Get Deep Inside Rawdog

@bitPimps and @AZ_RedDragon have a Q & A session with Josh “Rawdog” Richmond, the accidental genius who provides some of the most sought after radio gold one could only hope for.

Why do you hate Tully so much?
I don’t hate Tully at all! He is my good friend.

Then why didn’t you play anything from his new album on New Music Tuesday?
We played tracks from his album (Retrofit, avaliable on iTunes) the day before. New Music Tuesday is for music we haven’t already played on the show. I don’t make the rules, I just choose them arbitrarily. Besides, he got a special announcement before that week’s segment! That’s an even bigger honor than being in the actual segment.

Are you jealous of Tully for having his own album?
I have six unreleased albums. I think he’s jealous of me.

Okay, those were jokes. We know you don’t hate Tully. But why are you so racist?
A sheltered upbringing, and living in a capitalist pseudo-caste-system society that renders the minority underclass virtually invisible.

Then why do you only talk up Jewish people and no others?
Christians are doing just fine, they don’t need my endorsement.

Okay, okay, that was a joke too. But why do you hate the fans so much? Is it because they harass you like a little brother?
I don’t hate the fans! Well, most of them. Some of them take the harassment past little brother levels. Some of them seem convinced that what I do on the radio is actively ruining their lives, which I don’t completely understand. But mostly, I’m amazed and grateful for the community of fans that have grown around this show, and how cool and creative and supportive they are.

After Tully left, it was just you and Ellis. You were more than uncomfortable during some bits, you were mad. For example, when he first started making you talk like “Sarah.” But that turned out to be a hilarious bit that is still continued at times and you’re okay with it now. How did you come to terms with your dynamic with Ellis and are you glad you did?
There was always great chemistry between Jason and I, dating back to my intern days, and when we’re in sync we can make amazing radio. But there’s a flip side when we’re not in sync, and we get into vicious cycles, where Jason’s like “Put the silly hat on!”, and I’m like “I don’t want to put the silly hat on, it’s making me insecure!” and Jason’s like “Do it you fucking pansy!”, and because we’re both very stubborn it doesn’t end well. Tully’s return helped enormously, not just because of his crazy talent, but because Tully is like human tiger balm; his perpetual calm soothes everyone around him. (Canadians might disagree). These things take time, and I won’t lie, there were some very tough moments, but I’m glad I stuck around long enough to get to this point, because I think what we have now between the three of us equals anything on radio.

Over the years, you have spawned some of the best accidental radio ever to be broadcasted. Do you really recognize that? How does that make you feel?
You can go ahead and knock the word “accidental” off of that sentence. I’d rather say “I’ve spawned some of the best radio ever broadcasted”. It feels good.

You’ve had quite a few awesome experiences and opportunities with the show, for example, being jacked off by 3 porn stars in a bathroom. If you had to pick one or two, what would you consider to be the best?
Believe it or not, those bathroom handjobs caused as much anxiety as excitement for me. (You try getting a handjob that you know is going to be broadcast to millions of people sometime.) But other things…meeting Ozzy Osbourne…eating chicken nuggets off a porn star’s box while singing Meat Loaf…playing keyboards in an honest to god rock band…showing hundreds of unsuspecting fans a giant slow-motion pussy fart at a Hollywood movie theater…those will stay with me forever.

How bad do you want to take control of the Hulk Hands and dispense some dick punch justice?
I can handle dick punch justice. It’s better than leg kick justice.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be: A) The Holocaust, B) Briar, C) Losing your car at Coachella, or D) The underage circle jerk?
Let’s work backwards. Everyone has some shameful moment of pubertal awkwardness, and mine could have been worse, so I’ll keep D. C was a stressful couple of days that turned out to be a pretty good story. B was very painful for me, but I think it was necessary to grow and become a better, healthier person. Meanwhile, A is the systemic slaughter of millions of innocent people by an evil madman. After careful thought, I’m going to go with A…you monster.

Here’s your chance to give a blanket statement to everyone that listens to the show. What do you say?
Blankets are great because they keep you warm on cold nights. I personally don’t even use pillows, I just tuck a corner of my blanket under my head and I’m good to go. You should try it. You’ll save all that money you were going to spend on pillows.

Jager BeardYou have more nicknames than everyone on the show, combined. Sometimes you’re given grief and sometimes you’re given props, or even defended. How does that make you feel?
What’s with all the “how does this make you feel” questions? You aren’t my therapist. Look, like you noted, I’m kind of the kid brother of the show, and I accept that I’m always going to get picked on for that. I think I get a lot less shit than I used to, though, because I’m quicker and funnier than when I started, and have earned the respect of the guys a bit. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

You were once an intern, do you treat the new interns with a little more compassion because of it or do you just say fuck it, payback time?
I always treat the interns well. You never know, one of them could be really talented, and then there’s a chance I’ll be working alongside them. At the same time, I like having people fetch things for me. It makes me feel rich.

Do you think you will ever learn to ride a bike or learn how to properly beat up women?
I’ll probably learn to ride a bike someday. Probably some future girlfriend will want to go on a bike ride through the park together or something gay like that, and I’ll have to learn. But I don’t think I’m ever going to administer a serious beating to any woman.

As a man do you feel bad after punching a woman in the face or are you excited because the bitch had it coming?
I feel bad. Women are awesome! I don’t relish punching them. I do it because it’s my duty.


Thanks to Rawdog for being such a good sport, both on and off-air, and for taking the time to do this Q & A session. Without him, the show wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining and his idiosyncrasies may make him a target for jokes at times, but they’re also just one of the many reasons everyone loves him.

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