Thicker than Blood: An EllisFam Retrospective

Seven years ago, I stumbled upon something that would forever change my life in ways I never thought possible. I was sitting at home, flipping through the Sirius music channels on my DISH satellite TV package when I came across this crazy Australian guy making fun of the Lucky Charms cereal mascot with the most hilariously-bad Irish accent I’d ever heard. I laughed harder than I ever had in my life and from that point on, I was hooked. Every weekday from that point on, I would listen to Ellis for all four hours of his show, hanging on his every word. It became my favorite part of the day: sitting down with the boys and shooting the shit while laughing our asses off. As the years went on, Ellis continued to be an inspirational force in my life, pushing me to always better myself and strive to be the best. He and the show became a major part of my life and helped define who I was. But it wasn’t until Twitter came along, that the greatest gift Ellis has ever given me came to be: EllisFam. It started off as nothing more than fans talking about what was happening on the show, but it would grow to become a life-altering aspect of all of our lives. Slowly, we all started to get to know each other and become friends, no longer limiting our conversations to the show. The more we got to know each other, the more we realized how much we are all alike and how we’ve been through the same shit in life. This connection was born that seemed stronger than anything ever before experienced, even though we’d never met in person. It was a truly wild and unexplainable experience how this all came to be; a bunch radio show fans, spread across North America, becoming this tight-knit community that was filled with love and support. The power of EllisFam didn’t become clear to me until a very dark period in my life. I was a freshman in college and I was struggling with the fact that all of my so-called friends from high school completely stopped being so when they moved away for college. To make matters worse, I had just had my heart broken by someone who I thought I could trust and I was left in shambles. I was deeply depressed and couldn’t shake the dark clouds that seemed to constantly hang over my head. It got to the point that I started to have suicidal thoughts and became very self-abusive. It all built up until one day I had a complete and total meltdown. I began ranting on Twitter, spilling all of my emotions into tweets that came fast and furious. I had lost it. I was going over the edge and was about to end it all. But then something happened. I suddenly started getting all these tweets from EllisFam expressing extreme concern for me and asking if everything was OK and if they could help in any way. They acted as a therapist for me as I blurted out all my life’s troubles, giving me positive reinforcement and a shoulder to cry on. Out of all the people that came to my aid, two people went above and beyond in consoling me: Jess and Steve (AKA @ladystrangler and @bwstrangler). The amount of care and compassion these two showed towards me was unreal. I was blown away by how two people who I’d never met in person and had only known through conversations on the internet could be so willing and able to help me like they did. This act of kindness sparked what would become the best friendship I’ve ever had. These two mean more to me than anyone ever has and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here today without them. They’re my best friends and I love them. From that point on, my bonds with other members of EllisFam began to strengthen and the “Fam” in EllisFam began to take on more meaning. These people became my friends, REAL friends who don’t abandon you at the drop of a hat. No matter what, I always knew they had my back.

Even though I’d been a hardcore listener since the early days of the show, I had never been able to make it out to an Ellismania due to my relatively young age and lack of money to fly to Vegas. That all changed this year. I was finally able to make it out to Vegas for what was sure to be the greatest weekend of my life with the people that meant so much to me. At one point, however, that dream was in jeopardy; I needed a roommate to afford the room at the Hard Rock and I was unable to find one on my own. Luckily for me, and in yet another showing of Ellisfam love and support, Tim (AKA @wolfman812) came to my rescue and hooked me up with other Fam who wanted to split a room, Nate, Sara, and Victor (AKA @DraXsiS_Rocker @thewoodswoman @Saveit4thewar). My dream was saved and Ellismania was a reality. These people didn’t have to help me out and take me in, but they did and it meant a lot. The wait for EM was brutal, but honestly went by faster than I would have ever imagined. Before I knew it, it was October 10th and I was at the airport waiting for my flight to Vegas. Upon landing, none other than my two best friends, Jess and Steve, were there waiting for me so we could take a shuttle to the Hard Rock together. Even though we’d never met in person, we instantly acted as though this was our thousandth time seeing each other. The connection was immense. After a short trip in a cramped shuttle van, we arrived at the Hard Rock, walked up to the Circle Bar and began the biggest hug-fest I’d ever seen. Everyone that I knew from Twitter immediately hugged me with everything they had. I’d never experienced this much affection in my life and it was awesome. When Sean (AKA @cantskateanymre) saw me, the first thing out of his mouth was, “Do you want some water?” He knew I didn’t drink and made sure I was being taken care of. When that happened, I knew that I truly was among family. We all hung out like it was one, big family reunion and that’s exactly what it was. At last, I was able to be among the people that meant so much to me and that had saved my life. This is what EllisFam is all about: people from all across the US and Canada coming together to form one, big happy and yes, dysfunctional family. The weekend was the greatest time I’d ever had and I wish it didn’t have to end. Every kiss on the cheek from Jason and Kellie (@AZ_RedDragon @azkellie), laugh shared with Alex (@shit_toboggan), loving hug from Tim (Wolfie), every chance to say “Hed Ragons” with Nate, Victor, and Gregg (@Fngr_Xpressions),  and the countless other moments shared with my Fam will be something that I’ll never forget and cherish for the rest of my life. The goodbyes were filled with tears, hugs, and promises to text each other once we made it back to our respective homes safely. It was an experience I’ll never forget and can’t wait to do all over again. This is the greatest gift Ellis has ever given any of us, a family to call our own that has done nothing but provide positivity and love in our lives. EllisFam is truly something special and one of a kind. I dare anyone to find a closer group of people because they can’t. EllisFam truly is “Thicker than Blood”. Red Dragons, motherfuckers.

