Show Re-cap For Thursday 6/21/2012

I was a little ticked off at the beginning of the show today. Apparently Tully got a tweet from some ass hat who thinks that he says mm hmm too much. Well I’m here to tell this critic that he is not on the radio, he is not the glue to the Jason Ellis Show, and he can go fuck himself mm hmm! In fact he can mm hmm his mom right in her mm hmm with a mm hmm until she mm hmm and mm hmms. Fuck mm hmm you. Now getting back to the re-cap, Colin McKay called in and might be going to Miami with Jason, Ellis is also getting some press for his fight against Gay Bruediger (@GabeRuediger). Some chicks like stinky dudes, and apparently there’s a lot of chicks who love stinky sweaty man balls. So guess what stinky balls dudes, there is someone for everyone. The Hooters Bikini Contest is this Saturday, which means tomorrows show will most likely be a repeat (I’m not sure, I might have missed that part, but we’ll see).Josh has another date with the chick that he, umm, you know, “had a good time with” and they are thinking that this girl might be the sexual mentor that Josh needs to improve his romancing skills. No worries buddy, not everyone is born knowing how to chow the beave.

Ellis is getting a cat, a really fucked up cat. Then they took more Wolfkives applicants, and then some more, and some more. Basically this entire hour was about the new member names, funny yes, but I can’t remember it all so I shall move on, its my recap not yours so you have no choice. Tully’s “Women, Am I Right?” segment is kicking major ass, and surprisingly there is not a shortage of stories about women doing amazing and unbelievably stupid things. I’m pretty sure Canada is relieved now that Tully has taken his sights off our beady eyed neighbors. Ellis is interested in women’s foot wear, but not to worry, he likes them on women’s feet. The guys then started checking out the Hooters girls on line and as one would suspect, it made some fantastic radio, if only we could see them also. Ellis said that he will judge them fairly and he will NOT have sex with them, nudge nudge, wink wink. But seriously, I’m pretty sure he will conduct himself appropriately.

During final calls a body builder dude called in because he broke both of his feet and after a while in a wheelchair used Ellis’s motto, Harden The Fuck Up, and he did and placed the highest he ever has in his first competition back. Oxycotton John (@oxycottonjohn) called in and was sounding as great as ever. John is now 2 years sober and is a prime example of the power of some radio show by a dude that has walked that road. Congratulations John! And there was some bet that I didn’t hear but if Rawdog lost he would have to eat 3 meals that Jason and Tully provided. And yup, you guessed it, our horse loving buddy declined the bet because his little grease lined tummy would not know how to process such foriegn items like fiber and vitimins. Its amazing that McTumble Bum isn’t McDead from his McDiet. Its also surprising that your mom hasn’t died, but I guess her constant protein shots and herpes scabs are enough to keep the old girl on her knees, OH!

gonna need a McBypass by McFourty

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