Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 4/29/2015

You came to the right place for news you didn’t know you needed to know. Details will be excluded from this recap to protect the innocent.  Let’s get to it.

The famous people renting space in Jason’s head have rearranged the furniture and now he’s smashing his toes with every blind step. Joe Rogan, Dr. Drew, Bryan Callen, & Brendan Schaub (probably all misspelled, I don’t care) all know that he will be wearing a drool bucket around his neck. Clearly other action sports guys are still having fun , so what’s the big deal. Weather or not it makes him a bad dad became the topic and the answer is yes. (According to Tully) Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 4/1/2015

You know what day it is & the joke is on you because I’m not a writer. I did hear some shit, and now I feel the need to tell you about it. Let’s start with Jason waking up his girlfriend to clean up after his dog. Yes they shit and vomit, but he’s too big time to deal with that. Tully continues to express his for hate puppies. Someone wants to seal his TV appeal with a chin tattoo. That should do the trick. No doubt an artist in the area will donate their time to handle that situation. Continue reading