Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/2/2014


In case you don’t know, now ya know.

Who loves ya? That’s right, I do! Who puts the lotion in the basket? That’s right, you do! So if you were listening to Faction previous to the show, you might have caught a quick replay of the show, specifically the “Horse Force” bit. Why did they play that just before the show? Because it’s going to be a topic on today’s live show. Everyone still with me? Great. Let’s begin. Why does the voice of the listener on the phone sound so dumb? Because dumb people have free time to push buttons on their phone, so they get through to the show. The couch Grant Cobb made is full of bad spirits, it’s causing havoc on the show. Ellis wanted to watch the hockey game on Sunday, but by the time he did, it was over. Ellis is now like Eminem in 8 Mile, where he flips off the Free World crew and says “Fuck the Free World” – only with Ellis is doing that with Game of Thrones because the last episode killed off some dude he likes. Dingo knows Miami will be winning the NBA championship this year, and if anyone knows, it’s Dingo. So we all know how much Ellis has been trying to get Devin into moto and she just wasn’t having it. He pulled the old switch-a-roo and took her bike to go trade it in on a 4 wheeler for her, which she seems to be loving. BOOM! Moto family achievement unlocked. Not to be outdone, Tully’s wife went to Target and bought some flip flops. BOOM! Flip flop achievement unlocked. Quick Moto News, Villopoto is not racing and could be saving himself to make a run at being the GOAT so he can finally work on getting drunk and fat. Dingo got to see a private screening of 22 Jump Street, he said it was great. He also saw A Million Ways to Die in the West, he said it was good but he walked out. He also said he walked out on 21 Jump Street when he saw it in the theater. So what have we learned from all this? Dingo walks out on at least 2/3rd’s of the movies he goes to see. Tully and his wife once sat right next to Seth MacFarlane while he was out on a date. He said the chick seemed like a gold digging bitch without the package to back her up, she wasn’t that good looking and seemed really annoying. So what have we learned from that? Seth doesn’t appear to be plowing hot Hollywood poon and nobody knows why not.


Yay! Horse Force! YAY!

So what was up with the Horse Force replay before the show today? Because Ellis wants a t-shirt designed for it, and if the show gets really, really big – he thinks they should make a cartoon of it. They talked about who would be what kind of horse, each horses special gift, and any weaponry they might use. This went on for a good hour, kicking around all kinds of ideas for Horse Force. I’ll be a god damned monkey’s uncle if Bob McKenzie didn’t call into the show today. You may remember him tweeting Ellis during Friday’s show, saying he was listening in his tunnel up in Canadaland. Who the fuck is this Bob fellow, you ask? He’s a longtime Canadian hockey commentator. It’s pretty funny to think that he listens to the show and even funnier to think about him becoming a Wolfknives member. Wilson punched Ellis in the face today! Not like just decked him at work or anything, he went to the gym with Ellis to start getting ready for EMX. He wore shorts and took his shoes off and everything. A woman in Virginia was arrested for running an illegal strip club out of her house. Police found out when someone called the police to complain about the price of drinks, a whole $2 each. Tim Kennedy stopped into the studio, he’s a professional MMA fighter and special forces operator. He had two fights against Mayhem Miller, winning one and losing one, he called the fights fun and it sounds like he wouldn’t be against another one for final supremacy. He participated in halftime push ups, he called out Tully for doing halfies, and then he did 1 extra because he can. According to Tim, Bisping has an English midget in his entourage who was constantly trash talking him. He was an entertaining guest and clearly still has his wits about him. He also mentions Chael Sonnen has great hair, with Kenny Florian coming in second, and he is not turned on in the least by female fighters.


This may or may not be why Trevor is an alleged murderer. He learned it from mom.

