Show Re-Cap for Friday 10/24/14

Today is the final day in NY for The Jason Ellis Show so what better way to kick off the show than having Jenny McCarthy join them in the fishbowl. It was a short interview where they covered a wide range of topics including sex, therapy, guru, her book, her radio show on Stars 109 Monday through Friday at 10am, Jenny’s dad, government whore houses, Viagra, and saggy balls. I mean honestly, what more is there that’s worth talking about?  Continue reading

Show Re-cap for Tuesday 10/14/14

Welcome to your Tuesday recap ladies and gents tempopermanentlyish hosted by the one and only me, jenny, whom you have all come to sorta know and sort of love. Cue the music cause boom, time to talk about what went down on the show today!!!!

Getting right to it- Ellis is thinking that he wants to get some samurai’s tattooed on the backs if his legs because Sa Continue reading

Show Re-cap for Tuesday 9/30/2014

You know, I was writing the post title for this recap and I wrote and erased Thursday three times before my fingers and brain could agree that no, Jenny, it is not Thursday, it is Tuesday. And oh, what a Tuesday…but…enough about my life (for now) and on to what I haven’t had the opportunity to do in wayyyyyyyy too long which is to listen to the oh so wonderful Jason Ellis Show and write a recap for you fine folks. And you know, I won’t be exclusive…this recap isn’t just for all the fine folks out there, it’s for the assholes too. Enjoy it, assholes, you’ll get yours in the end :D The sweetest dude ever, Jason Ellis opened up the show today letting us all know that after taking a successful cocktail of what I will assume were prescribed drugs by a doctor, he was able to get a good night’s sleep and man, what a difference that makes in a man’s life. He imbibed a trifecta of liquid melatonin, gabapentin, and trazadone and that shit packed a punch way harder than good old Gabe Rudiger and actually managed to knock Ellis out. He’s feeling a bit better and thinks that it’s a great day to be in the studio and to be the man that he is and hey, by the way, Ladies (and possibly gentleman) he is single. But not really. But open. Or not. He may be closed. He’s not gonna advertise. Except for that whole thing where he just announced it on international Satellite radio, but SiriusXM is all kind of small potatoes…right? No, no, don’t get it all twisted, He and Katie are still going strong (I mean, seriously, have you seen Katie?) but she is away for the week and instructed Ellis to have fun and she really meant it. She gave him a full on Hall Pass to have fun while she was away and Ellis is feeling kind of old and all ‘whatever’ about it. Tully himself doesn’t know what he would do if he were ever granted a Hall Pass from his dear wifey, and Ellis told Tully that he should call him so Ellis would be able to talk him out of it because it is not a good idea because there is no way that Wifey is actually okay with it. Unless we’re talking about alternate reality Tully and Wifey, in which case, Ellis advises him that it’s something that has to be done with the right kind of chick because it needs to be known that this is a One Time Just For Fun I Don’t Love You kind of sex, not a Let’s Do This Once and Then Keep Doing It and Not Tell Anyone kind of thing. All Tully really knows is that when his chick goes away, things get weird…but Ellis doesn’t think he’s going to get weird, and it doesn’t really seem like he’s going to look for things to get all sexy either, but if it falls in his lap he sure won’t be saying no.

Ellis then goes a bit off Hall Pass talk because he is not a man to say no to a tangent and he begins talking about how he isn’t on Drew On Call tonight because it was revealed to him that ‘they’ didn’t think that the subject matter would be good for him to talk about. Ellis wonders what’s up with that and what they may be discussing on the show that he wouldn’t be able to talk about because he’s awesome and has something to say about everything and he is by far the most famous and wonderful and awesome person who is on Drew on Call except for, of course, Drew himself. But whatever, that just leaves him with a free afternoon and since people on Official Jason Ellis has been requesting that he goes on the site live more often he has contemplated just going live from inside the studio after he gets a sammich from downstairs. And, yeah, that’s just what he’s going to do. Today at four thirty (which in internet recap land translates to- earlier today at 4:30) Ellis is going to be live of Boom. Go. Or went. Or whatever. And for all of you out there who don’t know, 4:30 PM Pacific is 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time and all of you guys in the middle who aren’t in either of those time zones, just figure it out on your own. You’re not important enough for Ellis or Tully to run down the list, you’re not on the coast. But not really, you’re important, and probably very used to having to figure out the time difference as you listen to the show in the first place and because everything is advertised in terms of the coasts. Which is weird, because if the US were a sandwich the coasts would be the bread and the Mountain and Central Time zones would be the meat and the cheese and those are the things that everyone is into the sandwich for. Only weirdos are all excited about the bread (or so Hubbs tells me when he watches me make a sandwich for myself because he will never understand my love for carbs). Anyway….Chicago is in the middle and Chicago is pretty cool so, shout out to you Chicago for not sucking terribly!!!!

