Show Re-Cap for Monday 7/29/2013


Allegedly, it might give you ball cancer. Allegedly.

Today is a day. So welcome to it! On this day in history, NASA was created and Wil Wheaton was born. In more important news, we’ve got bush! And we’ve got a live show today. Apparently Ellis got a lot of shit on Instagram while he was off for 3 whole days with strep throat. I’ll pass along on the message to anyone who gave him shit, “Fuck you, I’m out. You couldn’t last 10 seconds. I’m out.” So there ya go, haters. Now you’re gonna have to go find someone else with strep throat to hate on. Dingo is close to overdosing on homemade meatballs. He’s feeling pretty shitty because he’s been eating more of those meatballs than your mom has eaten men’s balls. Jeff Goldblum greeted Tully’s baby, and he also saw Andy Richter recently. So meet the newest socialite on the scene, Michael Tully! Rawdog is going to start up a Jason Ellis garden where he gives daily updates on watering, growth, potting soils, etc. to keep everyone thoroughly entertained. Gay Bar Wars no Gay Bar Stores no Bar Rescue, there we go, Bar Rescue was on TV and it’s a show. And it’s on TV. Ellis is recommending it, even though he makes fun of the dude’s face. Me, on the other hand? Do yourself a favor stay away from it, it’ll give you ball cancer. DJ Go For It (aka DJ Blue Steel) says the whole Bar Rescue show is fake as fuck. Surprise!


Ding, ding, ding, ding!

The most expensive burger in the world was served this week, it’s grown from cultured stem cells of a single cow and cost about $385,000. Lab grown burger, mmmm. Also in burger news, some dude ordered 1,000 extra slices of cheese for his Whopper. The world’s youngest chess grandmaster was crowned, bitch be 9-years-old and Asian. Moto news time. Over the weekend, James Stewart won Spring Creek Nationals for the first time this season. Trey Canard was second overall and Ryan Dungey was third overall. In the 250’s, Eli Tomac won his fourth victory of the season and took the lead in the season standings. In UFC news, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson won his fight against John Moraga. Rory MacDonald beat Jake Ellenberger in a total lackluster fight. Robbie Lawler kicked Bobby Voelker in de head and won that shit. In UTI news, Michael “It doesn’t tickle when I piss on my balls” Tully has himself a urinary tract infection, diagnosed by Dr. Michael Tully, Ph. D. Probably not all that surprising, Rawdog and Cumtard have both had urinary tract infections as well.


Bruce Willis is a fan of NYA!

A man from Maine was sentenced to a week in jail after he left shit smeared on the floor and up the wall of a federal courthouse’s bathroom. He blamed his medication for shitting his pants and creating the mess. The real question is, why do they want that man to shit in more of their facilities? According to Dingo, this kind of thing happens all the time with snowboarders when they take a hard slam, they blast human mud out of their ass – so watch out for that during the upcoming X-Games! Segway into talk about EllisMania 9, fights, and who will be in it. Ellis is obviously fighting Gay Bruediger again. The musical chair fight and shock collar fights are a must. Then it was time to let the fans try and come up with some fight ideas. I missed a lot of this part thanks to work, the online player cutting out on me. the mobile player not working correctly, and a myriad of other shit. Oh well. I’m not going to keep going back only for the fucking player to crash out on me on the same god damned spot every time. Which brings me to this. A plane is falling out of the sky. A female passenger jumps up out of her seat, tears her clothes off and exclaims, “Is there anyone man enough on this plane to make me feel like a real woman before I die?” A man across the aisle stands up, hurriedly unbuttoning his shirt. He gets it off and throws it at the woman. “Iron this.” OH!

Show Re-cap For Tuesday 8/21/2012

Jude always gets some sort of applause.

Fair warning here, I missed a lot of the show today, but it’s all good. I think I got enough to make you sweat C & C Music Factory style! Rawdog’s tired today, and probably pilled out from his healthy lifestyle kidney stones. Enough so that Ellis called him on it right when he walked in to the studio before work, which automatically put Rawdog in a weird mood. He hung out with his chiquita (Brocolina) last night and drove her non-driving ass home. He also protected her from a raving, rabid dog on dem mean skreets. And since it’s Tuesday, our pal @rude_jude came on the show today and began talking in his latino home girl accent, confusing Rawdog as he got turned on by the accent and words, but was looking at Jude. Also, just in case Rosie is reading this, you should know that the more you get teased, it just means we love you that much more – well Rawdog really, but by extension I suppose.

Kids these days, golly!

Think about this kiddies, a lot of today’s kids don’t know shit from apple butter, or at least they don’t know a lot of shit some of us older people know. To be more specific, today’s 18 year-old crowd – they’ve never experienced many things that were the standard in some of our times. And now, here are just a few of those things that are completely lost on today’s youth: Mailing a letter (snail mail for you youngins), pointing to your wrist to ask for the time, Nirvana is classic rock to them, Ferris Bueller could be their dad, they’ve never had to watch scrambled porn, OJ Simpson has always been famous for alleged murder instead of football, they have no recollection of Michael Jordon playing basketball, they were not glued to the TV watching the fall of the Berlin Wall, some (or even most) of them probably can’t write in cursive, etc. It’s kind of odd for the older generations to think about these things that were so common, yet have become so obsolete. So there ya go – feeling old now? If not, than you’re probably young.