Hey. Some lady had her baby on the train of her wedding dress. I’m not sure how that’s news, but if you’re inclined to do so, you can find the story on the lines. Ellis says if he ever gets married again, he wants it to be on a pirate ship with just his wedding party. He wants to stand up & steer and drink and talk and stuff. Am I the only one who feels like Ellis has been bringing up marriage a lot more since his heart stuff? Anyway, the show has two new interns now, Trevor and Nate. Both are 21 I believe, both are virgins, and one of them has a beard – I’m not sure which one, I think it might be Nate. Also, one of them (Trevor) kind of sounds a lot like the previous intern, Hardcore. One of them, I assume the one that sounds like Hardcore, isn’t that big of a fan of the show, or so it seems. Trevor doesn’t say much and answered every question with one word answers, it was weird. Nate wants to be a radio host, but only if he’s good at it and people like him. Neither one of them are into dating, Nate likes his free time and not having to be answering to no bitch. Nate has also gotten high before, he likes bowling, eating, and plans on getting high again in the future. Trevor likes to go off-roading, in his Jeep Cherokee. He really seems untrustworthy, like the kind of intern that’d poison your coffee. He hangs out by himself and plays Splinter Cell. Their first test to see who is the better intern, Ellis sent them off to get syringes. First one back was Nate, Trevor was just not as resourceful and chose to follow Nate, ensuring his loss. And there you have it, Monday’s recap all gift wrapped, with ribbons and a bow, because gosh darn it, you deserve it. Now go enjoy your evening of food, masturbation, and eating the food you’ve fucked. Baby, you’s nasty.

Show Re-Cap for Monday 3/3/2014


So, you wanna know who lost the bet?

Here we go again, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the Magical Mystery Miracle Monday Re-cap! It’s magical because I sprinkled fairy dust on it. It’s a mystery because I have no idea what I’m going to be writing. It’s a miracle because I don’t even know what I’m doing. Contrary to some beliefs, “midget” is not the preferred word you should be working into your vocabulary, it’s “little person” and Dingo agrees so that makes it true. Although you might not want to blindly put your faith in Dingo’s knowledge because he also thinks you could bust out “hashtag midgie” and be in the clear. Dingo texted Ellis while watching moto, he didn’t text Tully though – which is weird because Tully’s big time into moto. Also, he’s a sharp dressed man as of late, with his shirt, shoes, and hair. Anyway, Ken Roczen and Ryan Villopoto crashed at the start of a race and Dingo is way too excited about it. He’s also super excited about Ivan Tedesco being eaten by another rider’s bike. Ellis’ Russian neighbors are getting all “Shit Storm Is Coming” on him & Katie. They parked their shitbox across the driveway, essentially blocking it. Katie tells them they can’t park there and that starts the back-and-forth relations between the US and Russia. Ellis pulls up and notices the landlord (who’s an older gentleman) talking to the Ruskies and then see’s Vlad The Commie Bastard giving the old man the finger. So Ellis was all like “HEY!” and the Red was all like “пошел на хуй!” and then everyone got confused and we started talking about The CCCP people turning other peoples’ car stereos on? You can see how one could get confused with all this, thus creating further tensions in relations between the US and Russia. So… Oscars. Yeah. But no. You know the rules, I don’t write about that shit. I will tell you this though, there was a bet and the loser will have to cross-dress and take 5 selfies with strangers. So who’s the lucky guy that gets to be the fairest of them all? Break time!


You’re reneging on the bet?

Saturday, book signing, at a book store, not going to Trampoline World, going to another place, but you won’t know where unless you go to the book signing. More Oscars bullshit. Tully had a hot black chick with a shaved head smile really big at him at a bus stop. He turned away, looked back again – she’s still got a huge smile for him. He turns, looks back again, still all teeth. He turns again, she’s still smiling. Hot chick at a bus stop smiling maniacally. rules state that she’s bat shit crazy and you should walk away. Oh. Yeah. So you wanted to know who has to wear that dress, right? It’s Jetta. And Jetta is drawing the line at buying his own dress, mainly because he has such a hard time finding a dress that’s fun and exciting, but not too slutty. This led to a road we’ve all heard nearly every person on the show go down. The old, “I’m broke & don’t have enough time to go do this stuff” boulevard of broken dreams, because you know. They’re super busy in life, totally unlike the rest of the world. Turns out, he must have the world’s cutest puppy eyes because he’s been absolved from the bet and no longer has to go through with it. Hey, remember how they talked about using Skype on the show on Friday? Well today, they tried it out and it actually worked out pretty well, I assume because Sirius XM had no involvement in making it happen. HEYOH! Anyway, the Skype thing could really open some new possibilities for the show and fans alike. Break time!


