Treasure Island & 50 Nuts (Video)

Recently a couple listeners called in with references to things Ellis has done on video. Let’s listen and watch!

Treasure Island pirate boat as the set of “Big Fucking Mega Boat”? – 3/20/12

Download (link to MP3)

Here’s the video. Look for Ellis in the Shaq Lakers jersey, Rick Thorne in black (of course!) and Rooftop dives in at the end. (Source: Tony Hawk’s Gigantic Skatepark Tour 2000 – Disc 2 – Outakes )

Was Ellis in the “50 Nuts” video? – 3/23/12

Download (link to MP3)

Video of Ellis jumping over chicks on a mini bike

This one is fairly self explanatory, look for Ellis in black and in the yellow shorts. (Source: 50 Nuts)

Mayhem Mondays! – June 2010 (History)

The boys are off for Presidents Day and there is another “Best of” show. Boring!

It’s Monday, Jason “Mayhem” Miller will be returning to the UFC on May 26th, and he just tweeted to J.Ellis that he wants to come back on the show. So, let’s celebrate by winding the clock back to June of 2010. Mayhem stopped in for every Monday that month (I think that’s the only month he ever accomplished that). It was, in my opinion, the peak of “Mayhem Mondays”.

Mayhem’s long awaited return after trashing the Ellis’ Beverly Hills home, they prank a phone solicitor, a buzzed Oxy John calls in, and Gay Ray & Mayhem have gay phone sex – 6/7/2010

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Bonus: Want the background to the Mayhem sex party? – Mayhem Sex Party In The Ellis’ House – The Complete Story (History)

Mayhem arrives unannounced after J.Ellis “tongue fucks” Rawdog for losing a UFC bet, more Oxy John, and the history of Mayhem vs. GSP – 6/14/2010

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J.Ellis is late and Mayhem starts the show, Steven Seagal & Anderson Silva training video, religion, jobs, and go kart racing – 6/21/2010

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The beehive holocaust, Mayhem lost his brand new iPhone 4, Chris Brown, Ashley Fiolek, Fedor, the 1st MMA death – 6/28/2010

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