So you say you’re a new intern?

According to Tully, Geena Davis is the female version of Jeff Goldblum… and he’s fucking right! I’ve never really thought about that – you can understand why I’d block her from my mind – but after him saying that, I’m limp and may have erectile dysfunction. So a big fuck you goes out to both Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum. Potential new intern on the show today, “Charles”, who has worked in radio before, he’s 37 and going back to school for radio – particularly he would like to produce. Thirtyseven. Back to school. If you’re just now learning what you want, the road ahead is going to be bumpier than driving over the trash at an abortion clinic. Is that even a joke? I don’t know, I’m tired and give about zero fucks.

Anyway, he was there, introduced himself, and fielded a few questions from the guys – so we’ll see what happens. I would guess he’ll get his shot at being berated by everyone, so start thinking of nicknames for this third-world crack smokin’, pipe-dream havin’, potential intern. Don’t act like I’m some sort of mean guy. You know how everyone is, we don’t like new people at first and treat them suspect until they get a chance to eat our shit and then we judge them on how well they eat our shit. It’s the same all over the world I tell ya. The first time I shit in your mother’s mouth – I had to punch her in the jaw to help her chew it. She’s obviously gotten a lot better at it, as you can see by the six 1 dollar bills she gets to bring home at the end of a night of shit eating. OH!

Show Re-cap For Monday 8/6/2012

Now that Ellis is back from vacation and show is once again live, so is this mu’fuggin’ re-cap, you thug-ass, gangster-ass, bitches. Let’s just get right into it and start this bitch off like Super Fly TNT. Well that was the plan, but as the show started off, Ellis asked why us moron’s listen to him because he stuck M&M’s in his dick, oh and we’re obsessed and psychotic! Kind of sounds like a downer, if you didn’t know the show of course. It wasn’t a downer to me though, because I’m pumped up that the show is back and I can bombard twitter with my bullshit. He brought Tully (who had brunch next to Jeff Goldblum) back a gift from the duty free shop, a bottle of Johnny Walker green label. Ellis got a gift from @nickyknac, it was a painting of Rawdog. And all I got was this lousy blog. Sounds like Ellis got bombarded by people in Cabo, wanting him to do all sorts of activities as well as to buy some cocaine. Turns out the activities were good and the cocaine was bad. Ellis was getting recognized while on vacation, not by the locals, but by other tourists – most of whom recognized him from his appearances on The Howard Stern show. See, now that shit he said at the start of the show makes more sense (and now we’ve come full circle).

Ellis got to do some shit for KTLA where he had a chance to screen the new Expendables 2 movie and meet a few of the actors, such as Jean-Claude Van Damme, who claimed there was talk about a match with Georges St. Pierre. Everyone done barfing from laughing so hard? What a goddamned joke! Just because your old-ass plays a tough guy in a movie, doesn’t mean you’re really ready for some fighting action. According to Ellis, Dolph Lundgren has a big fuggin’ dome, and looks like he’s kind of a badass because of a scar he has somewhere on his face – but his nose is straight so he can’t be too bad – that or he’s rich enough for plastic surgery. There was talk about the UFC fights, which I haven’t gotten to see yet so I barely paid attention during that part, sorry. Hey, according to researchers – if your pupils are dilated like you’re tripping balls – it’s because you’re a homosexual. It’s science!

Ellis was banging Katie (while wearing his knee brace) on an outside bed when he heard somebody coming into their room. He jumps off her, she goes to talk to the dude with the quesadillas and he ends up slipping on the marble floor, tweaked his Mayhem knee and started screaming. The quesadilla man probably didn’t even flinch being that I’m sure he’s walked in on numerous people boning in their hotel room – at least that’s what I gather from reading the Letters To Penthouse articles. In other Katie news, Ellis lost a bet with Katie about his book being in a library. Sure enough, it was there – so she peed on his head. Now that’s a fucking bet for some “salty” characters. [insert laugh track] Rawdog was at the beach with his girlfriend, they’re both reading, and suddenly Rawdog starts experiencing pain in his thumb – it was a bee sting! Amazing story of courage, hope, and manliness.

Dingo was on the show today, he went to his older brother’s wedding in Australia, turns out his brother’s wedding turned into a bit of an intervention. Gotta love the family drama coming out at the best/worst times it possibly can. As bad as it sounds, the consensus seems to be that it was a good time for it to come about – at least in the sooner rather than later sense. Rawdog watched Cumtard drink his friend’s puss. Yup, I know you’re not surprised in the least, and neither am I. Apparently his friend got a really bad sunburn, to the point where his puss sack was leaking and that’s when Cumtard came into the scene. Not to be out-done, callers into the show resumed with their typical quality. Nobody can make a complete sentence or gather their thoughts long enough to spit out more than 2 words on a bunch of “uhhhh” shit. One of more of them tried to say something about Chick=fil-A’s secret seasoning or some shit, another few tried to ask “what’s the big deal?” about all of the latest Chick-fil-A news, and then I went to take a shit so I’m sure I missed something. And that about does it for this re-cap, the only thing left to do is congratulate you on your mother’s appearance in the Olympics. It must have been a real honor to see her fat ass as the helicopter in the opening sequence. OH!