Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/15/2015


Your mom sure seems excited about the show.

Here we are again, for our rendezvous. Let’s see if Tully is still sick or he has passed it back to Ellis. Will Dingo be there? Has Andrew farted since the tragedy known as FartGate2015? Will Will impose his will on anyone’s last will and testament? Neither Tully or Ellis sound sick so far. I don’t hear any Dingo. Nor do I hard Andrew the Farter. We will have to wait to see what’s up with Will. Ellis went to the Gay Pride Awards, where he received several awards for not being gay. He did however pack some of his shit – for the move – not some sexual stuff. Ellis did a shot of ginger to get his organic speed ball on, it smells like Lemon Pledge. Tully mixed his own energy drink, it could be straight up liquid death if he didn’t do it right. Elliot Sloan and PLG just popped into the studio. They’re straight into XTREME games talk. Speaking of XTREME, Dingo just came into the studio as well. The show sounds like shit for some reason, probably because of too much XTREME! Time for an XTREME break.


Who wants to fight at EM11?

Some guy hired another guy that looked like him so he could go take a DNA test in hopes of proving he was not the father so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. It all backfired and the first guy is facing some charges, including fraud, for hiring the second guy to pose as the first guy. Damn, guys! Back to PLG and how much he weighs. Will Elliot and PLG fight at EllisMania 11? Let’s talk about Donald Schultz and not find out! But wait, let’s talk to Ronnie Faisst about fighting PLG, Ellis thinks PLG will murder Ronnie. PLG is still not committing to jack shit, he wants to think about it more and train and yada, yada, yada. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Maybe Elliot will, maybe Ronnie will fight Deegan, maybe all of them will fight somebody, or maybe none of them will fight anyone. Clear as mud. There’s really only people sending in videos for the Biggest Loser fight, but they still need people to get in on the other fights, such as the Blindfold Shock Collar fight. Maybe Dan Bilzerian will be there again and offer someone $1,000 for their performance. Time for a break.


We never really talked about your dad.

MMA News time. The Diaz brothers are ultimate fighters in Ellis’ opinion and one or both of them may allegedly be really into weed. One or both of them may even have been known to smoke a joint just before going into the cage to fight, allegedly of course. Anyway, one of them is claiming that everyone is ducking him because he’s not getting any fights. Talk continued about this past weekend’s fights in Mexico City where apparently altitude is a big issue, I don’t know why, but I guess I just thought everything was damn near sea level in Mexico – proving I don’t know much about Mexico. I watched part of the fights, the prelims were pretty fucking boring. There was so much nothing going on in the ring, at one point Joe Rogan was talking about the air quality there as there was absolutely nothing note worthy to talk about in the fight. Even Ellis fell asleep while watching the fights. Taking a look at the punch pad results from the show, Ellis has been pushed down on the list and that bums him out a little bit. Andrew thinks he could do some damage to Ellis in the ring. PLG hit the pad and got a 78 on his 3rd attempt. Elliot hit the pad and got his best results on his 1st try, he scored a 73. The guys are finding the punch pads sweet spot and making it cum itself. There was some shark news and moto news, but I pretty much missed all of that shit. Work, am I right?


Greg is a weird guy.

New segment time, it’s exactly like Good Day LA, but different. There are more “fucks” and shit, also it is a more ethnically diverse group of white people. I heard Tully (Greg) being his normal Australian self, but missed pretty much the rest. Greg Fitzsimmons came into the studio after demanding PLG and Elliot leave the god damned building. Greg hates those two guys, nobody knows why. He also thinks he’s not bad on the eyes, so I’m not sure you want to trust his judgement. He’s also a depressed and self-loathing since birth. Greg also thinks everyone calls the tip of their dick the “crown” but nobody else agrees with him. The show was ending until Greg demanded he be allowed to plug some of his upcoming comedy shows, that god damned son of a bitch. And then Greg allowed the show to end, begrudgingly, but he still allowed it. And now that Greg has signed off on it, this recap is over as well. But as for NYA and your mother, we’ve only just begun. OH!