Having fun in those strip clubs that don’t allow nudity?

Dingo has restless leg syndrome, or maybe he’s just hopped up on those energy drinks. Ellis is going to be Dr. Drew again tonight and he’s going on the Kevin & Bean show at some point during the week. It sounds like strip clubs in California suck ass, how is it a strip club if there are no bare titties? It’s weird, Florida strip clubs look like shit too, at least compared to St. Louis, where there are no tops, no bottoms, and the chick is going to be full on nude by the 3rd song. This brings up some ass talk, Tully’s not into big asses, Ellis is, but that’s no real surprise – black chicks are one of his weaknesses. More Skype calls, some chick was ready to get all blow jobby on the call, but that had to get shut down before word got back to NYC, which has Will’s nuts in jar. Will also tricked some poor unsuspecting female into Skyping with him. Poor girl will probably never be heard from again. Dingo says he’s never done any weird jerkoff sessions, which of course makes him a god damned liar and a likely candidate for super weird jerkoff sessions. This prompted some calls about dudes jerking off while in the driver’s seat, jerking off in a principal’s office, jerking off in a submarine, and other similar jerking off stories. We also got a clit story in there as well, because it’s unfair to others if the show is too dick-centric. Tully asked well known history buffs, Ellis and Dingo, a few questions about what happened on this day in history – such as when we bombed the “Hochi Man Trail” as a “fuck you, we’re outta here” to Vietnam. Or Helen Keller, the girl whose father famously invented the bra while she was busy murdering Polish people in Amsterdam. Or The National Anthem, which contrary to what they teach in schools, was written before Jimi Hendrix. This led us into final calls, which was pretty short actually. And that, my friends, ends this recap. And maybe your life. OH!

Show Re-Cap for Monday 8/19/2013


Rawdog being breast fed by his mother.

Welcome to the pleasure dome ladies & gentlemen. Put one hand on your genital area, tighten up that belt around your neck, and get ready to diddle yourself silly. According to Ellis, when you hit the age of 65, you no longer look human, you look like Yoda. That’s Ellis’ research, and Rawdog’s research? GILFs. Tully has an uncle who is like 80 now, and he told him every time he looks in the mirror, he’s surprised to see that he’s old. That could be the onset of senility, or it could be because he doesn’t feel like he’s 80. Ellis saw and used the sister version of the Swinghouse bathroom over the weekend, it was let’s say, well used. Rawdog went shopping over the weekend, which of course brought up the logical next step, he needs a new car. His laptop is still with the fuckin geek squad or some shit and he said it’s going to cost a lot of money. This is about when, collectively, the jaws of all listener’s across the globe hit floor – after he said he thought he’d probably lease a vehicle because he couldn’t afford to buy a vehicle. Tully clarified it that he can have a car payment, buying a car doesn’t mean you have to pay for it all once. Rawdog also doesn’t have a credit card because he doesn’t want to have to pay fees to build “credit” (and yes, he put air quotes around credit). So let’s re-cap the past two revelations real quick. 1.) He didn’t know that you can buy a car, not pay the full amount, but have car payments. And, 2.) he’s never owned a credit card and has no idea how one builds up their credit rating.


Nobody can contain themselves when listening to TJES.

So UFC Fight Night 26 was on Saturday. Sonnen guillotine choked Shogun until he tapped, and then Sonnen made the stupidest after fight speech I’ve ever heard in the UFC or I imagine that would ever be uttered in the WWE. He also called out another older, ready to retire fighter, Wanderlei Silva. And look, we all know what Sonnen is doing, he hypes up himself and his fights, but that was so ridiculous, I think it cheapened the UFC image and sounded worse than the bullshit wrestler’s in the WWE spew. Travis Browne knocked out Alistair Overeem (Ovaries as Ellis says) and put that roid raged dude with a front kick and hammerfists. Matt Brown pretty much knocked out Mike Pyle in 29 seconds, even though Pyle pretended he was totally all there after his fucking head bounced off the canvas several times. John Howard won in a hug-filled split decision over Uriah Hall, and Urijah Faber’s cornrows won a decision over Iuri Alcantara. And thanks to Sonnen’s stupid ass post-fight speech, I can fake segway right into Tito Ortiz fake hitting Rampage Jackson with a fake hammer during a fake wrestling match.


