Ellis & Krista Ayne (History)

What do we know about Jason’s latest crush Krista Ayne?

Krista’s entrance to show biz starts with Howard Stern (when doesn’t it?) in the late spring/early summer of 2000. She came in for a Playboy evaluation and didn’t fare too well against Ralph. She returned to THSS on March 20, 2006 as the Penthouse Pet of the Month for April and became one of the first few girls to ride the sybian on the show.


Some other facts:

She’s been in music videos for:
Pittsburgh Slim
Jesse McCartney
50 Cent
Lady Gaga
Bon Jovi
Counting Crows
Devin Lima
Dan Baland

She’s been on several TV shows:
Life on Top (Cinemax)
Pants Off Dance Off (Fuse TV)
Bikini Pool Shark (Spike)
Sex & The City (HBO)
The Sopranos (HBO)

And she’s had a couple small movie roles:
Kettle of Fish
Bad Biology
The Lodger
The Bleeding
Rodger’s Number
Elijah Sincere

Her Penthouse stats:
April 2006 Pet of the Month
Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up in 2007

And finally, she’s been linked romantically with:
Jared Leto and Kid Rock

If you’re an OG #Ellisfam, you probably know that she has been on the show several times.

I believe the Ayne/Ellis story dates back to the late fall of 2007. She was interviewed by Ellis in the LA studios. The most memorable thing to happen? Ellis ended up dropping his pants…

The story continues on March 3rd 2008. Jason & Tully came to NYC to do a week of shows and Krista came in on that first Monday for an interview. A meet-up at the bar Manitoba’s, run by Dick Manitoba who was the singer for ‘The Dictators’ and was a Faction regular, was scheduled for that evening. Krista Ayne was invited to join and an interview with her was recorded from the bar (in addition to a bunch of fan audio). It was played back the next day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have audio from these shows. However, on March 5th Jason was on the Scott Ferrall Show (along with Anderson Silva) and they mentioned Krista Ayne.

Download (link to MP3)

I’m not aware of any appearances in 2009, but on February 12, 2010 she stopped in again while J.Ellis was doing a week in NYC.  Jason was in the middle of interviewing Kristin Davis (AKA the “Manhattan Madam”)

Download (link to MP3)

And, finally, her latest trip to the show on this past Thursday.

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Show Re-cap For Friday 9/14/2012

I know why you masturbate, do you?

It’s the 5th and final day of TJES in NYC, that means it’s WGAFF, and that also means that I’m going to stab out your eyeballs with my dick! Just kidding about that last part, sorry. There is no difference between rocks and stones, but rocks are made from stones, and Rawdog don’t know shit about shit – or rocks. Ellis got to make out some more with Krista Ayne, but she ended up getting sleepy and that was as far as it went – allegedly, if you know what I mean. Rawdog went out last night to see his sister and her boyfriend, he flirted a little bit with a chick, who knows how that makes his girlfriend Rosie feel. More discussion about fucking Lycans, werewolves, vampires, and all that shit – it was intense – and by intense, I of course mean who gives a rats ass. Bam Margera woke up yesterday to a 24 year-old woman kissing him, so naturally, he threw the girl off him and called 911 and while he was on the horn with the po-po, she got down on the floor and started masturbating.

Hitler’s softer side.

Kick ass comedian Brian Posehn was on the show today, and it was a great appearance, he’s a funny motherfucker! He talked about his comedy metal band “Posehn” with Scott Ian from Anthrax as well as his ICP performances in front of big, methed out, serial killer looking dudes in clown makeup who hang out on drug bridges. After Ellis did his usual AIDs burp, Posehn asked “Did you just do the AIDs burp? Where did you get that?” It was then revealed that Posehn was the inventor of the AIDs and RAPE burps, he’s been doing it for years and most of his comedian friends had started doing it as well. Next on the show was comedian Amy Schumer, promoting her new TV show that will be on Comedy Central. She talked about her fight on a subway and then Ellis used Rawdog to show her how to choke a bitch out. When Tully mentioned that she has an open ended invitation to fight Rawdog at any EllisMania, Rawdog tried to tough talk Amy by telling her he would beat her because he has more experience, even though she just had him in a choke hold. They traded barbs back and forth until things got a little more personal when Amy called out Rawdog’s nasally voice.

