Show Re-Cap for Monday 9/29/2014


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It’s all Monday as fuck up in this Monday re-cap, get your Monday on. Man, it’s hard to make Monday sound good, even Lil Jon & Dingo couldn’t hype up Monday’s status. Fuck it Monday, you’re on your own here. Ellis feels funny, but he’s okay, it might be a tough day because he has absolutely nothing to say – only 3 hours and 58 minutes left to go! Ellis does love his prostitutes though! But he couldn’t be one, maybe in Nevada at a bunny ranch for dudes or something, but not like a real high dollar whore. Hey, people love watching Mike Tyson fights, even still to this day, but people also still love the guy – if you see him on TV, you stop to watch. If you hear him, you stop to listen. What if he took over the Rawdog chair? Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Monday 7/28/2014

The past two weeks have been pure, farm fresh, grade A, shit for me. And today isn’t any better. It’s taken it’s toll on me, I’m exhausted, I’m busy as shit, and I’m pretty sure I’m working towards a stroke. That being said, I’ll do my best with the recap but I make no promises on its quality. Your balls hitting your ass? Does it mean you’re getting older or does it mean you’re balls are getting bigger? Is Jetta the whitest man in the world? Why does Dingo have a new car? Is Cumtard really that cumtarded? Does Ben Stiller have an eating disorder? Just answer “Yes” to all those and you’ll pass the quiz. Dennis Rodman showed Dingo and his pals the giant penis tattoo he has on his back. Remember when Rodman banged Madonna? I don’t know how a super STD wasn’t born from those sessions. There’s moto beef between Dungey and Roczen, or Roczen’s mechanic, or maybe it wasn’t beef, maybe it was chicken. Outdoor motocross versus indoor motocross. There’s a line drawn in the dirt and you gotta choose your side! Just kidding, nobody really cares as long as they can hear the “braaaaps”. So Ellis’ Palm Springs adventure this weekend was cool, but he felt like he got fucked over on his room, no bathtub – only a shower. No movies, just a bed and a couch. Dingo did some interviews at Street League over the weekend, so far it sounds like he did better than last time. Dingo was also at the Young Hollywood Awards this weekend with Kelly Osbourne. It’s airing on Oxygen or some shit tonight. Dingo went and bought himself a white BMW 640i, the one that kinda looks like a Chrysler. Dingo schooled us on who Charles Manson was, then Tully & Will chimed in with more details to really round out the whole Manson family information segment. Do you like the Vamps? You might be a goat if you do. The government wants you to be into the Vamps. This all led into discussions on how big is metal? Are genres of music more fragmented now than ever before? Did you know Ellis got kicked out of school once? Did you know he went back to his school later when he was older and filmed it? Well you do now.


When Ellis & Dingo really get going.

MMA News with Kenda Perez time, she doesn’t have any ugly friends. That’s mainly because Hotdog the intern is still rocking his new genius haircut. Kenda’s a drug and reggae addict lately, Dingo thinks the new drug is moon rocks – a crystallized version of molly. Kenda’s phone sucks, it keeps cutting out so her segment got cut short. Anthony Johnson has fucked up eyes that go red when he gets emotional, and it’s not pink-eye from rubbing poo in his eyes. He planted upper cuts on Nogueira until Lil Nog slumped to the canvas with blood streaming from his… noggin. Clay Guida got his perm straightened by Dennis Bermudez. Dana White could be the next President of the United States, giving way to the “Dana White House” (Tullyism) and Rob Dyrdek could be the Vice President. Some Jennifer chick and her co-workers were listening to the Etsy game on a replay of the show and decided to make an Etsy game themselves and shared it with the show. Aretha Franklin got snubbed at Johnny Rockets, some waitress yelled at her when she sat an empty table after ordering takeout. Dingo is suspect, he likes Canadian bacon over actual bacon or turkey bacon. You sir, will need to work to earn our trust again after that statement. And now, a short public service announcement.


Fuck your Canadian bacon.