How right you are, sir.

Korean shit wine is a thing, it’s called Ttongsul and is rice wine mixed with the fermented turd of a human child. It’s alcohol content is around 9%, it’s poop content is around 91%, and it’s supposedly medicinal in some crappy way, but the rest of the world is calling bullshit. Ellis heard some religious radio show that was talking about a guy that’s now a girl and wants to play basketball against chicks. Basically, it sounds like almost any women’s event in the Olympics where communist countries participate. This brought us into some Jesus talk, with Julio, Enrique, and Rosalita. Tully had a dream, and needed some dream interpretation from Ellis – which just so happens to be Ellis’ forte! His dream was that he was watching Sylvester Stallone in a big fight scene against brown people. He was on top of their car trying to hold on and shoot the bad guys, like a James Bond. Next he was helping chase a Max Headrom type character through a train station, while his wife is off shopping or some shit. Finally, he was playing women’s softball. Ellis says the 1st dream is about Tully learning to get along with his Japanese in-laws. The 2nd dream is the train of life, he’s moving forward. The 3rd dream is part his competitive nature who got beat by DanOD5 and so he feels emasculated. The 3 dreams together mean he’s a good, loving, father who got beat up by a chick.


Like, OMG, grrrrr!

Rawdog had a semi re-occurring dream which is him standing on top of a mountain, it’s crumbling, he keeps jumping to different mountains but they keep crumbling. Dr. Ellis says it’s the pedestal his parents had put him until his sister and brother were born and then that pedestal crumbed beneath him. Ellis continued taking calls and helping analyze the dreams of callers until everyone was satisfied and will sleep comfortably for the foreseeable future. What a guy! And apparently I’m gay and want to have sex with bears. The US military invested up to $44 million big ones on a stealth bomber. Canadians? They spent $620,000 little ones on a stealth snowmobile, and while it’s not quite stealth yet, it is pretty quiet! Moto news time, Ryan Villopoto just might be the current world’s greatest motorcyclist racer, actually, he must be. Because somebody said he’s wrapped up the title because they added his points up on a calculator or some shit. There’s a mystery superstar actress who overdosed and it’s all caught on camera and shit. Sounds juicy. In Aussie news, Ellis will be on Loveline tonight, I think, pretty sure. Oh, and some old Canberra man tried to shove an entire fork in his bleeding dickhole for sexual gratification. You stay forking classy Australia! Researchers at a university in Australia think if you add electrolytes to beer, the world can be hangover free, because I mean really, who has time for a glass of water before you pass out in a puddle of your own piss?


This pertains to all of you.

A 22-year-old man was walking on train tracks and got hit by an Amtrak train going 110 MPH. The conductor said he hit him straight on, but was fully conscious when police arrived and he’s not only fine, he’s okay. Josh found a site that identifies the lowest rated (or most hated) videos on YouTube, it may or may not be Live limbo time! How low can you go? Rawdog versus Ellis in a limbo competition, where Rawdog should have a clear edge here since he spent a portion of his college days at limbo parties. While the tale of the tape gives the advantage to Rawdog, it did not turn out to be enough as Ellis was able to out limbo Rawdog and his Monster Mash limbo method. The punishment for losing? Spin the wheel of doom! And what was the justice to be served? RC car nut pull. Hey, wanna fight at EllisMania 9? Make a video of you sparring or punching a heavy bag or you little sister or some shit and send it to And now, it’s racial joke Monday. A black man walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender asks, “What’ll you have?” The parrot says “I’ll have a beer!” The bartender’s impressed, slides over a beer and says, “Anything else?” The parrot says, “I’ll have a shot of rum!” The bartender is amused by all this and says, “That’s quite impressive, where did you get him?” The parrot says, “Africa, they’re everywhere!” OH!

