Show Re-Cap for Thursday 3/19/2015

Happy Thursday to all you beautiful people, and hello to the rest of you ugly fucks. Sirius has gifted us today by completely rebuilding their app with a completely new design. So far most people don’t like it, I’m one of them but I’m figuring to out but we will all have to give it time to see if it works better or if it’s just a bit of lipstick on a pigs butthole. Ellis pretty much started of with saying how he doesn’t have TV anymore and misses it because he couldn’t sleep and that’s when he usually watched but instead he looked at phone and farted around on that. After a little bit he put it down remembering his time in Panama and how it was nice to just sit and think and come up with new ideas. This brought along the phone addiction talk and bla bla bla. I wasn’t listening because I was checking Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and then Instagram again because someone liked one of my pictures. What was I talking about? Who knows, Ellis ran out of gas during rush hour on Wilshere and blocked traffic but nobody said anything or honked because you never yell at the large man with a tattooed head in the middle of the street. They teach you that in drivers Ed. Andrew the Vagiant brought out the NAACP brackets and the guys made their picks based on which mascot would win in a fight.This bit took forever but Michigan State will win the entire NAACP Championship. Go Spartans woo.

Andrew the Vagiant has a notepad of mean things Kevin and will have done. It’s pretty much a bitch book of all the times they hurt his feelings and every page is soaked with a single giant year from his massive dome. After this incredible bitch fest that made event the women feel that they should grow a pair, we learned about the Presbyterian church and that they are now acknowledging gay marriage. I’m pretty sure that’s what they said, I was checking Twitter. Ellis would marry Manny Pacquiao? Again, Facebook, Instagram, you know, important shit.

Hotdog, stupid tits, and Daizha Morgann all joined the crew for this next segment. Daizha is an anal ring toss girl and has a massive octopus tattoo coming out of her culo. Today’s game is Impression Strip and Hotdog and Stupid Tits had to do an impression of someone and if Daizha (or anyone) guesses correctly she will have an article of clothing removed. Some of the spot on undeniably accurate impressions were Mickey Mouse, Peewee Herman, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, Fran Drescher, Macho Man Randy Savage,
and in the end Hotdog got a face full of hot chick snatch pulling panties off with his mouth. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, all the clothing was removed by using their mouth. How does that sound ladies, having Stupid Tits scraggly beard rubbing all over you as he slobbers on you like a dog with a rawhide.

Mr T has a new home renovation show, I Pitty The Tool. Poor Mr T, I remember when he was a bad ass mother fucker who was always kicking ass but always took the time to remind you to love your mamma. Hotdog did a bit of reading from the two dick dudes book as his alley rapist character but with two dicks. It was creepy but oddly arousing, he should contact the dick dude and ask about doing the audio book. Ellis talked about some of his TV show ideas. Can you guess what his ideas were, here’s a hint, racing and fighting and fighting and racing. Did you guess? It’s about fighting AND racing, all in the same show. Who woulda known. Final calls, people are retarded, I don’t know if all these people live in the same house eating paint chips and calling the show but it seems that this is a beacon for some of the biggest morons who barely know how to dial a phone. Also check out Stupid Tits band Lazarus Basket on all addicting social media platforms and if you are in the LA area go check out the band and have Stupid Tits buy you a beer, that’s the least he can do after being mean to yer mum and using only one fist, OH!

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