Dingo swears you can drive a Lamborghini golf cart on the streets in California as long as it’s licensed and all that legal mumbo jumbo. On a side note, Canadian bacon, so you might not want to just go trusting this man. Katie got called a retarded cunt when she was trying to park her car or something. Ellis wasn’t there so the dude got away with it. Tully called the police today after dropping his kid off at preschool. He saw a Washington state drivers license in the gutter with the face and most of the identifying information burnt off. He called LAPD and they basically gave him the “big fucking deal, buddy” so he called the Seattle PD and I don’t know what the shit they did, but probably nothing. Anyway, back to the Etsy game, which I didn’t take any notes on because I was driving in shit-ass-ass-shit stop-and-go traffic and am unwilling to get into a wreck writing down Etsy game notes. Deal with it. All I can remember is something about soap that smells like monkey farts and Danzig as a narwhal. Tully’s cooking chicken feet for soup and I gotta guess it’s some sort of Japanese dish because who the fuck else would eat chicken feet? You’d think by now people would know that just because you can boil something and pretend it’s food, doesn’t mean you should or that it is food. Some dude in Alabama went to get his foreskin removed and instead the doctor removed his cock. Suddenly, my shitty past weeks are looking a whole lot better. Chris Cole called into the show, he was at Street League this weekend too. Once Chris hung up, we got to hear Dingo’s interviews from the Street League event. This time he had someone there with him to work the equipment so it didn’t sound like total shit. He knows his interviewing skills need work, but he did much better his 2nd time around. He wasn’t afraid to ask the hard hitting questions like “who has the biggest cock here?” – kudos to you Dings! Dyrdek allegedly told Dingo that he’s paid to win a contest before, but that was cut from the audio by the engineer – making that hearsay and inadmissible in court. Overall, Dingo did a lot better this time around and hopefully he keeps doing these at some of the events he goes to.

Back to MMA for a minute. Wilson made his UFC bet and now he’s getting his chance to collect on that bet. He’s going to get his Make-A-Wish dream come true by sitting in a vat of beans! He’s got his kiddie pool, he’s got his floaties on, and donning his favorite shower cap – now it’s time for the miracle! As HateBean came to life, he was drenched in beans. In his mouth. Over his head, down the front & back of his shirt. In his ass crack. BEANS EVERYWHERE! After singing a few bathing songs, it was time for him to get out of his bean bath so Jetta, Cumtard, & Hotdog could get their chance at earning a whopping $100 dollars by having a contest. Each would fill their cup to the brim with bean bath, whoever could finish their brimming bean cup of crunk bean first would be declared the winner. The whitest guy in the world, Jetta, was out of contention almost immediately as he began vomiting beans right back into the bean pool. This left Cumtard & Hotdog to battle it out. Hotdog was holding back his gag relfex while Cumtard was busy enjoying his cup of beans like it was some sort of delicacy prepared by a wizard. Because he seemed totally un-phased and enjoying his delicious dish, it really seemed like Cumtard was going to be winner here, but then a surprise between Hotdog’s vurps. In a scene I can only imagine was straight from a Porky’s movies, Hotdog had nearly completed his cup of bean protein. Cumtard admitted his defeat and Hotdog went on to finish his cup-o-beans, making him the Lean, Mean, Dean of Bean! Which is a much higher honor than your mom ever received, the Queen of Cum Glazed Maids of AIDs. OH!


HateBean in his element.

Show Re-Cap for Monday 7/7/2014


Dingo when he woke up in the hospital with no memory.

OMG sisters! I’ve missed you soooo much! XOXO’s and stuffs. After the week long break, the show is back and so are the recaps. This must mean contract negotiations are going well for Ellis. Nothing is finalized yet, but it looks very promising and he’s excited and will tell us all as soon as he can. Which works out well for him because he doesn’t want to lose his job. And it works out well for us fans too, because we get to continue listening to our favorite show. Dingo, 28 years young, has some shit to tell us today. He took the week off as many of us did. On about Wednesday, he turned the drinking knob up to 11 and carried that through to the 4th. He knew he had to fly to Vegas on Saturday, so Friday around noon he started getting worried he might miss his flight since he’s been up for 2 days drinking heavily and partying with all his friends, excluding Paris Hilton. Everyone avoided her house even though she sent out a mass text to let everyone know she was having a party at her house. Everyone has already banged her twat out so why bother going, right? Anyway, the 4th, it’s noon, Dingo’s concerned about potentially missing his flight. So he takes a substance to help him stay up, but you’re not supposed to take this substance that puts you into a hole, so to speak, while drinking. He’s at this mega house, a massive party house, a Hollywood royalty house. He starts feeling woozy, goes to the bathroom and throws up and thinks he’s gotten past it. He’s on the couch, he feels hot, he goes outside and feels like he’s going to puke again. He’s given a bucket and blacks out. He wakes up with doctors around him and he’s in the hospital. He’s confused, doesn’t know what day it is and doctors are trying to tell him how he managed to get there. Apparently he was stumbling around the beach throwing up, a stranger see’s him and gets paramedics to take him the emergency room in Malibu. They hook him up to an IV and the doctor says that’s all he can do for him and gets the paramedics to take him to the hospital in Santa Monica. They don’t know his name, he couldn’t be traced back to this mega home or friends. He made it to the airport with a plastic bag containing the board shorts and tank top he was wearing during his blackout, gets to Vegas in time for the fireworks and to introduce Nick Cannon. His new management company took him to the UFC fights and is still feeling pretty shitty so he smartly skips having any drinks in Vegas. Ahhh, the days of being young and doing the kind of drugs you can feel have aged your body by a decade.


