Show Re-cap For Wednesday 6/20/2012

Alright folks, were halfway done with this week. For some it has been good, others it has been a typical shit storm of bad service, torn pants, forgotten phone chargers, and all around cluster fuck. According to deaf people, they don’t want to hear. According to me, I like hearing, it would really be hard to listen to the radio if I had to read subtitles all the time. Ellis went to a titty bar while waiting for Bestie and others to join him at a club, where he posed as a bisexual man mounting cock lover who also digs chicks, and apparently the “No sex in the Champagne Room” rule does not apply here. Well sort of. More like a hand jobs are okay clause but the price is ass makeup on you slick new white pants. Cavino is funny, or is it Rich? Nobody’s sure but one of them is funny. Comics are all stealing material whether they know it or not, just like this web site is constantly raped for material by all the top comedians. Except girl comedians, this shit is way too funny for them.

Forrest Griffin will be appearing at Ellis Mania 8 as the MMA Sasquatch, so honestly folks, don’t fuck with the Sasquatch, he will fuck your shit up! Shit Nacho is sad, I don’t know why nor do I care. He works on the greatest radio show on satellite radio. I know some people that would give their left nut to be in his position, damn kids don’t know how good they got it. The guys went over more costume ideas for some of the fights, Ellis is pegged on being a Mexican Bandito and some of the other ideas were a ballerina, hot dog, cow, pizza, taco…..fuck, now I’m hungry. And to the astonishment of us all, Rawdog can’t properly identify a jockey. Yes, I said Jockey, those short guys in helmets and matching pants that carry a short whip and RIDE FUCKING HORSES!

Hey, are you a fat ass? Do you like to get wasted but hate driving your rascal to the store to buy all that beer? Well do I have great news for you. Now with Gastric Bypass surgery your lazy nacho eating ass can get skinny and get drunk faster! Just when you thought you couldn’t get any lazier. There was no Worlds Greatest Wednesday today, but we were graced with its power bottom partner, New Music Tuesday, on Wednesday. Josh did it backwards again where Ellis and Tully guess the artist and I think that it should stay this way, games are more fun than just having to shove pencils in your ears to stop the torture. Rawdog’s pick of the week was some whiny bitch singing a song about whining and bitching, you should check it out. Not really, don’t, trust me.

Tully and Fuck Burrito made some new Celebrity news that informed us all that Celebrities are working so hard that they are unable to sleep or properly hydrate themselves. It would appear that this is an epidemic and should be dealt with immediately, never mind the massive amounts of drug use, that isn’t a factor. Final calls were pretty good today, our friend @bwstrangler called in about his “buddy” forwarding a picture of his dick to all of his and his wife’s family. This call was great but it was only to be topped by the 12 year old girl that called and after having a little lesson in proper girl edicate, left us with “cunt.” Well done little girl, your daddy must be proud, wherever he is. Dean Wilson also called into the show but with his heavy accent I couldn’t understand a single word he said, much like yer mum when she tries to talk with a mouth full of dicks, OH!

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