Written by Cody McCraw (@Cody_McCraw92)

Show Re-cap For Friday 9/28/2012

Hair cut? More like hair pie! Bldldldldldl!

Welcome to this Friday’s re-cap. Have a seat anywhere you like, kick back, relax, and let the soothing words of turd talk slowly melt into your pores. Ellis was busy shitting and puking all night long and watching Jaws 1 through 4. Sounds like a 24-hour stomach bug of some kind or maybe food poisoning, but he’s a sick cunt mate, so he powered through and still did a show today. Guess what, THC called in and he’s been sick as fuck too and he’s thinking he had some bad turkey burgers. Speaking of turkey burger, shout out to @mrsjessliv and @bwstrangler on the birth of their child! Good news for Rawdog, one of Katie’s friends who cuts hair, just moved to LA and does home appointments. So sounds like Rawdog might be getting his hair cut once a month while on the show from what I assume is a hot piece of poon.

Dude, take off your pants and get comfortable!

According to a former Abercrombie & Fitch model, he alleges that they flew him to photo shoot where the modeling agent said he needed to look more relaxed. And how do you look more relaxed? By masturbating of course! So he was told to strip down and whack off, while the camera man was nice enough to make him feel more comfortable by stripping himself and then comparing their cocks & balls. Hey, some millionaire dude did so much cocaine that his nose collapsed, that’s gotta make you feel better about your nose, right? Rawdog thinks elephants are the king of the jungle, not lions. But hey, this is coming from a man that thinks salads are pure fucking evil. However, he does want to be a blue whale, which I think is a solid choice. It’s way better than a fuckin’ conch.

What do porn stars and the Titanic have in common?

That dude from that show? Yea, he died in an apparent murder / suicide. He was on some designer drug called “smiles” and killed his landlady, tore apart her kitty, and then something else… wait, no, yea, he died. There are Fight Club rules and then there are Threesome Club rules: Pump your significant other more than the other one. Marky Mark the jeweler dude was on the show today to deliver a battle axe necklace to Ellis. Wanna know the names of some of the porn stars that going to Ellis’ pool party? Sure you do! Tera Patrick, Missy Martinez, Allison Moore, Emily Parker, Kayla Paige, and Randy Wright, Kendall Karson, and one other gash owner were mentioned.

What’s it like when Momma Dingo comes into the studio?

Everyone masturbates, everyone – even animals. And you know what, it’s all good for you and for them. On the topic of things that are good for you, Dingo stopped by the show today and brought along Momma Dingo, his mother! Gigantic surprise, she has a thick Australian accent, and what sounds like a lisp. She calls him “Luke” when talking to him, but when talking to others about him, it’s “Dingo.” I don’t think I ever knew his real name was Luke, so that’s a bonus. She’s also a Justin Timberlake fan, just in case you were wondering what you might get her for Christmas. Fuck it. So your mom walked into this bar, sits down to order a drink and the bartender asked, “You seem down, why the long face?” She replied, “I have cervical cancer.” OH!