So, he used a tool you say? What could it be? Oh, thanks Dingo!

Not to be outdone, Tully hit up 7-11 and mowed down a shitload of Doritos. He’s wondering how many Doritos he’s willing to admit to having. Has a bunch of food, some beer, and some smokes and almost goes into a Dorito hole. Ellis just stayed by the pool all day with the kids (yes, I’m including the youthful Katie here – HA!) and applying sunscreen to Devin every 20 seconds. Some strange kid wanted him to buy him a toy or some shit, another kid wanted to keep trying to pour water over his head and he’s wondering where the fuck the parents are. Then he see’s a kid go over to the edge of the pool, squat down, and release a bunch of little turd logs into the pool. Mr. and Mrs. Tully also saw a little kid face plant in from them and end up having to parade the kid around to try and find the parents because they weren’t around either. Parenting, apparently in LA, very few people actually do it, leaving behind pussy kids and annoying kids. Oh, and before I forget. Katie can’t throw up, she wasn’t feeling well, took some charcoal pills, and tried sticking her finger down her throat but it wasn’t working. So, it was up to Ellis to use a “tool” to help get the job done, which it did. As Ellis and Tully did a graceful dance around what this magical “tool” was, Dingo, well known for his masterful wordsmith abilities, blurts out, “dick in the mouth”. Oh. And also while Wilson was in Alabama, he never once heard the “n” word.


Ellis flirting with Kenda.

MMA News time with Kenda (not Kendra) Perez. Ellis received no drunk texts from Kenda over the weekend, so that pretty much means she was with her boyfriend and he must be working his way into her heart as well as her panties. Joe Rogan temporarily got put on blast by Dana White for asking Rousey if she was willing to rescue the UFC 176 PPV event in less than a month because it currently has no main event. Dana then later exonerated Joe and all is well between the two again. Chris Weidman put doubts to rest with his win over Lyoto Machida. Urijah Faber beat the brakes off Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres and it sounds like Urijah has had a falling out with Duane Ludwig. In TUF 19 finale, BJ Penn retired after his TKO loss to Frankie Edgar. And Ben Askren heckled “fat” Johny Hendricks and “bald” Dana White. Also, Chael Sonnen got fired from FOX Sports and UFC broadcasting. Speaking of people getting fired, here we go. Anthony Cumia, yes, the bitter old gal from Opie & Anthony also got fired. Apparently it was over some racist shit he said on Twitter. Whatever. I don’t care. Maybe not so coincidentally, new segment time with “Dude, Will This Get Me Fired?” The major bit of entertainment here was how we learned that Cumtard wiped his ass, between his legs, while standing up. Some chick he worked with at McDonalds that he tried to flirt with caught him with a wad of shitty toilet paper in his hand, dick hanging out, and standing like some kind of mental patient. Then we get another bomb dropped on us when Tully admits he’s not sure he’s ever wiped while sitting down, he always stands up to wipe. That means there are people walking among us who stand up to wipe. You know Tully & Cumtard can’t be the only two in the world. I never would’ve known, and you said the show isn’t informative.


Donald Schwartz, poaching, and history get me so hot!

Donald Schwartz called into the show to talk about how much it costs if you want to go poach a rhino. I might have written that wrong. He doesn’t condone poaching, matter of fact he flat out is opposed to it, he just knows a lot about it. He’s also opposed to beheading people, but also may allegedly know a lot about it. Also, apparently killing cool lions causes the pussy lion population to increase. I’m not sure how, but if Schwartz says it does, then I’ll take his notoriously racist* word for it. *Disclaimer: Donald isn’t really a racist, he just plays one on TV. Also, I’m joking again. He, as far as I know, has never played a racist on TV. Anyway, shit is in trouble. Animals. The ocean. All of it. And if they’re in trouble, then we’re in trouble. And nobody wants to report to the principal’s office for this one. Trust me. Or don’t. Trust Donald. See if I care. Just trust someone for once in your life. Wait. That might be a bad idea. Just go to, there are pictures there!

