The Jingleberries Will Make You Famous, Or Look Fucktarded (Part 4)

Remember when The Jingleberries put out a call for recordings? Well, we’re doing a 4th round that we can send off for The Jingleberries to work their magic on, while we sit back and hope it gets played on the air. Like these previous rejoins!

Allegedly Official Awesome Original Shawshank Redemption

Women of EllisFam Rejoin

There was another rejoin that made the cut, but we don’t have a recording of it. If you do, please send it to us!

Round 4

Fuck Your Face (by: emilyinSD)

Welcome Back (by: tank_yanker)

Get The Cock Off Your Chest, Motherfucker (by: tank_yanker)

Urinal Dream (by: AZ_RedDragon)

Testicles (by: serutti)

Get Out (by: sharkchucker)

Sarcastic Moment (by: sharkchucker)

Short Bus (by: sharkchucker)

A Book Story (by: sharkchucker)

Barrel of Monkeys (by: Scarlet_Kitty)

Special Feelings (by: Scarlet_Kitty)

Dirty Barry (by: bitPimps)

Smack Em Yack Em (by: bitPimps)