Show Re-cap For Monday 2/13/2012

Scumbag WhitneyToday’s show started off with moto talk. Basically somebody passed somebody else and then they got passed or some shit like that. And there you have it, fully detailed information overload for all you moto fans out there. There was talk about Whitney Houston, her death, her versus Mariah Carey, her versus Beyonce, and her versus Godzilla (okay, that last one is an outright lie) anyway, I’m not sure what the end result was because I kind of zoned out, sorry ’bout that. Grammy Awards were last night and I could care less, so I zoned out on that one as well. I’m pretty sure if you’re interested in that, you can Google the shit out of it.

Speaking of Google, they played the Google game where Cumtard comes up with a Google search like, “Why do people from New Jersey ______” and you have to fill in the blank, guessing on what the most popular Google search terms might be. That was entertaining for a bit as Ellis and Tully usually come up with some really inappropriate / funny stuff and Dingo (@TheDingoInSnow) just completely goes off any sort of logical path whatsoever. I think Rawdog is probably the only one who gives his actual best answers at most times, which in itself can be funny.

Ellis may have pulled out of his pro fight because he keeps getting sick after he trains a lot, he’s gotta go see the doctor (not Dr. Feelgood). No word on if Friday morning shows will be back or not, but I suspect not. I think he’s waiting for the time slot change as previously discussed. There was some other speculation from a few listeners that I saw, but that wasn’t directly discussed, although it may have been slightly alluded to on the show. Therefore, for now, I classify it as hearsay and so it shall not be permitted in this court of No You Are. If it’s true and Ellis wants everyone to know about it, I’m sure he’ll discuss it. I’m not going to be part of a rumor mill so I’m not going to comment on it.

That pretty much sums up today’s show. I think the only other thing I didn’t discuss was your mom’s cooking and how she likes to cook with cum. So there’s a good chance you’ve eaten another mans sperm while enjoying your favorite dish. EW! I mean OH!