The Many Nicknames of Joshua Adam Richmond

What speech impediment?

Josh has so many nicknames, I feel like sometimes people may not know exactly who we’re talking about when we refer to him by different nicknames. So here’s a list of past, current, and possible future nicknames for the guy we all tease, but all love:

  • Rawdog / RawDizzle
  • Tussin Wolf
  • JägerBeard (Alter ego)
  • Bush Baby
  • Trust Fund Boy / Baby
  • ManBoy
  • Thunder Bird
  • Thumb Fucker
  • Chill Cock
  • The Illusionist
  • The Eliminator / MC Elimination
  • Knight Dog
  • Cujo
  • CordRoy
  • Jack Nippleson
  • Rumble McTumble / Rumble McTumbleBum / Rumble Tumble
  • Loadcamotion
  • Cum Barnacle
  • Radio Gold
  • Koala Joe (One off)
  • Jessica (If he was born a girl, his parents had chose that name)
  • Santa Claus (Alter ego)
  • Mel Gibson (Alter ego)
  • MachoMan (Alter ego)
  • Suge Knight (Alter ego)
  • Sara / Sarah / Samantha (Alter ego)
  • Rawdogalypse (One off)
  • Doc Banger (Alter ego)
  • GodWar (Alter ego)
  • MMGay Analyst (New possible nickname)
  • One Rubber Stunner (New possible nickname)
  • The Alienator (New possible nickname)

There are more nicknames that I can’t remember right now, most of them are not used and were very temporary. If you happen to remember any, post them in the comments. Don’t forget that the @Jingleberries have made numerous classic songs dedicated to our infamous friend!

Update: Thanks to @bwstranger, @CobraTits, @CptnSparky , @emilyInSD, @Lugoman34, @mike_in_canada@murray_terry, @MyMathGarcia and @TwistedMetalFab for the help, reminders, and suggestions!

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The #ReplaceWordsWithFollowers Game

Every now and then I have a stroke of genius.  Or it was an actual stroke, I’m not sure but I created a new hastag game: #ReplaceWordsWithFollowers. This is possibly one of the greatest things I have ever thought up on a Thursday night before bed in March.  Here are some of the things people came up with.  Enjoy.


@bwstrangler: It was @AZ_RedDragon when @EllisMate stuck that @bitPimps in that lady’s @possiblytully and thanked his @KimDultz

@bitPimps中: ‏ At first I was all like, @OMGZeebrazz, but then I saw it was @RachelAndSarah so I pulled out my @tank_yanker

@tank_yanker: I tried to undo her @OMGZeebrazz to see her @CobraTits and she got all @testyboy !! Tried to @bwstrangler me!

@tank_yanker: That’s correct officer, I hit him with @FonzoBlunt object. The body’s in the trunk of my @chevro1et.

@bitPimps: Call me @Amy_L_Sss because I get all @e3guzman when I’m @NCcrushinonRJ her @babythroat like a @BEZERKAH1_3

@bitPimps: If @MyMathGarcia is correct, I should be to send my @RedJammieGirl to college & that would be @atmbcool

@bwstrangler: Can’t wait 2 get all @DougBenson and go @mayhemmiller on a cheeseburger then just @mike_in_canada on the couch

@bwstrangler: my wife’s @bitPimps are huge, can’t wait 2 pull out my @tank_yanker and @AZ_RedDragon all over them

@JohnnySkidmarks: It took @3_days to find out that most of my followers think that I’m a @sarcasticunt

@Jen_E_Morse: Can I lick your @taternuts?

@Jen_E_Morse: I wanna get @DirtNasty with @EllisMate

@AZ_RedDragon: I’m @cantskateanymre and going to @possiblytully for the night.

@AZ_RedDragon: I’ll show you my @tank_yanker if you show me your @herro_amy

@AZ_RedDragonI have a huge @mike_in_canada it hangs way below my @bitPimps and its fucking @bwstrangler

@tank_yanker: I drank too much @WhiskeyGirl923 and went @BEZERKAH1_3 then turned into a @Wolfman812.

@bitPimps: I asked my @RedJammieGirl how she wanted her @herro_amy treated & she said to @donaldschultz it.

@tank_yanker: I’m all out of @_Prozach74 , and @Addicted2Diesel now, and my ass is @AZ_RedDragon now…

@tank_yanker: I’ll @bitPimps slap anybody that touches the ladies, and dump the bodies on the @shit_toboggan

@Jen_E_Morse: I want to suck your @GatorHotdogDog and take it in the @dannykass

@tank_yanker: I took my ex to the river in my @chevro1et and @bwstrangler‘d her there

@KimDultz: I wanna get @AZ_RedDragon wasted!

@KimDultz: I wanna @Fngr_Xpressions @_daniBum_ all night long till I get @sleepyjoe_RDS and pass out in the @oilfieldtrash84

@KimDultz: I held my @gungirlRDS up to your @Meaty_OZ @stapleneck and it went @boomer1600 then you were @cogdeth

‏ @bitPimps: I told @KimDultz I was @mike_in_canada just so I could @nickyknac her @VZ4SHEEZY but she said to @Saveit4thewar


These are a few of the posts that I could find, there are some really brilliant people out there.  If you have any ideas for Hastag Games send @bitPimps or @Az_Reddragon a message and we’ll put up some of the results.