Show Re-Cap for Monday 7/22/2013

Welcome to Monday’s re-cap of TJES! First, a bit of sad news, actor Dennis Farina died at the age of 69 today. And fuck no, he wasn’t most famous for Law & Order. One of my personal favorite lines of his, was when he played Cousin Avi in the movie Snatch, he said:

“Blagged”? Tony, speak English. I thought this country spawned the fucking language, and so far nobody seems to speak it.


A festival full of hipsters & neckbeards? Let’s go!

That’s just awesome, and completely true. Anyways, Dingo is here today, back from Jamaica. Rawdog has returned safely. Tully is there, his evil child has let him live to see another day. Of course Ellis is there. Ellis was thinking about heaven the other day, he assumes you can fly and eat cakes, but you won’t get fat because that would make you un-happy. And do fat people become healthy and skinny in heaven? Rawdog caught some shit for all his Instagrams over the weekend, from his trip to Chicago to go to a music festival, by himself. First he doesn’t post enough, then he posts too much, the guy just can’t win. He didn’t make any new friends, but he did try talking to a few chicks and got blown off. However, he did manage to get a large neckbeard that flipped him off. Dingo thinks Rawdog’s girlfriend gets fucked by 15 different dudes a day, but that’s because he doesn’t pay attention to shit. Will posted an Instagram over the weekend as well that ended up spawning a debate if they should fix the squeaky studio door or not.


Fuck Jamaica, you wanna see some crime? Visit East St. Louis.

Dingo got robbed in Jamaica and he says the begging there is probably worse than in Mexico. He tried to tell more stories about Jamaica and a documentary and Snoop Dogg or something, but he can’t tell a logical story to save his paper bag in a contest. I think that’s how the saying goes, right? He also watched the life go out of a goat’s eyes just before he ate that motherfucker, probably not with a nice bottle of chianti though because let’s face it, he’s not very well refined. Dude doesn’t even know Sandy the Squirrel is a squirrel instead of a beaver. Tully wants to hear an animal scream and then eat it. He says it’s because he wants to make sure he’s okay with eating meat, but we all know he’s harboring a murderous rage inside. This brought us back into heaven conversation, whores, virgins, fucking, sucking, snorting, shooting, and the holiest of holes that you may or may not get to fuck senseless during your stay in club heaven.


Ah, British porn is so fucking hot.

The prince and princess has had their royal baby. That’s right. The whole world has been royally waiting to see what comes out of one woman’s royal vagina. Turns out, it wasn’t an assortment of collectibles and trinkets stolen from Buckingham Palace. Does Obama call Jay-Z his n-bomb? I don’t know how the fuck that or Downzig snuck into the conversation, but they did. This took us into Game of Thrones and I don’t give a royal rat’s ass if there are dragons in that show, I ain’t gonna watch it. A shit ton of convicts, including senior members of al Qaeda who had already been sentenced to death, have broken out of Iraq’s Abu Ghraib jail. So, that’s not good and my ass is guessing that some shit is about to start popping off like a motherfucker. In super gross news, Geraldo Rivera posted a nude selfie to Twitter, saying that 70 is the new 50. He later deleted the photo (don’t worry, it’s in the linked article if you wanna see old ass wang stem) and said note to self, no more posting after 1 AM – which means he was probably poppin’ blue pills and ready for a mean jerk off session. In moto news, Dungey, Villopoto, Reed, Grant, Alessi, and Tickle – bike yeah.


Way more metal than Metallica, it’s the metal piper!

Ellistronic TV started today with Dingo, Katie, and Ellis. It’ll be 3 days a week or less or maybe more or it might go bankrupt, who knows. You can watch it on and apparently Ellis revealed an uncomfortable story that he’s never said before except to Tully for his 2nd book. Metallica put out another trailer for their new movie while they were at Comic Con, doesn’t that sound like the most metal thing you could ever read? People in New York are paying $400 an hour for consultants to teach their kids how to play with other children. Nick was on the horn, he’s part of the Patriot Guard Riders, the motorcycle enthusiasts created to oppose the WBC and help fend off those vultures from disrespecting the funeral rights of fallen US military personnel. He basically just clarified what exactly the Patriot Guard Riders stand for, what they do, and how they do it.