EllisFam Interviews

I have asked for the EllisFam to do a small 8 question interview so that we may get to know one another and how The Jason Ellis Show has changed or impacted our lives. These are their reply’s, unedited and all in their own words. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and thank you to everyone who participated. Without you all this wouldn’t be possible.

bwstrangler (@bwstrangler)

  1. Where do you live? Minnesota, we count ponds as lakes so we can claim “Land of 10,000 lakes”. We can’t build Bridges for shit. Are sports teams are cursed all because some drunk ShitDick at a Vikings game in 197who gives a fuck hit a ref right in his payed off cocksmokin face with a whiskey bottle. And we have a big ass mall that employs half the population of Somalia.
  2. What is your occupation? I am a Mechanical Technician. I build big ass medical machines and random other shit. Basically just drill holes and bolt shit up all day, kinda like an adult Lego job. Nobody breaths down my neck and I can fuck off constantly, Blue Collar as a mother fucker but it is what it is.
  3. Tell me a little about yourself. I have Dubed myself The Bubble Wrap Strangler because I thought it was funny. I am addicted to wrap and I was a very disgruntled shipping employe awhile back. I would sing songs about killing my coworkers with bubble wrap really loud but it didn’t matter cause English was not very good with those around me. I like to smoke pot and drink beer and headbang. I have a wife and 1 and a half kids. 2nd one, or as I call him the Anti-Christ busts out end of September. Bolth have dicks and my wife has no idea of the amount of piss that will be covering the toilet seat in a couple of years.
  4. How long have you listened to TJES? I have been a satellite subscriber for 6 or 7 years. I caught Ellis on Demolition radio right away and I remembered watching him on Tony hawk tour when ESPN would play that shit. Right befor And1 basketball, Da Proffesor!! Were was I? Ohh yea, Ellis was a riot on that tour bus and he was always infront of the camera. Same thing on Demolition radio, he was constantly crackin me up. I caught him on by himself at night a couple times randomly and then the Jason Ellis show all of a sudden was on as I was getting off of work. Don’t know if I caught the exact start but I was fuckin close. 1st time I ever called in was on 4/20 when him and Kit Cope were smoking in the studio and Kit couldn’t roll a joint.
  5. How did you discover TJES? I discovered TJES from Demolition and I discovered Demolition radio because I was really high and thought I was still on the Heart Attack(R.I.P, Liquid Metal is a gay name) channel
  6. What keeps you listening to TJES? Everything keeps me listening. I love every part of the show, even the hockey helmet window licking callers. It feels good to know I’m not the dumbest mother fucker out there. We all need laughter in are lives and this radio show we all love has provided me with constant giggling, it’s more entertaining then anything else on radio or TV.
  7. Has the show changed or impacted you life in any way? How? The show helped me see that I had wife material on my hands and I needed to lock that shit down. So, U could say the show helped me discover what I really wanted in a chick, and helped me understand sluts thanks to one signature segment. I started dating my wife 4years ago so I was a big fan of the show already, She was not. Then one night were banging, I get it out to aim for the tits like usual and BOOM without me ever bringing it up or asking she directs it to her face like a champ. Right then and there I told her I loved her and it’s been on ever since.
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share? I wrote all this on the shitter at work. My ass is numb and people are probably looking for me. And Im gonna end this by saying as motivational as Jason Ellis is nothing compares to the motivation and determination displayed by Gabe Ruediger on Season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter. To go on National Television and assblast ice cream sandwich your way through a once in a lifetime opportunity like being coached by BJ Penn shows a man who works hard to achieve his goals in life. GET THESE BALLS RUEDIGIRL
 John Hendrix (@Hispandrix)

  1. Where do you live?Lacombe, LA – but to not confuse people or clarify, New Orleans
  2. What is your occupation?Retail GM – master of cell phones
  3. Tell me a little about yourself.I’ll just keep it short and simple: Avid/Rabid sports fan, beer enthusiast, love women, technology, and havin’ a good time
  4. How long have you listened to TJES?Over 2 years now, I’m to the point where I get mad if I miss it, but I listen everyday, and even catch the replays on Stars Too at times
  5. How did you discover TJES?Through a buddy of mine who was listening to TJES
  6. What keeps you listening to TJES?You never know what’s going to happen next. I have never been big on Radio Shows, but once I started listening, I couldn’t switch it off. I respect all the guys on the show, and I like Ellis’ transparency. I think since they interact with a lot of people too during the show, keeps it interesting.
  7. Has the show changed or impacted you life in any way? How?Yes – currently I’m back in the gym again. I went through some job BS in April, and through TJES & HTFU – it has helped me through my job agonies. I could have quit, but I powered through it, and had the mentality of wanting to prove them wrong. Currently pursuing other options because I don’t think I have to settle.
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share? #EllisFam is great, definitely love the fact that everyone (well most everyone) is cool with each other. I enjoy talking to everyone on EllisMania, and tweeting with you fuckers too!


