Show Re-Cap for Friday 6/12/2015

Welcome back to the Friday-ish recap.  I’ve been struggling to stay alive for the last three weeks choking on dust and driving a truck that doesn’t have any AC in Phoenix. I’m lucky I haven’t spontaneously combusted. I was unable to listen to the first half of the show but this is how my heat stroked brain thinks it went. Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/8/2015

goodbyeDingo spilled a little bit of smoothie right at the start of the fucking show, can’t take that guy anywhere. He cleaned it up though. Oh, yeah, the show is back from Austin and is in LA again. Billy Bob Thornton is in a movie with a 20 foot bear, a bear that eats other bears and shit. Dingo busted out a new word today, “exspecially.” He seems overly concerned about about Ellis’ new tattoo and if he had a donut on donut day. Mind your own god damned business, Dingo! Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Friday 5/22/2015

Every man and woman should stand naked on a mountain top and feel the wind blow past their balls. One of the best things in the world is naked back yard time. You feel nature the way nature was meant to be felt and your neighbor spies on you the way your neighbor Will-Ferrell-Elf-You-Sit-on-a-Throne-of-Lieswas meant to spy on you. Ellis found a chair that he wants to have in studio and passive aggressive Will said he can ask Sirius to buy it but it would probably take fifty thousand weeks and go through a train of office jockeys before it arrives. Or Ellis can just buy the fucking chair himself and be done with it. Continue reading

Show recap for Wednesday 2/11/15

Happy hump day all you herpe whores. Ellis is working out making himself bigger, faster, 8-dodger-dog-1and stronger by working so hard that he’s throwing up in his own mouth. Plus throwing up is an incredible ab workout. Andrew thinks vag sex hurts chicks and that’s why they scream so much. Also he thinks that the clitoris is a mythical tale told to make guys think that women actually have orgasms. Continue reading