Meet The Guy That Verbally Murdered The Entire Jason Ellis Show Crew

If you were listening to the show last Friday (7/19/2013), you heard what to date was probably the best rap track on “Unsigned Bands” that’s ever been submitted. This guy @CassetteCoast apparently listens very closely to the show and in his track, systematically tore into Ellis, Tully, Will, Rawdog, and Dom. Ellis and Tully seemed genuinely impressed, as were all of us listeners who were left laughing our asses off and requesting that Ellis play the track in its entirety again – which he did. Today had a pleasant surprise in store when @CassetteCoast reached out, which led me to his website (duh!) where he has posted a video about his appearance on the show. After hearing him (skip to the 1:35 mark in the video below) explaining himself and the track a bit more, and giving props to all the other bands played on Unsigned Bands, I was left feeling that he seems like a pretty good guy. A few Twitter exchanges later and sure enough, he certainly was a nice dude. Along with 4 other tracks, he also has the Jason Ellis Target Practice track up on his SoundCloud, so you might want to go check that out as well. Take a bow @CassetteCoast, you deserve it! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a track do so well on Unsigned Bands, nor have I seen so many tweets about a track featured on Unsigned Bands. You clearly have some real talent and you made a bunch of us laugh our asses off!

Jason Ellis Target Practice

For the lyrically challenged:
Faction 41, hold ya tongue, man I’m fitna show you sumn,
unsigned artist, I’m the target so its only fun,
before you get to raggin’ on me, talkin’ bad and dragging on,
lets put this in perspective for a second, what’s happenin’ homie.

Will Pendarvis, the talkin’ dolphin, been jackin’ off at Dom’s apartment,
and garnishing sausages with his esophagus,
honestly Dom is there predominately as his fuck buddy,
get their butts muddy, high 5’ing holla’n FUCK TULLY.

What’s funny college boy, let’s recollect I checked yo shit,
how is you critiquing people bitch, you put out Retrofit,
the biggest pile of shit to get on iTunes and I do,
feel sorry for your wife, women am I right?

Now now now Josh started changing when Karla Lane had banged him,
and painted his face with some pussy juice some other dude just came in,
smell ya finger playa, ball sack, and a little bit of Chick-fil-A,
Jason, look at Josh man, what part of Rawdog isn’t gay?

Anyway what up Jay, how’s your girlfriend, what up Kate,
ol’ butter face ass bitch gone and tell the tale from that crypt,
now in Aussie news they caught a dude tryna do bukkake on a Kawasaki,
with a hockey stick in his ass waving ’round a Canadian flag.


Hold up. Just doin’ a little bit a target practice man, that’s all.
Red Dragon’s old hoe-ass nigga,
put that on a button, ahh.

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