If you would like to be apart of the EllisFam Interviews, please contact me (@Az_RedDragon) through twitter and I will send the interview to you.

Show Re-cap For Wednesday 6/20/2012

Alright folks, were halfway done with this week. For some it has been good, others it has been a typical shit storm of bad service, torn pants, forgotten phone chargers, and all around cluster fuck. According to deaf people, they don’t want to hear. According to me, I like hearing, it would really be hard to listen to the radio if I had to read subtitles all the time. Ellis went to a titty bar while waiting for Bestie and others to join him at a club, where he posed as a bisexual man mounting cock lover who also digs chicks, and apparently the “No sex in the Champagne Room” rule does not apply here. Well sort of. More like a hand jobs are okay clause but the price is ass makeup on you slick new white pants. Cavino is funny, or is it Rich? Nobody’s sure but one of them is funny. Comics are all stealing material whether they know it or not, just like this web site is constantly raped for material by all the top comedians. Except girl comedians, this shit is way too funny for them.

Forrest Griffin will be appearing at Ellis Mania 8 as the MMA Sasquatch, so honestly folks, don’t fuck with the Sasquatch, he will fuck your shit up! Shit Nacho is sad, I don’t know why nor do I care. He works on the greatest radio show on satellite radio. I know some people that would give their left nut to be in his position, damn kids don’t know how good they got it. The guys went over more costume ideas for some of the fights, Ellis is pegged on being a Mexican Bandito and some of the other ideas were a ballerina, hot dog, cow, pizza, taco…..fuck, now I’m hungry. And to the astonishment of us all, Rawdog can’t properly identify a jockey. Yes, I said Jockey, those short guys in helmets and matching pants that carry a short whip and RIDE FUCKING HORSES!

Hey, are you a fat ass? Do you like to get wasted but hate driving your rascal to the store to buy all that beer? Well do I have great news for you. Now with Gastric Bypass surgery your lazy nacho eating ass can get skinny and get drunk faster! Just when you thought you couldn’t get any lazier. There was no Worlds Greatest Wednesday today, but we were graced with its power bottom partner, New Music Tuesday, on Wednesday. Josh did it backwards again where Ellis and Tully guess the artist and I think that it should stay this way, games are more fun than just having to shove pencils in your ears to stop the torture. Rawdog’s pick of the week was some whiny bitch singing a song about whining and bitching, you should check it out. Not really, don’t, trust me.

Tully and Fuck Burrito made some new Celebrity news that informed us all that Celebrities are working so hard that they are unable to sleep or properly hydrate themselves. It would appear that this is an epidemic and should be dealt with immediately, never mind the massive amounts of drug use, that isn’t a factor. Final calls were pretty good today, our friend @bwstrangler called in about his “buddy” forwarding a picture of his dick to all of his and his wife’s family. This call was great but it was only to be topped by the 12 year old girl that called and after having a little lesson in proper girl edicate, left us with “cunt.” Well done little girl, your daddy must be proud, wherever he is. Dean Wilson also called into the show but with his heavy accent I couldn’t understand a single word he said, much like yer mum when she tries to talk with a mouth full of dicks, OH!

If You Could Ask My Wife One More Question, What Would It Be?

Here is another round of asking my wife shit. As some of you may remember, I previously asked all you mofo’s “If You Could Ask My Wife One Question, What Would It Be?” and everyone really seemed to like it, even my wife – and she’s no fun. Just kidding honey, (but not really) the questions and answers were pretty funny last time, so let’s see how this round turned out. And as before, I let her pick the questions she wanted to answer and didn’t alter anything.

@CptnSparky: how old is @bitchPimps?

@bitchPimps: Lets just say bitchPimps robbed the cradle.

Brought to you by,!

@steveanonymus2: take his fucking account away from him lol

@bitchPimps: Noway. Then we’d actually have to talk and spend time together and shit.