Ever heard of Jordan Haskins? Me neither. Apparently he’s running for 95th District Michigan State House Representative and he used to be into “cranking” which is supposedly a sexual fetish where he removed spark plug wires from cars, sat in them with the engines running, sparking, and making noises, while he jerks off. Time for some notable moments in world history with Ellis and Dingo. The Dalai Lama was a Korean dude who invented yoga, wears a dress, and is not the CEO of Apple. The bikini was invented by Dingo’s mom when she was born and his dad wore a blue one and got the nickname Blueberry. Amelia Earhart did not steal babies, but was the last female bohemian who made the world’s best/worst lemonade. Ever. She also went on a walkabout until women had rights, and then pissed off men threw her in the ocean. Lyndon B. Johnson signed up for civil rights which gave rights to civil people in 1964 and then promptly gave those same rights to everyone except for Dingo’s mother. That girl that sued Kobe Bryant was pissed because he tried to crack open the backdoor and she was not into the butt jams and so she sent text messages to the FBI and Kobe quickly bought his girl a ring with a massive rock, thereby apologizing for splitting another ladies butthole apart which required stitches. In the butt. Butthole stitching. The Battle of the Little Bighorn was between Colonel Mustard and Chief Sitting Pond, up in Canada. Neither dude took any shit, but eventually Colonel Mustard was killed by Indians (feather, not dot) and they were all like, “fuck that cracker-ass cracker.” People at the time were all like “that’s fucking bullshit, man!” But nowadays, people are like, “well, fuck that Mustard guy” because as a whole, we were dicks to Indians (feathers, not dots) and that pretty much marked the invention of fire water. John Gotti was the father of gangster rapper Irv Gotti, he invented prohibition, the Gotti necktie, and suits. The Statue of Liberty and french fries were gifts from France just say “hi, we like you” and we accepted both gifts which made our entire population fat, but fully pleased and in need of a nap. The French are still waiting for us to send them a statue of Hulk Hogan. The Watergate burglars where a family that robbed banks and information from Secret Services and sold them to the Chinese, but were caught by Deep Throat, who turned out to be Tom Hanks and was romantically linked to Richard Nixon. Alexander The Great was gay, but the greatest of all time, he hunted elephants, owned Rome, and participated in orgies like a champ. Somebody put mercury on their dick and poisoned him and then he died. The Salem Witch Hangings were real, not just a story to make kids stop eating cookies at night. They tossed witches in water, if they drowned, they were not witches, if they floated, they were witches. This was of course all before anyone learned how to swim. Benjamin Franklin flew kite, which created electricity because he put a key on that kite and then lightening was like, BOOM! Entrepreneurship to you, sir! And that concludes our history lesson for today, kiddies. Now, how would you kill Dingo? By grenades at the Grenade Games? Him on an ice rink with a bunch of rocks and you and your drunk friends get to stone him to death? Think of your best and then keep it to yourself because the show is over by now.


Awkward kisses.

Show Re-Cap for Monday 6/9/2014


Drunk Dingo at Diddy Jr’s party.

Welcome (English), ulihelisdi (Cherokee), bienvenue (French), herzlich willkommen (German Gaper). It’s another Monday recap with your bestie-cakes, me! Okay, so maybe we don’t know each other well enough to best friends, but we can change that – and that’s change you can believe in! Ellis is super excited to be here today, things are looking great for him because he feels like he’s got 7 million balloons tied to his pants, he feels light. And he’s excited to make all kinds of money and move in next to rich fuckers and ruin their days. Haircuts. Ellis had a bowl cut when he was young, it almost turned into a bob. Guess which younger, male, Ellis is not allowed to have a mohawk or a shaved head? Hint, his name rhymes with Liger Tee. Dingo was at Diddy’s son’s birthday party on Thursday and got wasted and isn’t sure what he said, but he knows he let loose. He was there getting blasted with basically just the family, minus Puff – he didn’t show up until way later. Everyone was singing Happy Birthday to Diddy Jr. and cracker-ass Dingo couldn’t clap in rhythm with everyone else. Speaking of singing Happy Birthday, Tully and his son sang Happy Birthday to Mrs. Tullywong. It was just as embarrassing because it’s just 1 adult and 1 toddler singing. Speaking of toddlers, Ellis and Katie went to a gay pride parade on Saturday. There was a whole lot of talk about dudes fucking dudes, supposed 24 hour anti-AIDs pills, and pubic hair, more than I will bore you with. Basically, it sounds like it was exactly what you might expect it to be. FABULOUS!