Tully brings up that later in the show there’s a guest on the roster and it’s someone who, upon reading his history, Tully feels shares a lot of similarities with Ellis in terms of how they got into the whole skateboarding thing. Oh, did I mention that the guest is a skateboarder? Well, he’s a skateboarder, and I mean that in every sense of the word- including tense- because even though he and Ellis were skating at the same time, Geoff Rowley is still a professional skateboarder in today’s world. Not ‘just’ a radio host of the best show on radio like Big Daddy J. Speaking of skateboarders and radio, right after TJES today there is going to be a super big special and exciting Demolition Radio with Tony Hawk because it is the Ten Year Anniversary of Demolition Radio, and in case you didn’t know, that is kind of a big deal. Ellis is even going to be on it so hopefully you listened because you don’t suck and got to celebrate yet another milestone in Tony Hawk’s Illustrious career. Yay Birdman. Ellis shared a little preview of what was going to be in store on the show from his own perspective because he talked about how, while taping, Tony said to him that he always knew that he was going to do big things in the Radio World, but he can’t believe that Ellis quit skateboarding. Ellis looks at it from the point of view where he wanted to be the best in the world at Radio, and the only way to be the best in the world at something is to devote absolutely every part of yourself to that thing, which, for Ellis, meant bye bye pro skateboarding, hello SiriusXM please let me talk a lot. It apparently was apparent to Will, Tony, and Tully from the get-go that Ellis was born with the gift of gab and basically from the first time that he opened his mouth behind a mic they were all pulling for him to get his own show and to be able to talk more and some of the issue with making that happen, at first, was that the bigwigs in New York were scared to take Ellis off of Tony’s show and give him his own show because The Birdman is a scary motherfucker who may kill people and eat babies in his downtime. After Ellis was given his own show (when Will asked tony if it was okay) Will made the pull for Ellis to be given more time on air for talking after a comment from Tully about how he just couldn’t understand why Ellis wasn’t allowed to talk more and play less music (a comment which Tully absolutely does not remember ever making). So, it really was a group effort that got Ellis his own show and helped evolve his show into the glorious thing that it is today. Yay Team.

Oh, hey, by the way, all you hundreds of millions of thousands of tens of people who are reading this…know what’s coming up? Buncha shit. That’s what. First of all, on October 17th, The Jason Ellis Show will be broadcasting from the Hard Rock in Vegas and you are all invited because it’s free. Stop on down to the one and only Hard Rock in Vegas and check out the show, and while you’re around, check out the after party that will be going down (presumably after) at Body English where you can also check out the debut performance of Horse Force cause FUCK YEAH!!!! Ellis says that he will be around and he will be available so come and check it out because it’s Vegas and Horse Force and possibly some Moto on Saturday. And that following Monday, October 25th, Ellis and Tully will be waking up in New York City because they are the Radio Show that Never Sleeps going to the City That Never Sleeps because, synergy man, SYNERGIZE. All week long, Monday through Friday, Ellis says that he is available. All he has to do is the radio show and Katie (he will be washing his hands in between) and if you want to meet up for coffee or lunch or whatever in The City during that week, hit him up on twitter or instagram or whatever and he will be there. I am already checking my schedule to see which day I have off of work during that week so I can tell Hubbs to take off and we can hang with The Man. Wooo!!! And not only that, east coasters, let Ellis know through the same social media means mentioned in the previous sentence and Friday he will get your passes to go to the SiriusXM building in NYC where Horse Force will be playing in the Fishbowl during the show. And hey, if you have the time I would recommend it because the SiriusXM building in NYC is pretty sweet, and Ellis even says that you never know, you may run into Real Celebrities like Martha Stewart or Howard Stern or Opie…or Jim Norton (who is arguably more famous that Opie). And then Saturday…well, well, well, Saturday, there is to be cricket and Ellismania Mini/Ellismania 9.5 or whatever because Ellis is bringing a little bit of Ellismania to the East Coast since we’ve all been bitching about it. Boom. Fucking show up. Party. Enjoy. Aside from Ellis and Tully, Will, HotDog, Dingo, and a bunch of other cool famous people will be there. I’ll be there with Hubbs. It’s gonna be a party!!!!! Buy your fucking tickets now!!!!

