Show Re-Cap for Friday 10/24/14

Today is the final day in NY for The Jason Ellis Show so what better way to kick off the show than having Jenny McCarthy join them in the fishbowl. It was a short interview where they covered a wide range of topics including sex, therapy, guru, her book, her radio show on Stars 109 Monday through Friday at 10am, Jenny’s dad, government whore houses, Viagra, and saggy balls. I mean honestly, what more is there that’s worth talking about? FullSizeRender

Ellis decided that he’s not going to get legally married to Katie but he might have a non marraige ceremony with fire and Vikings and horse wheelies. I’m sure he’s going to invite all of us. While in New York Ellis saw a group Muslim’s praying on the streets. Tully saw the guy from Talking Heads, or it was just a homeless guy in overalls, he’s not sure. Will is crying, or on smack, or crying while on smack. New York is a rough town for Will “I’m not FullSizeRender (2) crying it’s just the reflection off my shins” Pendarvis. But despite Wills crippling drug habit he was able to host everyone’s favorite game, Fill In The Blank News. Some of the headlines were, The Queen of England douched, a guy made a million dollar diarrhea suit, a kid gets to bring his hooker girlfriend to school, honey booboo’s mom is molesting a child molester, and Kuato Lives!

After the break Tully told us about the “Daddy poops himself” story he saw in the news. It’s pretty much about an ex wife that is trying to defame her husband so her greedy ass can get more money. All he did was get so incredible wasted that he shit himself FullSizeRender (1)numerous times and allegedly would only giver her the D if they were all messed up on drugs, probably because she was a dead fish in bead and that was the only way he could manage to blow a load on her boring ass. After we heard about this rockstar of a man a bunch of other rockstars joined the show, the winners of the Watch Horse Force In The Fishbowl Contest thingy. I forget who all was there but I’m sure it’ll be on Mondays replay.

Drunk, head but can, mulch, elway.” That is what I wrote in my notes and there’s no way that the actual story is funnier than that so fuck it, I’m moving on. Some dude called in for ideas on fucked up ways to propose and who could turn down that opportunity. Here’s some of the suggestions, take a big turd and put the ring on it then make her look, put it on the barrel of a gun and point it at her, or give it to her with a prenuptial through the middle. Will explained the rules of Cricket. I’d explain it to you but I’m just as confused as you are.

FullSizeRender (3)

After the live performance the show was kinda on auto pilot with general banter. They thought about bringing the giant tranny from the hallway in, why Lisa G is afraid of cricket, Cullen will be playing The Mediocre of The Jason Ellis Show next week, why the calles can’t have their own shows (because the callers suck), and zombie dad on YouTube trying to eat everyone, everyone except yer mum that is, nobody alive or dead wants to put their mouth on that syphilis sewer, OH!

FullSizeRender (4)

shout out to @phillybob for the pics, next time I should ask first, my bad.

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