Show Recap for Friday 3/13/2015

It’s Friday the 13th…for the second month in a row.  Ooh, Spooky!  Saturday is pi day. (3.14 get it?)  Ooh, Interesting!  It’s also #WGAFF…and the crew here is feeling it too.  So you get me again, the NYA utility fielder, pulling a doubleheader.  And it’s raining no fucks given so this is gonna get sloppy and be all over the place and end very abruptly.  Just like yer mum’s last abortion.  Yeah, it’s gonna be like that today.   Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Friday 4/12/2013

Welcome to another riveting edition of Who Gives A Fuck Friday on the Jason Ellis Show and on the NoYouAre recaps. Out of everybody who is not giving a fuck today, Rawdog is the clear winner. He is still out with vagina Jew herpes and is staying home to round out a rawdog_not_at_coachellaweek of nothing. But rumor has it that he might be spreading that shit at Cochella as we speak. So if you are at Cochella this weekend be on the lookout for Josh and his disease of doom! Vagina Jew herpes free Katie is filling in the Dog chair today though so the entire show is saved. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little but it could be worse. Ellis called Rawdog and he’s making him drink eight glasses of water and Gatorade and not iced tea like patient zero has been doing. Ellis saw a celebrity at Voda Spa, I don’t hear who it was because I was running a jack hammer and that shit gets loud but he was star struck. There’s some kid playing in the Masters Golf tournament, so if you didn’t feel like a complete loser already, this should help. According to producer Dom, hackey sack is a sport, but so is paint ball. And according to this logic so is juggling and competitive sitting. Everyone knows ti  isn’t a sport, except for hippies and hipsters. Both of which don’t count anyway. After this discussion Ellis challenged Dom to a 2 on 2 basketball game until they all realized that whichever team Josh was on would defiantly lose.

Women Am I Right was on a roll today starting with four large women at large for assaulting and assumably rapping an innocent dude. Then there was a barrage of bad women driver stories, parking on ledges, crashing into stationary objects, and many other actions of complete fucktardery. A girl texted her boyfriend saying that she’s being robbed

So I hear you like anal!

So I hear you like anal!

and he called the cops and when they got there she told them that she was just joking, LOL. One of the interns brought in a well put together radio game where the guys have to look at a picture and guess if that individual has a dick or no dick. Let me mention again that this RADIO bit was Jason, Tully, and Katie, LOOKING at pictures. Good job dude, stay in school. Then there were more envelope ideas and I didn’t catch them all so you will just have to keep listening to find out some of the horrible things that are in store.In Pot News a large scale grower disguised the odor of his pot farm with buckets of human feces. Another new game was played today also, Win Lil Banes Money! As it would turn out the only thing that we learned from this game is that most of the callers are retarded and apparently nobody has ever seen Jaws. Unfortunately Dom turned out alright in the end and the guys moved on to Dude Am I A Slut. Again, with the callers this was a total train wreck. There were only two shitty calls where girls were blasting some dude because of bla bla bla whatever the fuck they were saying. Hopefully next time the sluts will be less busy slobbing knobs in the alley and call in.


There is a chick in NASCAR and before you get all worried and scared, no she isn’t driving. She’s working in the pits, probably giving the driver a drink or washing his windows or something. Her name is Christmas Abbott (@christmasabbott) and she is smoking hot, way sexier than the usual people in the pits. Final calls were the usual stuff, “I liked the show,” “You have a beautiful cock,” “How do I not be a fat piece of shit,” you know the usual. But the one thing that stood out was one of the last calls, it was a lot of slow deep heavy breathing, a rather husky voice moaning, and some burping. I’m fairly certain it was yer mum, stroking that massive clit of her’s again, OH!

Ellis & Krista Ayne (History)

What do we know about Jason’s latest crush Krista Ayne?

Krista’s entrance to show biz starts with Howard Stern (when doesn’t it?) in the late spring/early summer of 2000. She came in for a Playboy evaluation and didn’t fare too well against Ralph. She returned to THSS on March 20, 2006 as the Penthouse Pet of the Month for April and became one of the first few girls to ride the sybian on the show.


Some other facts:

She’s been in music videos for:
Pittsburgh Slim
Jesse McCartney
50 Cent
Lady Gaga
Bon Jovi
Counting Crows
Devin Lima
Dan Baland

She’s been on several TV shows:
Life on Top (Cinemax)
Pants Off Dance Off (Fuse TV)
Bikini Pool Shark (Spike)
Sex & The City (HBO)
The Sopranos (HBO)

And she’s had a couple small movie roles:
Kettle of Fish
Bad Biology
The Lodger
The Bleeding
Rodger’s Number
Elijah Sincere

Her Penthouse stats:
April 2006 Pet of the Month
Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up in 2007

And finally, she’s been linked romantically with:
Jared Leto and Kid Rock

If you’re an OG #Ellisfam, you probably know that she has been on the show several times.

I believe the Ayne/Ellis story dates back to the late fall of 2007. She was interviewed by Ellis in the LA studios. The most memorable thing to happen? Ellis ended up dropping his pants…

The story continues on March 3rd 2008. Jason & Tully came to NYC to do a week of shows and Krista came in on that first Monday for an interview. A meet-up at the bar Manitoba’s, run by Dick Manitoba who was the singer for ‘The Dictators’ and was a Faction regular, was scheduled for that evening. Krista Ayne was invited to join and an interview with her was recorded from the bar (in addition to a bunch of fan audio). It was played back the next day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have audio from these shows. However, on March 5th Jason was on the Scott Ferrall Show (along with Anderson Silva) and they mentioned Krista Ayne.

Download (link to MP3)

I’m not aware of any appearances in 2009, but on February 12, 2010 she stopped in again while J.Ellis was doing a week in NYC.  Jason was in the middle of interviewing Kristin Davis (AKA the “Manhattan Madam”)

Download (link to MP3)

And, finally, her latest trip to the show on this past Thursday.

Download (link to MP3)