If You Were To Give Me A Nickname Or Call Me A Name, What Would It Be?

As a game for everyone to play, I asked a simple question “If you were to give me a nickname or call me a name, what would it be?” and asked everyone to use the hashtag #bitPimpsShouldBeCalled and here are the responses:

@jakejeff: sikkcunt

@TwistedMetalFab: FartKnocker
@willfromcowtown: some obsure indie rock band name like water-proof band-aid

@willfromcowtown: vagtastic

@sharkchucker: whatever he wants because he knows where you live

@sharkchucker: 411 because he’s got information on everyone

@willfromcowtown: Mr. Awesome pants, bits, St. LunaPimps, jeff, RC, speed racer, explosive diarrhea

@sharkchucker: Daddy because he’s fucking your mom

@CrackerStacker6: Twisted Blister

@Cynister72: The Photoshopinator

@CrackerStacker6: Nifty Scent

@sharkchucker: the googlist because if there is a creepy image he has it

@CrackerStacker6: Professor Dick Joke

@CrackerStacker6: in for questioning on a recent kidnapping

@sharkchucker: associate producer of the Jason Ellis show

@KimDultz: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

@sharkchucker: Spooky the ghosts

@RedJammieGirl: a literary genius

@mrsjessliv: The Vagina Whisperer

@CrackerStacker6: little gay button fucker

@RedJammieGirl: the engineer of trainwrecks

@sharkchucker: Mr Peepers, because he’s watching you masturbate right now

@CrackerStacker6: Alan Felcher

@CrackerStacker6: Eddie Cuntster

@sharkchucker: the Cleaner, because he knows how to get rid of the body’s

@tank_yanker: inmate #4971503 for what he did in me mums fishtank

@Cynister72: Word Nazi because it’s the gas chamber for you if you don’t say Wee-wat properly

@tank_yanker: David Copperfield in the bedroom, because he can make women vanish without all the smoke and mirrors

@sharkchucker: Chris Angel, dazzling you with magic while fucking your date

@sharkchucker: Sean White

@RedJammieGirl: in to clean up all the puke we’ve spewed #duetographicnaturethisimageshouldnotbeshown #dontclickit #FFFAAAWWKK

@sharkchucker: shut your fucking face uncle fucker (SYFFUF)

@RedJammieGirl: Free Medicine

@sharkchucker: low hanging fruit

@Dutch_RDS: shit stain

@CrackerStacker6: Mayor McChildrape

@RedJammieGirl: NEVER for bail

@RedJammieGirl: Fucked up Orphan Andy

@sharkchucker: The St, Louis Booze

@RedJammieGirl: for your grandma’s stripper party and he’ll do your mom for free. #HEYOH

@sleepyjoe_RDS: BabyRapist PumpkinPenis

@sharkchucker: McDonalds because he will shit in your mouth

@CrackerStacker6: Moocher41

@sharkchucker: Oprah, powerful enough to dirty waffle Martha Stewart

@Dutch_RDS: daddy

@Dutch_RDS: sweet cheeks

@Dutch_RDS: general diarrhea

@johntheroofer73: Jiminy Christmas everyone’s crazy

@CrackerStacker6: Posh Richmond

@RedJammieGirl: the crack, that broke your mothers back

@CrackerStacker6: Clit Romney

@sharkchucker: (the baby burpo ) barfing, shitting, cuming, while giving birth

@RedJammieGirl: Cum. Because his images leave a bad taste in the mouth and it doesn’t smell pretty either

@sharkchucker: deaf, powering through the rape whistle

@CrackerStacker6: Little Asian hooker bitch

@CrackerStacker6: Shit Blimps

@sharkchucker: the pope, millions of little boys served

@CrackerStacker6: Squirt Loder

@RedJammieGirl: Pepto Bismol. Nausea, heartbeat, indigestion, upset stomach

@CrackerStacker6: Squirt Cobain

@mrsjessliv: Butthole slayer

@mrsjessliv: squirt fairy

@CrackerStacker6: Smiley Rape Fountain

@mrsjessliv: Slop stabber

@RedJammieGirl: colon cleanser

@mrsjessliv: Cum slanger

@tithas: @radiotfb’s circle jerk buddy

@jiujitsuluvr: a pure comedy genius

@Hollow_NorCal: Gilbert Gape

@Dutch_RDS: gilbert gaper

And there you have it folks! Everyone was way nicer than what I was prepared for. I hope you all had as much fun as I did, because I literally laughed a quite a few of these. Until next time!

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