Show Re-Cap for Wednesday 4/1/2015

You know what day it is & the joke is on you because I’m not a writer. I did hear some shit, and now I feel the need to tell you about it. Let’s start with Jason waking up his girlfriend to clean up after his dog. Yes they shit and vomit, but he’s too big time to deal with that. Tully continues to express his for hate puppies. Someone wants to seal his TV appeal with a chin tattoo. That should do the trick. No doubt an artist in the area will donate their time to handle that situation.

sunday-bloody-sundayBloody snatch news came up because instagram don’t want to share your hot fetal juice. Both sides of this argument are represented but not really. The guy that always canceled the show to take antibiotics at the drop of a sniffle, doesn’t believe that hell’s itch is a real thing. Your second degree burns must be fake.

The lovely and talented Rob Corddry stopped by to discuss getting groceries around a 10 bad parenting, stashing the dildo’s and drugs . Rob points out that Jason is common law married and should hide the box of dicks from the kids. The power of Tully is revealed and is a tool that is way under used to influence Jason in the right direction. Some choose to use their power for evil . Let’s face it, that’s the fun route. Rob’s mom will be in Seattle doing bong rips with the locals . For fun. Why not. The boys find out Rob will be on Conan O’Brien’s show with the worst musician from the worst band in the world. This of course leads to hippies who punch bitches.

Droopy news killed.

The fellas put together a country song and talent is not the best thing to have in this. I think Drew Reed (Andrew) is so awful at all things musical that it will and did get run into the ground.

The point of bio hacking was missed.

van-halen-suicide-hotlineVan Halen came up and Tully had a 30 minute rant ready to go.

Hate mother fucking Bean has revealed intentions of a concept album. However it seems like Jason was writing it , so…

Will’s news was tweaked by the Vagiant but went on anyway.

And finally… a news story about one twin consuming the other leads to Tully pointing out your religion, and all the fake things they sold you to get you to buy in don’t actually exist.

Have a nice day. I haven’t read any of this, and I hope you didn’t smell what the Shark was doing while writing it. Poop.

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