And then, right about at this point in the show I got a call from my Mother in Law that My Father in Law was having a medical emergency and she wanted me to go with her to the hospital because she was bugging out and I didn’t get home until 8 o’clock and even though I paused the show I still missed a part in between here and the next part that I listened to so there is a small chunk of time missing, but, shit happens, fuck you, I’m hot, and #sorrynotsorry I have to be there for my family. Also…as I gotta be there for my Ellisfam :winks for days: the recap continues…

Amanda Bynes has been arrested again for being crazy and driving under the influence and it’s sad. I mean…it’s just sad. As soon as she gets released from conservatorship from her parents she’s back to doing crazy shit, and it seems it was a little too much to hope that she would keep her shit together and get back to being successful. In other crazy news, a flight to Israel was recently delayed because a whole buncha Jewish guys from a particularly strict Jewish Sect called the Haredi refused to sit next to female passengers and is was a whole big hullabaloo. And man, did that news piss Ellis off. He was offended on behalf of women because wtf kind of nonsense is it that they were refusing to sit next to women, he was offended on behalf of being an American (albeit transplanted) because if you don’t like it, this is America, leave motherfuckers, and a whole host of other things. He basically took issue with the fact that the rules are the rules, those are the tickets that they had purchased, and maybe they should have looked into this beforehand, seeing as how obviously they are super-into their religion and have to have had to deal with things of this nature before. I mean, women are kind of everywhere. Existence kind of depends on vaginas. Sorry guys. They took a lot of calls, where a lot of people had good points, some people had bad points, and some people were racist and intolerant, but Ellis was fair about the whole thing. He just doesn’t buy into people being able to bend the rules to suit themselves by playing the ‘I’m Religious’ care, because the rules should be the same for everyone all of the time, and Ellis does not buy into anything that breeds hatred or intolerance.

Next up, Geoff Rowley, pro-skateboarder, mountain lion hunter, and knife maker is in the studio and wow are some of those credentials kind of surprising. Geoff’s interview struck me as kind of weird…part of me felt like he was vibing Ellis a bit, but it could just be the fact that he’s English (from Liverpool) and sounds extremely laid back, but at the same time is obviously a very passionate person. Extremely laid back and extremely passionate hits the ear kind of weird sometimes. But, whatever, Geoff is currently working on a skate video for Vans and has already had 4 surgeries as a result of injuries while filming in addition to lacerating his kidney after falling stomach first onto a chain link fence while jumping in between roofs. But he loves it and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. He’s 38 and still going strong in the skating game, and is the kind of street skater that Ellis really likes and respects, because he is just good at skateboarding and would be good at any kind of skateboarding that he would go for. And as much as he is a pro skateboarder he is also really passionate about hunting and that is a big topic of conversation for much of the interview because Geoff also has a company and designs knives and hunting tools and hunts Mountain Lions (for population control purposes). He also keeps a knife next to his bed because he is going to be ready for a home invader, motherfucker, and he doesn’t buy into the fact that Yellowstone was saved by wolves. That’s some bullshit propaganda in his humble opinion. They talk about coming to America to skate, how donuts were available by the dozens and how Cannolis are fucking awesome and how it’s all about making your dreams come true in America. It was an interesting interview…I’m still not quite sure how I felt about it overall, because there was something about Geoff that kinda put me to sleep, but I told Hubbs to check it out at some point because he’s into knives and hunting and guns and I thought he might find it more interesting that I did.

Rounding out the show there were final calls as well as a call from Bert who runs Drew on Call on HLN explaining that he still loved Ellis very very very much (and kept telling Tully to shut up because he called the show to talk to Ellis) but he just didn’t think that Ellis was the right person to talk about Hannah Graham (a college student who was abducted and murdered) and a real estate agent who was abducted and murdered, and that’s cool, whatever, Ellis is available and Ellis is the best. Ellis was also not too pleased about how he looked in his pics with Geoff because he’s still sick and he’s getting older and his face looks like it’s falling off normally and adding being sick on top of it is good for no one. But, at least he’s not a girl, because time is not nice to females for the most part, and no one really cares if a guy’s face is falling off as he gets older, but everyone is super critical of women aging, because people tend to be super critical of women about absolutely motherfucking everything. Oh, and, btw, the CDC has confirmed the first case of Ebola in the United States down in Dallas, Texas, so we may all be fucked, but, then again, probably not. We have way better healthcare and government and water than West Africa does. A bunch of final callers did call in to share their stories of love and how TJES has resulted in marriage and relationships and that made Ellis happy to hear, because to him, we fans are all a part of his family and he’s glad that he’s spreading some happiness in the world.



