Show recap for Tuesday 2/10/15

Happy Birthday Cliff Burton!!! Hopefully I’m spelling that right cause I’m too lazy to Google right now and…yup…that’s that..Happy Birthday I am too lazy to google the correct spelling of your name!!! God, I’m kind of a bitch. But i have nice boobs and a great ass and I can do a shoulder stand on my bed while Hubbs eats my pussy at 3 in the morning cause core strength is a thing and mula bandha, motherfuckers.

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Show Recap for Tuesday 2/13/2015

Hey bros and bitches, it’s Tuesday and that means that this bitch right here is gonna do some TJES recapping for you- whether you like it or not. But, you know that you like it. You fucking love it. You spend all of your Tuesday not listening to the show on purpose cause all you wanna know is the show as Jenny will tell it to you. Boom. But, getting back to reality as it exists outside of my head..Ellis is detoxifying and he’s pretty sure that he’s him. I know, right? Groundbreaking shit. Incredible.’s all good though that that’s the first sentiment of the day because of Ellis is pretty sure that he’s him, then that means basically all is right in the world and the show that must go on Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Thursday 1/29/2015

Whenever I listen to “Butt Town”, I make sure to belt out those lyrics and stare at whoever is next to me in traffic, making sure to never break eye contact. People appreciate passion and commitment, and that’s what I bring to your ass. That and herpes. Lots of herpes. Continue reading

Show Re-Cap for Thursday 1/22/2015

What the fuck is it about dudes over the age of 50 feeling the need to walk around the gym locker room with their balls hanging out? Seriously, I don’t need to have some old, wrinkly balls hanging halfway to the floor next to me while I’m tying my shoes. If I wanted to be mentally scarred like that I’d just look at pictures of your mum. Continue reading