How I picture Kenda when Ellis is hitting on her.

Will’s still faithfully training for his fight with Cumtard, straight up in his shorts and ready to rock’em sock’em by the time Ellis gets to the gym. Which begs the question, does Cumtard even know about the Madden brothers and the X-Games? Just go with it man, segue’s be damned! So that gracefully leads us into Kenda Perez on the horn and not hung over to talk about the UFC. She was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the fights, she even hit up a bar to watch, but not participate in line dancing. She smelled all kinds of that sticky icky green skunk bud in her hotel, and apparently Dingo thinks that means a smell of sex and not pot marijuana. Tully was in Albuquerque once, his room had bullet holes in the door and a duct tape repair job on the toilet, so we’re talking upscale shitting here. Anyway, some people fought during UFC Fight Night and apparently there was some whack-a-doody stuff that went down, but honestly, I’m just not feeling it so you’re gonna have to go look on the lines yourself to find out what all happened. So Dingo practiced his American accent with some “cheeseburger” and “cheese steak” drops. He’s about halfway there to an American accent, needs practice. He doesn’t get most of our National Anthem either, until it gets to the “live free” part. Again, just go with it, I think he’s mixing up the song with the Die Hard movie. So everyone on the show is trying to watch hockey a lot more, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t – but hey, at least they’re trying. Tully likes it when the guy skates behind the other teams goalie and everyone’s all like “ooooohhh, which was is gonna go, is going left, is he going right, nobody knows!” And Ellis likes it when the guy passes behind his back and people fake fall. Dingo just likes the National Anthem, you know the part.


Ermahgerd! It’s sherk ners!

Wolfknives members, you wanna choose some music? You can still send in some picks for songs to be played – so there’s that. You’re probably not gonna get 311 played, but you can try, you dick. Shark news time, directly from the ocean. Scientists were puzzled by a 9 foot great white shark that got eaten. Turns out, it wasn’t a fucking Kraken or Godzilla, it was a colossal cannibal great white shark that ate it. BOOM! I break news and hearts, y’all! Also, the Loch Ness monster is full of shit, man. Hey, some how you can win a download code the new Linkin Park album for something or another, and the upcoming UFC fights, I don’t think you have to do anything for it, it’s just how Ellis feels at the moment. So good luck with that! It’s time for some history lessons with Ellis and Dingo. 20 years ago, the “Hollywood Madame” was arrested, who was she? She was a coke ho, she had a book, she showed everybody her black book of ho’s, and dick sizes. That last part might not be correct, but let’s not mince cocks here. On June 8th, 632 AD, Muhammad the Barbarian died, he started a religion, not cheeseburgers. Ronald Reagan was a movie star, became a politician, and he invented Star Wars but gave Lucas the rights to it, and Marilyn Monroe was his bastard child because Presidential loads were flying all over the place back then. The 19th amendment was passed to give black people a mule and some acreage since we treated them like shit. Some good movies came out in 1989, but the crackdown on drugs came to hardcore fruition in Tiananmen Square and unless you were in a strong relationship, you could only have 1 child, also California rolls were invented. Babe Ruth invented the candy bar, he was a drunk, beat his wife, and slept with everybody. He was the fattest person to point at the sky and hit a ball right up the sun’s ass. Deep throat, he worked for the FBI, knew the secret to awesome blow jobs, and shared that information and gave free demonstrations, and that’s where Tommy Lee Jones got all wrinkly. Amy Fisher was an ice skater, she broke some hot Asian chick’s legs, and then got shot in the face with some fat dudes load. Brothers Lewis and Clark were boat enthusiasts that flew around the world and made shoes. They’d buy Chinaman and trade them for blacks, 2 for 1, it was a fucked up time around the Louisiana Purchase era. Is your head spinning from all this very factual information in this history lesson? I know mine is! See, who says learning can’t be fun?

