Show Re-Cap for Thursday 7/25/13

Holla atcha boy, bitches! It’s recap time yet again and god damn if my knob ain’t getting sticky just thinking about it. Ellis was off yesterday cause he was feeling a little flu-ey, and he took today off again! Cause nobody gets over the flu overnight, ya dumb fuck! That’s why it still kills old people. And while we’re on the topic of old people, have you ever had one of your friends moms give you a boner? On purpose or otherwise, I’m just wondering. None of my friends had moms that were all too attractive to me, but one buddy of mine had a totally fuckable sister. I’ve met a few extended relatives of some of my friends too and the genes are not too shabby. I never fucked any of them though, would have been too close to home, like banging one of your own relatives or something. Yes folks, this is exactly how my mind jumps around during the day, I can go from talking about an afternoon radio show to banging an extended family member just that quick.

To quote a sticker I saw on the wall of a punk rock club “We all come into this world naked, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood. Why should the fun stop there?”


Red Dragons, Mother Fuckers ,,rr,

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