The Many Nicknames of Joshua Adam Richmond

What speech impediment?

Josh has so many nicknames, I feel like sometimes people may not know exactly who we’re talking about when we refer to him by different nicknames. So here’s a list of past, current, and possible future nicknames for the guy we all tease, but all love:

  • Rawdog / RawDizzle
  • Tussin Wolf
  • JägerBeard (Alter ego)
  • Bush Baby
  • Trust Fund Boy / Baby
  • ManBoy
  • Thunder Bird
  • Thumb Fucker
  • Chill Cock
  • The Illusionist
  • The Eliminator / MC Elimination
  • Knight Dog
  • Cujo
  • CordRoy
  • Jack Nippleson
  • Rumble McTumble / Rumble McTumbleBum / Rumble Tumble
  • Loadcamotion
  • Cum Barnacle
  • Radio Gold
  • Koala Joe (One off)
  • Jessica (If he was born a girl, his parents had chose that name)
  • Santa Claus (Alter ego)
  • Mel Gibson (Alter ego)
  • MachoMan (Alter ego)
  • Suge Knight (Alter ego)
  • Sara / Sarah / Samantha (Alter ego)
  • Rawdogalypse (One off)
  • Doc Banger (Alter ego)
  • GodWar (Alter ego)
  • MMGay Analyst (New possible nickname)
  • One Rubber Stunner (New possible nickname)
  • The Alienator (New possible nickname)

There are more nicknames that I can’t remember right now, most of them are not used and were very temporary. If you happen to remember any, post them in the comments. Don’t forget that the @Jingleberries have made numerous classic songs dedicated to our infamous friend!

Update: Thanks to @bwstranger, @CobraTits, @CptnSparky , @emilyInSD, @Lugoman34, @mike_in_canada@murray_terry, @MyMathGarcia and @TwistedMetalFab for the help, reminders, and suggestions!

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6 thoughts on “The Many Nicknames of Joshua Adam Richmond

  1. ChillCock, and ThunderBird which Is my all time favorite, when Ellis called him that my attention to the road was severely effected from giggling

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  3. The result of Josh’s Ellismania 7 travel mishap, “Mr. X”, was fun for a minute.
    As was “Big Dog”, the british chap that interviewed for “the Rawdog chair” during the “firing” aka vacation last year.
    Big Dog should come around more…

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