so let’s get right down to it. Did you know that the song from the intro, the intro that I call the ‘yeah, motherfucker hillbilly sounding intro’ is played in an Australian movie about Australian skinheads that went around beating up and killing Asian people? Why, neither did I, but Ellis knows that and was letting all of us lovely listeners in on the info. But, you know what? Ellis has been to that train station (I’m guessing some train station somewhere in Australia that was featured at some point in the movie) and he has definitely seen Asian people there, because Australia is like Canada when it comes to Asian people, but he has for sure never seen a skinhead there. You know where he did see skinheads? He saw them when he was on the bus and they almost beat him up and started shit with him because he had a shaved head because he was a skateboarder and that’s what all the cool skate dudes were doing at the time. Other than that though, nope, not a skinhead in sight at the train station.

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Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/1/2015


Blood and shit EVERYWHERE!

It’s June. Oh, don’t pretend like you know your months! Dingo is there, Jude is there, he’s sick, he’s on the couch and has something to tell us. He tried to get all caveman on a chick and she busts out with “hang on, I have to take my tampon out.” Jude’s like, “whatever, you got a 50/50 chance of me still banging you.” She was all like, “it’s my last day anyway.” which is the worst day. Shit looked like a crime scene, it was like Dexter’s kill room. And after they’re done, she was like, “oh, by the way, I’m also sick.” BIATCH! Continue reading