Show Re-cap For Thursday 5/24/2012

Great news folks, today was a full show! Some people felt that it was uncalled for and a bit “sissy like” to have bailed and other felt that Ellis should take whatever time he needs. Frankly I dont give two shits, it made yesterdays recap much easier for me so BOOYAH!  Ellis didn’t get in specifics about the reasons that he left, he just said that times are hard sometimes. But more importantly, THE HULK HANDS ARE HERE! This is one of the greatest days ever. Now Tully smash Rawdogs cock! Oh and also don’t fall in love with a hooker unless your Richard Gere and she has a gerbil ranch.

Roy of Sigfried and Roy has been molesting his care givers.  This is not shocking seeing that this man had his face eaten by a fucking tiger. Anybody that gets their face eaten off should have free range on all the man ass grabbin his disfigured self can handle. After this the phones went to a disturbing yer interesting version of EllisFam Love Line. Ellis said something about American Idol ripping him off or something, not sure, every time someone mentions that show I tend to blank out. Wierd. Someone on said that it looks like Rawdog is starting to go bald. Thanks to high tech futuristic computers and doo dads (mainly bitPimps and his photoshop skills) we can see what Joah would look like with no hair. Kinda like if Howie Mandell fell into a pit of ugly and slipped into a bear trap on the way out.

Ellis, along with his many other ventures, wants to try his hand at insult comedy, he tried a little with the callers and I think he needs to practice a little, but he might turn out pretty good. There was also some discussion about what TV show ellis could be on, and I’m pretty sure somewhere in the show he said something about Oh, and some gay dude from Big Bang Theory is gay. Thats not the suprising part of that story though, you see one night while your mom was whoring around he was really lonely and needed some “affection” and after paying your mom her usual $3.50 he said that he’d rather fuck dudes than another lard filled cesspool you call a mum, OH!

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