Right or wrong, it’s time to learn some history and shit.

Then it was time to test everyone’s knowledge of history. Such as the Great Pyramids. How were they built? With the latest in fat chick technology. Why were they built? Because there was no fucking TV back then, life was boring. Now, what about the Cold War? That shit was between America and Russia and it was not about heating coal. It started between Yuri Slobberdickovich and Mike Smith, from Russia and America, respectively. It was basically a big No You Are contest and it ended with Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago. If Rocky can change, and Ivan can change, and Apollo dies, everyone can change! Who was Vlad the Impaler? He invented a muscle car and after dismal sales, Ice Cube told him, “Look homey, you change that name and it’ll sell like that crackrock on them streets.” And that bit of advice gave us the Chevy Impala. The American Revolutionary War was not between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but rather it was between America and Britain and dental hygiene. Clearly, we won what that one as well. Pocahontas was the first hot olive skinned chick that the first white man had ever boned, creating an entire group of hot ass models that do cocaine and fuck like only chicks with daddy issues could.


Batman is getting real tired of your shit.

This led us into more talk about Alessi and all the moto shit with shining lasers in opponents eyes and all that good stuff. That, then, put us into final call territory. But we also got a few other gems, like why hasn’t anyone shot Batman in the face? Then the argument of who wins in a fist fight, Batman or Spiderman? What about Superman? What about having sex with all three of them? And what about a fuck, marry, kill scenario between those three? It seems the consensus is to kill Spiderman, marry Batman because he’s rich as fuck and you could go to some kick ass places / parties, and then fuck Superman because you’ll be flying around having the most glorious sexual experiences in your life. Speaking of Batman / Bruce Wayne. Why can’t orphans play baseball? Because they don’t know where home is. :( And why do orphans play tennis? Because it’s the only time they get love. OH!

Show Re-Cap for Monday 5/6/2013


Best homeless titties in hobo land?

It’s Dingo Monday, but first, whose still shitting their pants after yesterday being Stinko de Mayo? And no, that pun has nothing to do with Hellmann’s mayonnaise, George Lopez, or the Titanic. Anyway, the most valuable thing that Ellis came away with this weekend is you’re only as good as the company you keep. The Ellis children reminded him to call his brother, Lethal Lee, who he hasn’t talked to in awhile. Apparently, the only thing Lee regrets is giving up his moto career after he had gotten hurt, he feels like he’s already peeked in his life and his brother hasn’t. But he goes to work and comes home to hang out with his children, making him a super dad. Ellis went to go riding moto on Sunday with Katie and the kids, found out that Katie’s bike had been left on, leaving the battery completely dead. Then he and Katie had a lover’s quarrel, got to the track and there’s an event going on, it’s packed as shit, and it costs $100 per person to get on the track. Tiger’s bike wouldn’t start, took it to the store and they couldn’t get it started either, and there’s how you kill about 4 hours of your day without even riding moto at all. Dingo’s Sunday was much better, drinking lots of beer and tequila and spraying champagne all over the place. i_like_what_i_seeRawdog had a date on Friday, they went to see 2001: A Space Odyssey, which got his panties dripping wet. No blow jobs, no fingering, no nothing. He thought the date went well, called her the next day to ask her out again, got her machine and never heard back. So he called that chick from Friday’s show to go out, she took him to a gay bar with dude’s in their underwear dancing in a conga line. And then he got a blowjob, came, titty fucked her and blew another load! Later in the show, during “DP talk”, she said she’d show Rawdog what DP was! Then today, bitch that never called him back, called to apologize for not calling back and to say that she had a great time & wants to go out again. Are we seeing a new Rawdog? Will it last? Time will tell. While on the topic on blowing loads and titty fucking, Rawdog’s Nana and Papa just recently celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary, so that’s pretty legit!


Mr. Balls loves the children!

