Show Recap for Friday 8/15/2014

I see you accidentally stumbled upon the Friday recap again, welcome. Today’s show started on a rather sad note, Jay Adams died last night in Mexico from a heart attack. We lmorn the loss of one of skateboarding’s godfathers. On a brighter note, Ellis fought Keith Jardine,  got gassed, got knocked down, and hacked up a couple lung cookies but he had an awesome time. Speaking of some awesome fighting skills, here’s Beiber hittin pads. I’m sure this is just a warm up. Either that or it’s his “time” and doesn’t think his Tampax can hold back the mighty flow erupting from his vagina. As mentioned yesterday Ellis got called out for the Ice Water Bucket Challenge so he decided to have Keith “Hollywood Hitter” Jardine punch him then have the shit poured on him but Keith faked the first punch and Ellis called for a redo and then it was all good. Ellis called out AJ, Rob Corddry, and someone else who isn’t dingo. I can’t remember but tumblr_inline_mqwrpaq1uo1qz4rgphere’s the video so you can figure it out for yourself. Ellis mentioned some dude who mentioned another dude that has hit a woman before and Ellis isn’t cool with dudes that hit women. Neither is NYA so if any of you other dudes that read this think it’s okay to slap your bitch up once in a while or show her whose boss or put that bitch back in her place with a shoe across the grill is mistaken. But if she stabs you with a knife I say go for it, otherwise just enjoy your sammich.

No matter how healthy or unhealthy your diet is, it’s mostly wood. Yummy. Christian came in studio with samples of terrible hip hop from celebrities who should never do hip hop. They were all terrible so if you want heres the list and you can go find them your self on the interwebz. I’m A Celebrity by Spencer Pratt, I Love You by Tila Tequila, Poppa Zow by K Fed, The Situation by The Situation, You Send Me by Brian Austin Green, Rappin Rodney by Rodney Dangerfield, City Of Crimes by Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd, Freak Of The Week by Ron Jeremy?, Wise Guy by Joe Pesci, ? by LeBron James, Kobe by Kobe Bryant, I Know I Got Skills by Shaquille O’Neil, Right Now by John Sena, Beach Patrol by The Hulk and Hulkamania, and ??? by Floyd Mayweather.

Randy Couture came in studio and I missed the first bit and came in when Randy was talkin about some lady getting up in his face about something. I soon figured out that he was talking about Gym Rescue so I’m pretty sure I really didn’t miss much. Not only is Randy on Gym Rescue but he also got to bump knuckles with Stallone and talk fighting while filming the Expendables movies. Then they talked about people Randy punched, Machine_gun_catpeople Ellis punched, people that other people have punched. Then they talked about acting, actors, and acts that other actors have done. It was a fantastic interview with the Academy Award winning Oscar nominee, Randy Courture but unfortunately it was far too much to include here so you’ll just have to listen to the interview on the replay like all the rest of the common folk.

A 7 year old boy was bitten by a 5 foot Bull Shark in Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. I know you’re saying that the lake is brackish (half salt, half fresh) water so how can a shark be there? Here’s some knowledge that I’m droppin on your ass about sharks. Now that you have educated yourself, it’s time for everyone’s favorite game that can hardly be recapped but is hilarious to listen to, The Google Game! The entries were, Can Justin Bieber…, Can Mel Gibson…, Will Angelina Joli…, Is Danzing…, Has Hulk Hogan…, Was Kobe Bryant…, Is Seven Segal…, Is Dennis Rodman…, Does Tara Reid…, and finally Is Cher…

gif_punch-self-in-faceAfter the break Keith Jardine from Ice Bucket Challenge fame sat in with Tully and Ellis. They talked about the UFC and the upcoming fights and punching people in de face and getting punched in de face and everything else about punching and getting punched and then the show was over. It was exciting like watching yer mum try to figure out which fat roll the Cheeto fell into before the dog finds it, OH!

Show Re-cap For Tuesday 12/4/2012

We’re just here for the strippers and midgets, bro!

Yo dude bro-bro dudes-bro! It’s Tuesbro, so let’s see what the bro’s have for us on today’s bro-show, you know, bro? I missed the first 20 bro-down minutes or so of the show, so I’m not sure what the topic was, but I came in right when Mayhem volunteered his mother to fight Rawdog. A blind man also called and offered to fight him as well. Not everyone can agree upon what is the cutest puppy, but one thing is for sure, Rawdog just might be the cutest puppy of them all. Deaf people definitely have deaf pride, all trying to rub their deafness in everyone’s faces, telling you they can feel sound vibrations and shit. But who would win in a war with deaf people versus blind people? What about midgets? Why aren’t midgets for sale yet? Some things in life just don’t make any sense. Lot’s of stripper talk today, their stripper tactics, their stripper games, and stripper etiquette.  Ellis popped Katie in the face today with some jabs while they were doing some boxing for a workout. She liked it and wanted more, biatch be cray, yo!

Steven Seagal teaches dudes how to wrestle, too!