And folks…that’s all I have for today. Big shoutout to @shit_toboggan!!! Good luck!!!


Show Recap for Friday 9/12/2014

If we had feathers what would we be like? Would we fly like eagles or just realize that nobody can escape from the dreaded curse of male pattern baldness? Also how many people would kill themselves trying to fly off cliffs? Crazy how nature tends to weed out michael-keatonthe stupid. The guys talked a bunch about how Hollywood is turning actors into pussies and that’s why Mickey Roark is all mangled up from plastic surgery and has to box so his face can get beat back into recognition. I wasn’t paying much attention because that’s usually what happens when people start talking about Hollywood and actors. But on to something way more exciting, MMA! Everything was pretty much the standard punch kick wrestle talk except for a little Japanese bruiser named Rin Nakai who is fighting Miesha Tate. A Canadian guy who knows a stripping hypnotist named Hypnotizerca called in and asked if Jason knows him too. I believe he thinks that because all the Canadians know each other and they assume all of us Americans know all the other Americans too. Well Canada you’re wrong, there are way more of us and we don’t all have to huddle underground together for half the year. After such a good belly laugh at the expense of others they talked a originallittle about that wife beating cock knocker that is plastered all over ESPN. But more importantly than that, science has developed dude birth control! Now you never have to worry about dropping internal loads in that crazy bitches carnival and having her ass lie about being on the pill when she isn’t and then you getting stuck with a baby because she refuses to sit on the business end of a hanger. Score one for the guys!

Horse Force tickets are on sale now for their debut performance, Saturday October 25th at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City!
photo (1)The Palin family is back in the news but not for being incredible retarded or for fucking moose. This time they were in a Palin family brawl at a friends birthday party because on of the patrons was telling one sister how he’s like to put his hockey stick into her sisters goal. I think she got jealous because nobody wants to sink their puck in her net. This was a fantastic into for What’s The Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Done? Here are some of the ones I bothered to write down, a dude broke ankle to cover lie about breaking his ankle, a guy shot himself, another guy on mushrooms wiped his ass so much it started to bleed, Cumtards tried to make a fist print in hot asphalt and got burned like your sister at prom, and another proud member of the man club for men drove His car into a lake while getting road head. At least she didn’t bite.

Shave a shark at Welcome back to a brand new segment that I am officially calling Christians Live Music Moments. Here he has taken live clips from concerts and television performances and isolated the vocals just 0058to show how good or horrible some singers really are. Which are good and which are bad? Hell if I know, you should’ve listened for that kind of detailed reporting but here’s a list of the acts mentioned. Hole, Rush, Nirvana, Kesha, Iron Maiden, Brittany Spears, The Who, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Nikki Minaj, Metallica, and for the finale, ladies and gentlemen, The King, Elvis Presley!

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be the governor and like many governors do they get a portrait of themselves made so everyone can see it in the governor-schwarzenegger-portraitMuseum Of Portraits Of Govenors. The only thing about this though is that his portrait is six feet tall and there’s a smudge on it where there used to be a little picture of his then wife. But because he’s getting random trim on the daily he just colored over it with a sharpie. After this my app crapped out and I missed a bunch. With a bit of investigating I found out that they did some Wolfknife names, the only two I know of are Bitey McRabies and Bloated Sasquatch. We salute you! I bounced back in during the final calls, lucky me, and sat through the last 20 minutes of people not knowing if they were on the show or not. It was exciting but not as exciting as watching yer mum get ready for football season, OH!

Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/2/2014


In case you don’t know, now ya know.