The show was supposed to be simulcast along with Jim Breuer’s show, but it never really worked, though the guys did get to sound like robots for a few seconds. They talked about leaving early today, but suddenly right after the music break, the show went straight into replays from earlier in the week. I blame Will Pendarvis. Oh well, fuck it, it’s Friday and nobody gives a fuck. Hey, I heard your mom started her new job today but promptly got fired. Guess that Indian dating service “Connect the Dots” didn’t realize they couldn’t even charge 1 Rupee for her festering axe gash. OH!

Show Re-cap For Thursday 9/13/2012

Welcome to day four of our New York tour and now we learned that New York is pretty cool, except Time Square. Time Square sucks more than a bag of dicks at a Nickelback concert. Rawdog, being the radio genius that he is, didn’t bring in his Jaw Harp after Jason and Tully learned how to properly play it from internet videos. This action was immediately punished with an armpit punch that could be heard through radios throughout American and Canada. Apparently to have a happy relationship a man should wait about 180 days before having sex with a girl. That’s a long time to wait for a second date. Most men can handle getting a handy or blow job while driving. However if you are the kind of guy who has to close his eyes when blowing his love goo then you should probably stick to public transportation. Somehow the discussion turned to how Rawdog should do coke and what it would be like. It seemed to be a mixture of a really awesome dude to the kind of guy you would like to introduce to the bottom of your boot just so he will shut the fuck up about music that you’ve never heard of.

Shuli Egar came into the studio today for about an hour. Just like his appearances before, this one was fucking awesome. He addressed Private Snowball’s sexual habbits, his girlfriend, the new soda ban in New York, stand up shows, and The Ronnie Mund Block Party. After Shuli, Ryan Villopoto came in to talk moto and more moto, and then some Kawasaki promo that he is doing in New York. It was a rather quick interview and up next was the beautiful Krista Ayne. Ellis went out on a date with her last night to the same party where Cullen mistook Josh for his wife. In Cullens defense, Josh is rather feminine and they were wearing the same evening gown. Ellis got a bit creepy in my opinion when he started to seduce Krista and charm her pants skirt off. He succeeded, and while Krista was in her panties and bra, the accidental genius took one of the greatest creep shots in the history of The Jason Ellis Show! Great job Tussin Wolf, we salute you.

The final guest of the day was the all time favorite, Joanna Angel. She came in a little loose from the free beer and macaroni and cheese that Lance Bass had for his show which made her appearance that much better. Much like Shuli, Joanna laughed at Josh and his love of the snowball and got into the discussion of whether or not he is the dominant partner. After a brief talk, she showed him, by raping him. Not rape rape, just regular rape. Josh fought back her advances as she tried to slap his fun bags and mount him in a slightly aggressive manner. I believe he learned nothing from this and will continue to be the guinea pig of his girlfriends sexual desires. However, he did spit out the greatest line to say to a woman as she tells you that she is cumming, “You can’t fart yet.” You sir are a genius. Final calls time and the only one that I can remember is the dude who said his wife is playing with her vibrators more than she is playing with him. It was decided that it’s no big deal unless she starts neglecting him and using the toys instead. He blamed it on all the stories shes been reading. Speaking of stories, I remember a story I heard where this guy went into a whorehouse and told the mistress he wants to eat out a girl for the first time. She sends him up and he meets yer mum. She whips down her pants and he starts licking her twat. Minutes later he feels something in his mouth and spits out a corn niblet. Thinking this is normal, as he has never done it before continues eating her out. Minutes pass and he finds a piece of carrot in his mouth. Still thinking this is normal he continues. Soon after he finds a piece of meat and stands up. “Excuse me miss, but are you sick?” She looks at him and replies “No, but the last guy was!” OH!

Ellis on Ferrall with Anderson Silva – 3/5/08 (History)

Ellis mentioned meeting Anderson Silva on The Scott Ferrall Show – 6/26/12

Download (link to MP3)

Ellis got it mostly right, but it was after Silva beat Dan Henderson. Here is the audio from The Scott Ferrall Show where J.Ellis, Anderson Silva & Antônio Rodrigo “Big Nog” Nogueira sat in.

The Anderson Silva interview – 3/5/08

Download (link to MP3)

The full Ellis appearance – 3/5/08

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