Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 3/18/2015

Welcome back to the three of you degenerates that are trying to fill in the gaps of the show you missed.

Today we learned that the scrubber that made wolf scrub has terminated the relationship . Go figure.

They discuss the difficulty of the away poo. Which gives Tully an opportunity to discuss his kids poo. (He’s always waiting for the chance to describe a good poop )

Everyone tried to figure out what the point of snapchat is. As of this time nobody cares.

Tully continues to romance Cumtard or (smurf) his brains out. I feel he will break eventually.

Then Tully tried explaining the hills vs Hollywood and blah blah blah blah blah blah who fucking cares.

Finally we get to hear a super lengthy summary of the movie “Face Off” for an hour.  I probably could have watched the movie in this amount of time.

A surprise visitor dropped in. A “stalker” from Boston got by the tight security in the building and brought the room to a uncomfortable tone. Thanks Ken.

The green room was more entertaining than they were aware of.  This is a new segment where they take turns pushing each other under the bus. I see nothing but good coming out of this. Jason with the I’m the boss pants micro manages the work and decided everyone will do nothing but listen to the show.  All of this is because Ashley Judd is a c-word. (I don’t want to get sued by a c list celebrity) basketball sucks lady.

Someone offered Jason his own grass line , so the chore of naming it is on. Good ideas poured in till Tully started putting people down for talking about weed with enthusiasm.  Buzz killer.

Susan Pinsky was podcasting from EMX with Dr Drew pretending to pay attention to some (nice ladies that think they can see the future) psycho’s I believe is the word.

Tully explains the (smurf) position and let’s all of us down by saying there is no eye contact when he smurfs you down. I know, devastating right?

The producers relived their finest hour when they stood up for a stranger. Kevin and Andrew are men not to be fucked with. Tully may call the authorities once he’s far enough away. Shame on you.

Then final calls sucked.

That’s what I heard, if you don’t agree, go ahead and gargle. I’ll be keeping your moms butt warm with all the morning wood pee.


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