Show Re-cap For Friday 5/25/2012

The original death metal cowboy

It’s Friday again and still, nobody gives a mother fuck, a hotdog, or a shit flower. Ellis wants a farm, he didn’t call it a farm, but that’s what it is – Rawdog might call it a menagerie, but still, it’s a fucking farm. Ellis has sore armpits, this stemming from what he thought was a rib being out of place. If there’s a big fat bitch, being a big fat bitch, and bitching at you like a big fat bitch, then odds are she’s a big fat bitch. There was talk about Ellis starting his own show on his website instead of waiting for TV to come to him. The guys came up with an idea to do country death metal, which seems like it would be pretty fucking funny if done right. Also, Rawdog’s country accent sounds pretty much exactly like his Aussie accent.

Nothing phallic to see here, move along

I had to take a second to check to make sure I was on Faction 41 when talk turned to women’s shoes and some dude that designs women’s shoes. I refuse to talk about women’s shoes so if that’s what you’re looking for, you done fucked up sister! Rawdog taught chess to 3rd and 4th graders, the more little details we get on this guy, the more I understand why he probably would rather be perusing a science fair instead of be on the radio. He also wouldn’t mind a back rub from Toby Keith, that seems extremely dangerous considering Toby Keith could hog tie him up in under 8 seconds. YEEEEEHAAAAAW! Rawdog believes that getting a blowjob and watching Freddie Mercury is not gay in the slightest, but getting a blowjob and watching UFC is totally gay. To be more clear, he thinks anyone watching UFC has homosexual tendencies and just don’t know that they are slightly homosexual. Moreover, he thinks everyone (including himself) is at least 5% homosexual and do things they don’t realize to satisfy their tendencies. Jessica’s skewed view on homosexuality ate up the rest of the show because people were absolutely floored at his logic. And low-and-behold he would not budge on his stance, even when presented with questions that used his same theories, but were totally contradictory to his logic. So according to Doc Banger, maybe I should be talking about women’s shoes and hot guys’ buns after all. Let’s move along and talk about the time your mother bought me one of those mood rings. We discovered that when I am in a good mood it turns green and when I am in a bad mood it leaves a big fucking red mark on her forehead. OH!

Ever had a RawDart?

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