So remember how Tully mentioned he, Will, Cumtard, and Jetta all invested $20 each of their own money into the show? It was revealed today they got on and paid for people to do make things to help promote the show. None of them were worth $5, much less the time it took to send an email. Well, maybe the chick singing Who Let The Dogs Out, that might of been worth the $5. Sounds like maybe this $10 game Tully had made might also be the best thing made and represents the show better than all the other stuff. This brought us to final calls and the question, what would you do if you had a “Get out of AIDs free” pill for 12 hours. Apparently Rik Mayall from “The Young Ones” died at the age of 56, that show was fucking great, so that sucks. And on that note, I have a massive headache, so I’m done staring at this screen. Don’t die!

Bonus: Here’s @McKaI86 pretending to be Bane and talking about TJES.

Download (link to MP3)

Bonus #2: “The Party”

Show Re-Cap for Monday 5/12/2014



What’s up with Monday sucking so much ball gravy? Getting real tired of your shit, Monday. Happy late Mother’s Day to all the baby mamma’s out there. Hope you had a good day, because it’s back to your normal bullshit now. So you might still be something when  you’re dead. I mean, that’s not confirmed, there’s some investigation and science that needs to happen, but it might be true. Ellis is going to find out soon enough when he has his heart surgery, then goes to Peru, and then trips on ayahuasca. Aubrey’s done it, Joe’s done it, and they’re smart and still here and functioning. I think this might be the first subject on the show that Dingo hasn’t pretended to be an expert on, so I think we all might need to trip balls a few more times just so Dingo has to do more psychedelics just to catch up to the rest of the world. Not to be mean of course, just to rub it in, in a friendly manner. He’s ready to go to Peru and take a mind trip with Ellis, Tully however, is not. Speaking of Dingo, he went to Malibu or some shit this weekend and saw a bunch of famous people like the handsome John C. Reilly. Dingo will also be going to Street League and Ellis will not. Dingo says he would be willing to try and get interviews for the show, which is cool, but Dingo has let Ellis down before so let’s not get too overly excited just yet. Dingo also has been going to Vegas to be in Lil Jon’s video or some shit and pouring champagne on motherfuckers and passing out shots. He’s been doing it for years so he’s totally unimpressed. OVER IT. He misses his cues, he fucks up and sprays champagne at the wrong time, he falls off the stage sometimes. He don’t give a shit. He’s in Lil Jon’s video, what does he think about it? Big whoop. Here’s a link to the “official” video that Dingo is not in and here’s a link to the other video that Dingo is in. (around the 2:28 mark) According to Tully (and The Source “Dingo”), Lil Jon is a really nice guy. And that may be true, but this is without a doubt the most I’ve ever discussed Lil Jon and that makes me feel weird – so it’s time to move on.


I’m in the bathroom with Kenda.

Is finger banging and old lady like putting eye cream on a set of old wrinkly eye lids? Do animals lick each other’s genitals? Tully & Dingo say no, Ellis says yes, so then Dingo says yes. As it turns out, bats suck bat dick, or at least the lick bat dick. Tig McPickles is getting into some shit at school, not listening, saying his dad would kick another kid’s dads ass, etc. Papa Fifty is almost dead or likely to die sooner rather than later, he also has his own Instagram now. So UFC was this past weekend and Tully lost his bet, because he put his money on the Brazilian bitch, who of course lost. Looks like he’ll be spinning the Wheel of Doom. Kenda called in to talk about her titties and how much she desires them to be sucked on – just kidding – it was MMA News. Kenda lives in a condo with a community pool, she’s sitting by the pool now, waiting for someone to come suckle her teets – just kidding – she’s in the bathroom of the community pool taking a dump – just kidding – she’s in there so she can talk while her phone is plugged in to her ass – just kidding – it’s plugged into the wall. She recently had a wet dream about Ellis – just kidding – it was a dry dream, but Ellis was in it. Michael Sam got drafted into the NFL as the 249th pick by the Rams, if you remember, he’s the openly gay football player from Missouri. He cried and kissed his boyfriend and as you might have guessed, some people took issue with that.


Coming in hard with some factual shit.