Hey kids, an antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhea may be the new AIDs! Basically, you could go into septic shock and could kill you within days. It started in Japan (surprise) and has now spread to Hawaii, California, and Sweden, so be on the lookout for that coming to a whore near you soon! Brazil is fighting testicular cancer with a new mascot, his name is Mr. Balls! Speaking of balls, Dingo was trimming over the weekend and clipped his balls right on the zipper and it was dangling a little bit and he cut it off with a pair of scissors! This spawned a conversation about trimming versus going completely bald in the ball area, sounds like Dingo is still going bald while the majority of the world is trimming. This conversation then morphed into how gay-friendly and/or how gay each person on the show is, Dingo’s about 10%, Ellis is about 30%, and Tully might be reaching for the stars as he’s cried while talking about Morrissey to his wife. PETA is mad (what else is new?) that Governor Chris Christie squashed a spider in front of school kids. Which begs the question, how do you feel about zoos? Which begs another question, is it gay to have two dicks in one hole? Maybe, I mean, the balls are typically touching at some point. Here’s where we get another bombshell dropped on us, Rawdog says at some point, the two dudes’ butts are touching, proving that he knows that “DP” stands for “double penetration”, but doesn’t know that it means one in the pink, and one in the stink. To explain and show DP to Rawdog, Dom came into the studio to play the female, while Dingo was in his pussy and Rawdog was in his ass. So, let’s review, what did we learn? That Ellis has a DP buddy! Will we ever get to know his name? Has he been on the show? Maybe this will be something to be autographed in the upcoming book that someone can win? Once again, only time will tell.


I recommend that you don’t. You could get in big trouble!


Yea, she hasn’t done coke much. Naw, not much at all.

Could this Western Australian rugby player, Nick Cummins (aka  “The Walloby Winger” aka “The Honey Badger”) be the most Australian person ever? Survey says, YES! Ellis Jeopardy was up next and last time Rawdog won, let’s find out who brought their “A” game for today’s game. Turns out, I don’t know who won. What I do know is that Dingo’s cheese has slid off his cracker, I don’t even know where he pulls his responses from. He managed to get at least 1 question correct, which is typically a big deal for him. It was fantastic! Moto news, Ryan Villopoto won his shit this past weekend, Ryan Dungey came in 2nd for the weekend and 3rd overall, and Davi Millsaps came in 3rd for the weekend but I’m not sure of his overall standings. But you know who does know? The Internet, so go look that shit up if you really wanna know. Hollywood news, and once again, stupid people love to gossip about Lindsay Lohan. This time she says she’s only done cocaine less than a handful of times, which does not explain her looking worse than her mother or the fucking crypt keeper. Anyway, who cares, she’s a fucking has been and I don’t understand how anyone has any kind of interest in her. This led us into 45 minutes of NBA talk with Tully by himself! Ellis had to split to go pitch TV shows and Rawdog knows nothing of the NBA so he hit the bricks as well. While I’m not a huge NBA fan, it was great to hear none the less. If you’ve ever had a chance to catch Tully on Hair Nation, you’d know he definitely has the ability to do good radio by himself. The big difference this time? He gets to take calls from the fans to discuss topics such as: Is everyone watching the playoffs for no reason because the Heat will win? Even though everyone on the Bulls is getting a spinal tap, they could probably still beat the Heat, nobody is sure how to pronounce Tom Thibodeau – not even him – because he’s a mentally challenged person, Blake Griffin is kind of a piece of shit cry-baby whose only interested in getting his dunks on YouTube and Reggie Evans has his number, the Clippers are a big piece of shit and the Lakers will be too. And if you missed any of that, well tough shit – and you missed probably most of the smartest final callers (minus the tree hockey moron) you’ve ever heard at that hour. Also, I’m definitely not reviewing all that from the last 40-45 minutes of Tully’s NBA talk. There was so much information and minutia that I could fill an entire post just on those 40 some-odd minutes. But once again, Tully proves he can carry his own weight – even with no one in the studio with him, to fill a radio show. I hope this was just one of many times we get Tully hour and hopefully it helps to prove that an Ellis Channel could potentially work. And work well. You know who else works and works well? You sister. She learned it all from your mother and from what I know and have heard, she’s got them whore skills. Remember that time your sister had to take a shower with you and her butt accidentally hit your wiener and you two experimented with each other? Yea, that makes both of you fucking deranged sickos. OH!