Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 4/29/2015

You came to the right place for news you didn’t know you needed to know. Details will be excluded from this recap to protect the innocent.  Let’s get to it.

The famous people renting space in Jason’s head have rearranged the furniture and now he’s smashing his toes with every blind step. Joe Rogan, Dr. Drew, Bryan Callen, & Brendan Schaub (probably all misspelled, I don’t care) all know that he will be wearing a drool bucket around his neck. Clearly other action sports guys are still having fun , so what’s the big deal. Weather or not it makes him a bad dad became the topic and the answer is yes. (According to Tully)

There is big news… no live show on Monday May 11 because Jason will fly to New York to interview famous author Ronda Rousey. Jason is a huge book fan and totally won’t get creepy in the presence of his crush. Enjoy the replay on Faction with Jason Ellis.

The fans are so lucky because J brought in his used laundry to give away to the lucky listener. This move keeps the homeless from styling around LA in his old clothes.

B-Real stopped by to cosign this mutha Fucca. I suspect they all got high as fuck,  because the conversation was all over like load in a steam room. Like Olympic sports, like gaming, cock fighting, and more. TJ Lavin has a horrible connection but called to give his opinion. Then it turned to fighting and all rejoiced, because John (bone head) Jones is a felon and has been stripped of the title & suspended indefinitely. Mayweather is a huge POS that enjoyed beating the ladies but cant get a KO. B-Real sat next to a guy that said Michael Jordan won’t pay if he loses a bet. (Don’t bet with MJ)

In Aussie News, Australia is racist and nobody is surprised. Moving on. There was a enormous amount of wanking on about Gymkini. Also they took time to insult the great sport of hockey. For that they will burn in hell for eternity. Just kidding there’s no such place.

We finally get a World’s Greatest Wednesday and it’s the best boxing match up. The nominees poured in and here’s the top ten:

  1. Seagal vs Tyson
  2. Stallone vs Swartsinwaggle
  3. Opie vs Anthony
  4. Clooney vs Keaton (Batman)
  5. David Spade vs Rob Snyder
  6. McCartney vs Star
  7. Keith Richards vs Cunty Love
  8. Sonic guys vs Magnús Ver Magnússon
  9. Precious vs I’m the captain now guy.
  10. Ellis vs LL Cool J

Then final calls sucked.
That’s what I heard. Now you’re all invited to fuck yourself, and have a nice day.

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