Where would I find the time to post smut?

‏@CptnSparky: If it were to go down, who would join you two, if a celebrity would join you in bed for a threesome? #OutOfLine #IKnow

@bitchPimps: Couldn’t we just make it a foursome, one for me and one for him?

Could we do it in separate rooms? I don’t want to be anywhere near Paul Walker.

‏@CptnSparky: Have you ever attempted any of @EllisMate‘s ‘reverse’ sexual positions? i.e. reverse chicken wing bowl, ect..,

@bitchPimps: I may not be up on the latest sex lingo but I’m pretty sure a reverse chicken wing bowl is not in my near future.

Looks like it’s going down prison style!

‏@CptnSparky: Have you witnessed @bitpimps do any illegal shit?

@bitchPimps: Oh yes. I had the great pleasure of hitting up the ATM at 4am to get money to bail him out of jail. Ah, memories.

That was some bullshit too!

‏@bwstrangler: ok back to that magical night in that sketchy hotel room, what was it that got things Hot and heavy? #Part1

@bitchPimps: My mouth and his bit.

I was gonna say when Jackie Gleason appeared in the movie.

@CptnSparky: what is a guilty pleasure of @bitPimps music wise, that he loves but would probably rather no one else knew?

@bitchPimps: I do remember having a conversation with him one time about Madonna.

Look, that was back when she was do-able.

‏@tank_yanker: what’s the weirdest, most disgusting thing you’ve ever caught him doing? #TopFive #IfYouCantDecide

@bitchPimps: Wow, you just want me to list one? Honestly, he doesn’t hide the disgusting things he does. He does that shit right out in the open. Should we talk about him playing with and being so proud of the 4 inch nipple hair he had or the cutting of his toenails on my back porch?

Dead sexy. I’m a lady killer!

‏@mrsjessliv: What’s your favorite position?

@bitchPimps: Sitting.

I forget the name of the position, but I like when you’re shutting the fuck up. HEYOH!

‏@mrsjessliv: Name 3 things that make you horny.

@bitchPimps: A clean house, laundry done and my fucking car washed.

I’ve done all that shit before, she’s lying.

‏@mrsjessliv: Does toothpaste or cough drops irritate you vag? #Random #IHateIt

@bitchPimps: What the fuck kind of question is that?

She’s married to a bubble wrap strangler, go figure. lol

‏@CptnSparky: Have you ever encorporated a little strip tease into an evening of seduction at home with @bitPimps?

@bitchPimps: Hell no, we’d be so busy laughing there would be no boner.

We did bang while she was doing a Splash Dance routine once!

‏@CptnSparky: Has Twitter had a positive or negative effect on your relationship?
@bitchPimps: If he’s happy, I’m happy.

Lies! Outright lies! You’re not happy unless I’m miserable.

‏@CptnSparky: How do you feel about Canadians, in general?

@bitchPimps: I love them! That’s my homeland bitch!  Ok, they talk a little funny.

Pft! Pshhh! A little?

‏@bwstrangler: Do u feel like u posses the strength to rip out a mans testical? Have u ever urinated in the back of a cop car?
@bitchPimps: Absolutely and Absolutely not.

Take a walk on the wild side, add that one to the bucket list.

‏@AZ_RedDragon: If you woke up as a dude, would you jack off, pee on something, or do the helicopter in front of @bitPimps?

@bitchPimps: I would immediately fondle my wife’s boobs.

I like your style.

‏@mrsjessliv: What’s your favorite scary movie?

@bitchPimps: I’m a huge chickenshit. I don’t like scary movies.

Verified. She also cries at commercials.

@bwstrangler: U have the chance to date master P’s son, some jerseyshore dickhead, or some shitbag named Jeremy, who do u pick? #FuckINeedCable

@bitchPimps: Nice choices. I think I’d rather play a game of Kill, Fuck, Marry.

I hope you’d kill the jerseyshore dickhead.

‏@Truk_Norris: Is it true that @bitPimps #LovesTheCock

@bitchPimps: Only his own.

My cock is pretty fuckin’ awesome.

‏@AZ_RedDragon: Is @bitPimps allowed to go to Ellis Mania with me next year? #BetterAskTheBoss #Pleeaaaasssseeee

@bitchPimps: He’s a big boy, he can make that decision all on his own. The real question is, would he want to go with you?

