Show Recap for Wednesday 2/25/2015

Well, against my better judgment it’s time to prove what a literary moron I am by posting a recap for the all powerful NYA.
It’s Wednesday February 24 2015 so, like every day we start with Jason talking about his dick.  He seems tortured by the fact that it tells him what to do and he doesn’t like to be told what to do.  This dilemma seems to also confuse Tully because I didn’t get a translation on the subject.  This leads to Jason’s crush on a chic in a foreign country that has a build like a boy. I think I heard the name Tong Po.
National Geographic is trying to ruin the radio show by giving him a tv show. Because he is plowing through 4 hours a day with so much extra energy left over. WP3 feels he can pull it off without the radio show suffering. I have doubts however.
With Tiger’s birthday approaching it has been revealed that Jason is willing to kick Chad Reed square in the dick while spitting in in the face of loyalty.  Enjoy that orange bike kid.
Backbone called in to the Tony Hawk show to fill him in on EMX
Little Kim smells like snatch.
Kevin is a knife enthusiasts. (who knew)
Confused old folks may have stumbled into EMX hopping to see what MMA is all about.
The Ellis show will be live from staples center Friday for some UFC talk. This news came as a surprise to Jason.
Tully dropped in some news that head transplants could be a thing. After explaining to Jason how this could be a good thing , it was quickly turned into the WGW subject.  Kicking Betsy’s idea to another day. (I don’t know what it was so don’t ask )
Oh yeah,  WGW best head / body combination.  Maybe @bitPimps will list nominee’s .
The  funding project for fartner came up briefly.
A new music segment reared it’s ugly head so I decided to think about something different all together.  But you know how
It goes.  Play song,  shit on song. Repeat,  And so on.
After that hour of shit ended . Birdman’s board of directors reminded him to call and thank Jason for the donation (from Betsy & THC) and then begged to keep his job on the Faction with Jason Ellis channel.
WP3 brought up the news and nobody cared because it doesn’t effect them in the slightest.
Finally we got to the top 10 on the WGW front.
#10. Bindi Irwin / crocodile
#9. The situation / mannequin
#8. Bruce Jenner / Kim K.
#7. Danzig / silver back
#6. Lion / Hetfield
#5. Nick Swartson / diarrhea
#4. Dingo / Dingo
#3. Madonna/ anaconda
#2. Pendarvis /stay puff
#1. Freddie Mercury / Darth Vader.  With Darh Mercury as the champion.  Well done voters.
Then final calls sucked the balls per usual.  That’s it folks now send your complaints to your mom. Maybe she will try to read them while gargling with my balls.

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