Justin BUA: It’s Okay To Hate Your Ex Along With Her Astrological Sign

jb-logoYou’re used to NYA having Q & A sessions with people from The Jason Ellis Show, but you aren’t used to bad motherfuckin’ guests on the show who are on the United States Stamp committee. So far, he has also had two 1-hour “The BUA Shows” on Faction with Jason Ellis where he lands unbelievable guests and interviews in a similar style to Ellis and/or Jude. He was cool enough to let us shitheads ask him some questions, even though we have absolutely no business asking him jack shit. That just goes to show you how nice this dude can be. Now read on as we do our best to pretend to know what the hell we’re doing. 

You used to be a graffer, do you still rattle the cannons from time to time?
Nah, I was never really a great Graff writer, but I love it and I’m a super fan of graffers. I love to use Acrylics, Oils, Pen and Ink and Airbrush, but my days of bombing walls are few and far between… that being said there are some sick ass nasty kids burning walls and killin’ it so I just watch and do my bombing in my studio on my canvases!!!

Brits are usually annoying. Do you think you could kick Banksy’s ass?
I know I will fuck him up. I use to fight as a kid and I do Jiu Jitsu every week so it would really surprise me if he could beat my ass… with my luck Banksy will probably be a 215 pound gorilla lookin’ motherfucka with cauliflower ears and Bas Rutten kicks… that would suck to get your ass kicked by Banksy.

You have a picture with Anthony Kiedis. When B-Real goes to Lakers games, Flea will acknowledge him but Anthony pretends he doesn’t exist. What’s your opinion on why that might be?
First off Flea is my boy. Our kids go to school together and he is the salt of the earth… good dude. Kiedis I don’t know too well but he’s always with some next level lookin’ super model so he’s probably just focused on the women and the pussy and not any OG rappers. He’s Anthony motherfuckin’ Kiedis… dudes a legend. Anthony might be a douche or the nicest guy in the world I have no idea but he is the lead singer of one of my favorite groups of our era period, point blank, end of story!!!


Grimy BUA.

New York or LA, where does your heart reside?
Ah man my heart will always be in NYC, but I love LA and I could never live in NYC anymore unless I had that Howard Stern money… until then LA is the best place in the world.

Why do you hate Tully so much?
HAHA Tully is smart. I don’t want to like him because he’s so straight compared to Ellis, but the reality is, what’s not to like? He’s smart, funny and I really admire how quick his brain works. He’s a great counterpart to Ellis. The dynamic duo!

How do you like having your own 1-hour show so far? Is it something you’re glad you decided to try?
Hell ya, I love it!!! I think I bring a lot to the Ellis channel and I love being part of the family.

Got milk?
(Note to readers: This is a tongue-in-cheek question about your dad saying he was going out to buy milk and never returning)
Yeah man that’s a true story. My dad abandoned me and used the excuse that he had to go to the store and buy a carton of milk. 21 years later when we reconnected I literally asked him if he “Got Milk”?

How would you describe your relationship with your dad at the time of his death?
It was good. Look, my Dad was a shitty Dad. He didn’t have the skill set to be a Father, but I was able to forgive him and accept him for the person he was and look beyond the lack of Father skills… he was a charming, talented, funny guy. Great person… Shit Dad.


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What is your favorite piece of art you’ve created, and why is it your favorite?
I think right now it’s “The Kick”. It represents ME today… Action, freestyle, lose, painterly and brutal. That’s a great painting. I really felt like I channeled Anderson Silva’s energy.

As an aspiring break dancer what kind of tips can you give me?
Only that, if you’re over 30 years old don’t do it.

What is the most money you’ve made from the sale of a single piece of art?
I don’t want to say… 100k

Are you really David Blaine? Has anyone ever said you two kind of look similar?
Yes, I actually got together with a girl back in the days because she thought I was David.

There seems to be some small speculation about this. Are you currently teaching figure drawing at the University of Southern California?
No mas… I do however teach online at www.BUAartschool.com

Have you ever regretted allowing your art to be used for commercial purposes and if so, why?
Hell no… I only do shit that is truthful and real to me. I have however turned down lots of commercial work.


© Copyright Justin Bua

No You Are is having trouble agreeing on this year’s t-shirt design for us writers. How much would it cost us for you to design a simple one for us?
Too much :) ;)

Brittney Palmer. Is she in your spank bank? Feel like naming one other high ranking spank bank candidate in your mental rolodex?
Hmmmmm, she is not, although she might have snuck into a threesome I was having the other day during a session.

Have you and Will Pendarvis ever traded “ex-wife” stories and talked about a potential “Throw Momma from the Train” scenario?
Haha, no but I’m looking forward to that shit.

Want to learn more about BUA? Visit his website JustinBUA.com Read his Wikipedia page. Purchase his books, “The Beat of Urban Art: The Art of Justin BUA” and “The Legends of Hip Hop”. If you’re an aspiring artist, you can Learn How to Draw Online with Justin BUA and don’t forget to listen to “The BUA Show” on Sirius XM On-Demand. Thanks to BUA for being a nice enough guy to entertain us and answer our stupid questions!

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