Tully stepped up to spin the Wheel of Doom, he landed on “Spanked by Will” and he has to fart, or possibly shit, and piss, so he has no idea how this is going to go. To get things setup, Tully pulls down his pants (underwear on), bends over Will’s good knee, and gets spanked so he learns his lesson. Learns it real good. Now everyone wants boner inducing spanks from Will. Time for a history game between Ellis and Dingo as hosted by Mike “My Ass Is Kind of Stingy” Tully. Who was Machiavelli? He was a drug running in the 1400’s who invented pizza, rode horses with a saddle, and started the movement of separating Sicilian and Italians. Who was Mussolini? Another Italian, a general, started a revolution when he invented the dumpling during a war with the world for the second time, and was executed for his evil empire against pastries and music. AIDs, it jumped from monkeys to humans because the junky monkeys shared needles, then someone cut a monkey, fuck it, cut it up, sliced them selves because the Slap-Chop™ had not been invented yet, and then under cooked the HIV monkey and BAM! You just got the AIDs. Why did Muhammed Ali refuse to be drafted into the war? He was Muslim and said that’s bullshit and then served some time for that shit and there ya go. There was a Rocky Marciano movie, what the fuck do you wanna know about him? He used to do shows, people hired him to do stand-up at bars, and he drank a lot, fucked a carrot and that’s how we got stuck with Carrot Top. Dingo was born, in a world, in 1986. But that’s also when the Russians got nuclearized by Chernobyl, fish got 3 eyes, bitches got 7 tits, and there was all kinds of fucked up shit, all the Gernobyly people got died unless they escaped to LA to block Ellis’ driveway. Right around the same time, Maria Shriver married Schwarzenegger, created a nice little family, stopped blowing Arnie, she turned bitter, he turned bitter, she fucked herself, he fucked the maid. That or she’s the freaky one and wanted him to fuck maids, get them pregnant, and call him a pussy while she rubs one out in the corner. William Shakespeare wrote plays, worked for French people and shit, and if it wasn’t for him there would be no Spielberg. The Red Baron is a dog or a chicken who loves also loves chicken and flies a dog house with wings, he was a Nazi and killed mad people and children, also his pizza is complete shit. Charlie Chaplin was a famous entertainer, his house is now a Russian restaurant run by Australians, he owned more property than anyone else in LA, and was very dark and would do creepy shit to women, he was a real loose unit, and Hitler stole his mustache. Abraham Lincoln was huge, he invented a car, he was a dark human being, he tried to free the blacks with commandments but with more important shit, he wrote a bunch of shit down that said “this is what’s up” and changed the game. Democrats shot him because they knew Obamacare was coming. The Civil War, what was so civil about it anyway? It happened on the east coast, red coats versus blue coats, no motherfuckers thought of wearing camouflage, nobody knew how to step out of the way of shit that can kill you, they were pretty fucked up. We watched Mel Gibson’s son die because of some cocksuckers, and if it wasn’t for Colonel Gibson, we’d all be eating French bread, all over a racist confederate Texas flag while eating blacks, which is crazy because blacks fought each other to see who could get eaten first. Dingo remembers North, South, East, West by reciting a cute little phrase, “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix”, so maybe that will help you to remember the four major points on the compass too! And there you have it, hopefully everyone learned something.


I’ll get off your toilet for a measly $6k.

Mr. T won’t get off the toilet for less than $100k or some shit, so let’s see what it takes to get some other celebrities off the shitter. Jose Canseco got paid $100k (?) for his last celebrity boxing thing. How much to get Carmen Electra to show up at a party? $100k. How much to get Huge Jackman to show up to your shithole? $250k. How much to get Puffy to show up and shut up? $500k. Pauly Shore? $30k, buuuuddy. Wendy Williams? $10k. Drake? $1M  James Earl Jones? $1M. Chelsea Handler? $100k to show up, $150k to bang her. Cher? $1.5M to show up, $0.75 to eat her out. Mötley Crüe? $150k. Khloé Kardashian? $150k + $100k in food. Slayer? $30k. Avril Lavigne? $350k, no touching. Conversation turned to ayahuasca again and we got calls from listener’s who knew a guy who knew a guy who saw a guy at a truck stop who told about a guy that knew a sherman who puked and shit himself and talked to dead people who didn’t drink coffee. It was a real eye opener – just kidding – it was fucktarded. We heard about some stupid bitch in Edmonton who attacked a dude on a subway in Edmonton, of course it’s a fucking world star video. This was a perfect lead into final calls – sadly nobody dropped a “world star son, world star, world star, world star” until they got shot. And that, my friends, wraps this baby up nice and neat like a turd with a bow on it. Enjoy it. Love it. Make out with it. Peel your banana to the left, peel your banana to the right, peel your banana and uh, take a bite! YAY!