Show Re-cap for Tuesday 10/14/14

Welcome to your Tuesday recap ladies and gents tempopermanentlyish hosted by the one and only me, jenny, whom you have all come to sorta know and sort of love. Cue the music cause boom, time to talk about what went down on the show today!!!!

Getting right to it- Ellis is thinking that he wants to get some samurai’s tattooed on the backs if his legs because Samurai’s are the be all, end all of super awesome killing ninja machines. Or maybe it’s ninjas. Or maybe MMA fighters are the biggest and baddest killing machines. Whatever, he’s gonna get some samurai tattooed on the backs of his legs- I’m assuming in the calf area- because why wouldn’t Japanese Samurai go with his new Viking buttcheek?

Jude made his weekly Tuesday appearance today and the whole of listenerdom rejoiced because I’m going to go ahead and project my own Jude crush on to all you motherfuckers as well. I’m writing this, so you all, by proxy, are also minimally in love with Jude. How’s Jude? Jude is good and fucking exhausted  because he is the only one doing anything to promote his book and that shit takes a lot of time and effort. But, you know what’s good? He’s been using his dick lately, not so much that it’s sore, but it has been out to play and some of that may even be due to all that grinding he’s doing for his book. So, alls well that ends well. Even more exciting is that this Thursday on the one and only Faction with Jason Ellis we will be treated to an hourlong test run show featuring Dingo and Jude. Booms for days! Hopefully. Apparently Jude and Dingo haven’t talked too much about what they’re going to be doing come Thursday, but each is confident that they will do a good job playing back up to the other one and…wait…that may be a problem. Maybe there should be a conversation or two between today and Thursday to forumulate some sort of game plan. Ellis invited Jude to come to Vegas and be on the show on Friday from the Hard Rock, but Jude had to decline citing a need of more than three days notice because he’s doing an interview on Friday because motherfucker wants to be in GQ. But there is a possibility that Jude will be headed to NY for Tour de Horse which is super exciting and he is totally down for cricket if he should be able to make it to NY at all!!! PS I am super excited for the Horse Force extravaganza coming next weekend, and Tully and Ellis are also really excited, especially since they had band practice last night and it was awesome.

It was so awesome that Tully and Ellis were still pumped on it after coming back from the first break and they went over how they are, indeed, masters of the universe and it will be a masterful Tour de Horse. Or something to that effect. And then it was time for HotDog to host a segment and man, he should prolly work on getting a little better at radio. I don’t think he did horribly, and I don’t know if it’s because I kind of love HotDog, but I think his real problem is confidence. He comes off sounding a little unsure of the words that are coming out of his mouth, which makes his whole vibe way less energetic than it has to be to get the listeners really involved and…he needs to recognize his own awesome and be confident and fuck some chicks so he knows what happy and exciting really is. HotDog hosted a segment of ‘what dumb shit did you do that should have killed you?’ and Ellisfam once again proved that we are both complete idiots and the luckiest people on earth. I mean, people were calling in talking about falling from large heights with chainsaws in their hands and getting lost in the ocean on wave runners and and almost dying from hypothermia and…ugh…be more careful out there you morons!!!

Doug Benson was on the show today and man…I don’t know if it’s because I don’t smoke weed, but I really just don’t get what’s supposed to be so great about him. For the first part of his appearance on the show he was kinda grumpy and hating on Kevin Smith’s movie Tusk, which Ellis loved, but then Ellis hooked him up with a weed vape pen thing and he proceeded to spend the next hour getting so high that eventually the show came to a complete halt where they were talking about how little they were talking and about how ick they were not talking about anything and…I asked Hubbs about it and, even if he’s the only other one that agrees with me, at least he agrees with me. One part that I did enjoy is was when Tully asked some questions from Yahoo Answers because I laughed at the questions and was surprised that Tully didn’t know the reason behind why a person should not inject themself with Wolf Blood. Another great question came from a girl who was wondering if she had accidentally turned her boyfriend into a vampire by feeding him her period blood without his knowledge. Are these peopl real? Is there physical pain associated with being so fucking stupid? Or is it just painful for the people subjected to the stupidity?

Rounding out out the show Tully and Ellis talked more about how awesome Tour de Force is going to be and announcing that like the last Ellismania they are looking for fans who want to sing on stage with them, so if you’re interested hit up the tweets or the ig and volunteer yourself pronto!!!!!!



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