Who loves ya? That’s right, I do! Who puts the lotion in the basket? That’s right, you do! So if you were listening to Faction previous to the show, you might have caught a quick replay of the show, specifically the “Horse Force” bit. Why did they play that just before the show? Because it’s going to be a topic on today’s live show. Everyone still with me? Great. Let’s begin. Why does the voice of the listener on the phone sound so dumb? Because dumb people have free time to push buttons on their phone, so they get through to the show. The couch Grant Cobb made is full of bad spirits, it’s causing havoc on the show. Ellis wanted to watch the hockey game on Sunday, but by the time he did, it was over. Ellis is now like Eminem in 8 Mile, where he flips off the Free World crew and says “Fuck the Free World” – only with Ellis is doing that with Game of Thrones because the last episode killed off some dude he likes. Dingo knows Miami will be winning the NBA championship this year, and if anyone knows, it’s Dingo. So we all know how much Ellis has been trying to get Devin into moto and she just wasn’t having it. He pulled the old switch-a-roo and took her bike to go trade it in on a 4 wheeler for her, which she seems to be loving. BOOM! Moto family achievement unlocked. Not to be outdone, Tully’s wife went to Target and bought some flip flops. BOOM! Flip flop achievement unlocked. Quick Moto News, Villopoto is not racing and could be saving himself to make a run at being the GOAT so he can finally work on getting drunk and fat. Dingo got to see a private screening of 22 Jump Street, he said it was great. He also saw A Million Ways to Die in the West, he said it was good but he walked out. He also said he walked out on 21 Jump Street when he saw it in the theater. So what have we learned from all this? Dingo walks out on at least 2/3rd’s of the movies he goes to see. Tully and his wife once sat right next to Seth MacFarlane while he was out on a date. He said the chick seemed like a gold digging bitch without the package to back her up, she wasn’t that good looking and seemed really annoying. So what have we learned from that? Seth doesn’t appear to be plowing hot Hollywood poon and nobody knows why not.


Yay! Horse Force! YAY!

So what was up with the Horse Force replay before the show today? Because Ellis wants a t-shirt designed for it, and if the show gets really, really big – he thinks they should make a cartoon of it. They talked about who would be what kind of horse, each horses special gift, and any weaponry they might use. This went on for a good hour, kicking around all kinds of ideas for Horse Force. I’ll be a god damned monkey’s uncle if Bob McKenzie didn’t call into the show today. You may remember him tweeting Ellis during Friday’s show, saying he was listening in his tunnel up in Canadaland. Who the fuck is this Bob fellow, you ask? He’s a longtime Canadian hockey commentator. It’s pretty funny to think that he listens to the show and even funnier to think about him becoming a Wolfknives member. Wilson punched Ellis in the face today! Not like just decked him at work or anything, he went to the gym with Ellis to start getting ready for EMX. He wore shorts and took his shoes off and everything. A woman in Virginia was arrested for running an illegal strip club out of her house. Police found out when someone called the police to complain about the price of drinks, a whole $2 each. Tim Kennedy stopped into the studio, he’s a professional MMA fighter and special forces operator. He had two fights against Mayhem Miller, winning one and losing one, he called the fights fun and it sounds like he wouldn’t be against another one for final supremacy. He participated in halftime push ups, he called out Tully for doing halfies, and then he did 1 extra because he can. According to Tim, Bisping has an English midget in his entourage who was constantly trash talking him. He was an entertaining guest and clearly still has his wits about him. He also mentions Chael Sonnen has great hair, with Kenny Florian coming in second, and he is not turned on in the least by female fighters.


This may or may not be why Trevor is an alleged murderer. He learned it from mom.

Hey. Some lady had her baby on the train of her wedding dress. I’m not sure how that’s news, but if you’re inclined to do so, you can find the story on the lines. Ellis says if he ever gets married again, he wants it to be on a pirate ship with just his wedding party. He wants to stand up & steer and drink and talk and stuff. Am I the only one who feels like Ellis has been bringing up marriage a lot more since his heart stuff? Anyway, the show has two new interns now, Trevor and Nate. Both are 21 I believe, both are virgins, and one of them has a beard – I’m not sure which one, I think it might be Nate. Also, one of them (Trevor) kind of sounds a lot like the previous intern, Hardcore. One of them, I assume the one that sounds like Hardcore, isn’t that big of a fan of the show, or so it seems. Trevor doesn’t say much and answered every question with one word answers, it was weird. Nate wants to be a radio host, but only if he’s good at it and people like him. Neither one of them are into dating, Nate likes his free time and not having to be answering to no bitch. Nate has also gotten high before, he likes bowling, eating, and plans on getting high again in the future. Trevor likes to go off-roading, in his Jeep Cherokee. He really seems untrustworthy, like the kind of intern that’d poison your coffee. He hangs out by himself and plays Splinter Cell. Their first test to see who is the better intern, Ellis sent them off to get syringes. First one back was Nate, Trevor was just not as resourceful and chose to follow Nate, ensuring his loss. And there you have it, Monday’s recap all gift wrapped, with ribbons and a bow, because gosh darn it, you deserve it. Now go enjoy your evening of food, masturbation, and eating the food you’ve fucked. Baby, you’s nasty.