Hollywood news time, Gary Busey’s bankruptcy case is now closed, but he still owes $450,000 to the IRS. Demi Moore’s banging some new young dude, and guess what? Tully knows him. Katt Williams is back in the news after leading cops on a chase, he stopped at Target and slapped the shit out of an employee. Katt seems to be out his gotdamn mind. Kim Kardashian is still in the middle east, but with what looks like herpes. Nick Lachey got into a fight with a San Diego Chargers fan, he was making fun of some other dudes shirt (tough guy stuff), this dude’s wife told him to eat shit or something, and then Nick-bro flipped out and got kicked out of the game. Frankie Muniz had a mini-stroke at the mini-age of 27, which would suck large-balls, so let’s hope his mini-ass gets back into better health. In the late 1980’s, Brad Pitt was caught with Mike Tyson’s wife, Robin Givens. Red Dragons! Tyson also revealed that he was high on cocaine while filming The Hangover. Randy Couture made a half joke that he would only come out of retirement to fight Steven Seagal, so Seagal said he’d fight him for free at some place where there are no witnesses. Hugh Hefner had some chick leave him at the isle just before their wedding, but now it’s back on. Yay for money!

Fuck your Christmas songs, you need a Slayer tree topper!

New Music Tuesday Christmas edition today, we got hear new hits from such awful acts as Cee-Lo, John Travolta & Olivia Newton John, August Burns Red, Backstreet Boys, Colbie Caillat, Thousand Foot Krutch, Rod Stewart, Tracey Thorn, Flatulenta, Blake Shelton, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and fucking finally Sufjan Stevens as the pick of the week. All of it was absolutely terrible and was hell on Earth for most of us. Breaking news, Sal Masekela is dead, no wait, X-Games are dead, no, that’s not right either, Sal & ESPN broke up, yes, that’s correct. He will no longer be hosting X-Games. I wonder if they’ll remain friends and send each other Christmas cards? This whole Sal & ESPN thing spawned a massive conversation about hosts and people who interview athletes at sporting events. Aussie news, crocodiles are getting their Christmas dinners in early, sounds like they’re eating children left and right, I don’t even think they served yams.

Wanna have lunch with Ellis, Rawdog, and Tully? Tough shit, motherfucker. Just kidding, you can go bid on your chance to win that life altering moment, and when you win, prepare to fingered with mind tongue. In cock news, George Takei said he jacks off to completion in the shower while thinking of Ellis. You might not want to donate your spermies to a lesbian couple unless you have some sort of legal document that states they can’t come back after your ass for some duckettes. What is the difference between your mom and a refrigerator? The refrigerator doesn’t fart when you pull your meat out. OH!

Show Re-cap For Tuesday 8/7/2012

Why do all fat women wear purple? That was the question that started today’s show. I think this is a question that may just plague at least 1/3 of the world’s population, NASA doesn’t even know. As with any Rude Judesday, he came on the show and apparently while Ellis was on vacation, Jude enjoyed getting a bunch of new listeners to his show – so shout out to his Caucasian ass. China could potentially invade the US because the majority of their population are males, and like parties that are sausage fests, a fight always breaks out. That’s why I recommend you all watch Red Dawn as much as possible, that way you know how we’re going to win and drive those reds back to their homeland. WOLVERINES! Sounds like a porn site wants to send TJES some swag, so be on the lookout for a possible Rawdog Fleshlight product line sometime in the future.

We got to hear some audio from Ellis’ interviews with some of the stars from The Expendables 2. The first interview was with Dolph Lundgren where Ellis says he found him to be one of the funniest in the movie, said he looks better than Clint Eastwood, and asks if he thinks his punches and kicks are better than Randy Couture’s. There were more questions but fuck that shit, I ain’t writing this shit down word for word. Next was his interview with Terry Crews and Randy Couture, which started out with Ellis saying Terry is a massive dude and Randy could beat up everyone in The Expendables 2, we didn’t get to hear him ask Terry if he has a massive penis though. We had to wait to hear the KTLA edited version of the interview, which turned out pretty good actually. However, we did get to hear a message on Ellis’ phone from Uncle Mayhem singing a song about how he loves Ellis and such.

The guys played some Olympics history trivia today, with all answers being either true or false. For instance, ancient Olympiads were required to be nude in their competitions – because you know, oiled up men wrestling is totally no homo. If you believe Rawdog’s trivia questions, ancient competitors would chew on animal testicles before competition, as an early form of steroids, which let’s be honest – sounds fucking hardcore. Tug of war was once an Olympic sport, which is totally acceptable considering badminton is currently a sport, and I think we all can agree that tug of war should come back. In the end, Jason ended up being the winner in today’s Olympic history trivia – which is pretty fucking amazing in itself, but there ya go. His prize? He get’s to give Shit Taco another new name, who shall now be known as Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis also claims to be a comedian, so he got a chance to tell a joke (it sucked) and plug an upcoming show he’ll be a part of.

Today was NMT, 3 weeks worth of it as a matter of fact. Turns out, it wasn’t as horrible as most, but still – I’m not writing much about it. I will say this though, there was talk of Syndrome of a Down and Downzig being something worth checking into. A caller had a real problem with that particular topic and called out the guys, especially Tully. Once the guys explained everything, the caller calmed down and saw that it’s not meant to be malicious and things moved forward. Considering many of the callers to the show, it was super surprising to hear him be intelligent about it – so shout out to that dude – good call. New segment today, “You’re dead to me”, where people that suck get put on notice, which I think for now is only Josh Koscheck. I imagine in just a few short days, there’s another person that will be on that list. Not just because they suck, but because you can’t be a mega-whore for your entire life without some kind of consequences – so make sure you say goodbye to your mother because soon, she’ll be dead to you as well. OH! (shit, that was dark)