You have no idea what you just agreed to.

‏@AZ_RedDragon: If @bitPimps nuts were really nuts what kind of nuts would they be?

@bitchPimps: Are there real nuts that big?


‏@mrsjessliv: What’s your favorite nickname for your vag? Does Bit call it something special? #JuiceBox #CreamPie #Swamp

@bitchPimps: bitvag.

I’m a gentleman, I usually call it a gash.

‏@mrsjessliv: How do you feel about anal sex?

@bitchPimps: NO. Simple.

You can scream and cry all you want, that just makes it hotter!

‏@itswillbitches: if your pink taco aka vagina was a real taco, would it be a soft, hard or doritos taco?

@bitchPimps: Holy shit dude, if there is seriously someone out there that could compare their vag to a hard or doritos taco, they’ve got serious problems.

So… soft taco?

‏@itswillbitches: if you chose a life of crime, what would be your path chosen? (mob, drugs, fraud, hooker etc.)

@bitchPimps: Assassin. Wait, make that a very hot, sexy assassin.

I’d give you your first contract, a hit on the entire Offspring band.

‏@mrsjessliv: What’s more funny… Chest or vag farts? #IPreferChest

@bitchPimps: WTF is a chest fart? My boobs must not be big enough.

Christmas is coming up!

‏@mrsjessliv: spit or swallow? #DependsWhatHeDrinksHuh?

@bitchPimps: Never waste a good thing.

‘Atta girl!

‏@itswillbitches: if you were held hostage and your captors were to rape you with an animal, would you choose a mouse, snake or horse?

@bitchPimps: Wait, is bitPimps sharing our bedroom fantasies again?

I swear, I only mentioned it once, and that was in passing!

‏@mrsjessliv: Beatles or Stones?

@bitchPimps: Both.

Tom Cruise.

‏@itswillbitches: what flavour of cake would you most prefer to be eaten out of your vag?

@bitchPimps: There would be no cake. bitPimps doesn’t have a sweet tooth.

Fuck a bunch of candy, gangster.

‏@itswillbitches: out of all the soda flavours available, which do you think would be the bully, the emo, the jock and the nerd?

@bitchPimps: Pespi. It has multiple personalities.

Why the fuck are we talking about soda?

‏@mrsjessliv: How did you meet the man of your dreams? And how did Bit steal you away?

@bitchPimps: When you can’t have Paul Walker you settle for second best.

You know I could beat the life outta that little bitch.

‏@itswillbitches: if you were at a disney theme park, whom would be the first character that you would hug?

@bitchPimps: Could we invite Buggs Bunny? Don’t really have a fav Disney character.

I’d go for the one with the biggest tits.

‏@itswillbitches: would you rather be bit by a swarm of mosquitoes nonstop 4 a week, a giant spider 4 a day or bit’s dad 4 3 hours?

@bitchPimps: OMG. And yet another fucked up image of my father in-law. Thanks.

HAHAHAA! That’s awesome.

‏@itswillbitches: do you prefer to use ketchup or catsup?

@bitchPimps: Ketchup, the way normal fucking people say it.

Yea man, down with catsup! Fuck the man!

‏@itswillbitches: do you know how awesome it is to lay down in the middle of a street? #drugquestion

@bitchPimps: As a matter of fact, I do.

You know how awesome it is to be tripping on ‘shrooms and going to the cereal isle of the grocery store? Let me tell you, really fucking awesome!

‏@AZ_RedDragon: Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? Better have your camera ready! #GreatViewFromTheTop

@bitchPimps: Is that your way of asking if I’m fat??  And yes, I can.

Big deal, so can I. You ain’t so special!

‏@Truk_Norris: Have you ever gaped @bitPimps with your lady fist?

@bitchPimps: Wow.

I know, right? That was an great time! I had no idea a chair leg would fit.

@bwstrangler: If u had one song to take a shot and or have a drink too what is that song?

@bitchPimps: Anything by Jack Johnson or Maroon 5. Depends on what drink I’m on.

That has to be the gayest possible answer.

‏@AZ_RedDragon: Do you get annoyed with @bitPimps obsession with the show as much as my wife does?

@bitchPimps: Not really annoyed, just uninterested.

You liked when callers had to sing to R. Kelly’s Ignition.

And that’s a wrap folks! Give yourselves a round of applause. And give me all your lovin’, ZZ Top style! Until next time.