Treasure Island & 50 Nuts (Video)

Recently a couple listeners called in with references to things Ellis has done on video. Let’s listen and watch!

Treasure Island pirate boat as the set of “Big Fucking Mega Boat”? – 3/20/12

Download (link to MP3)

Here’s the video. Look for Ellis in the Shaq Lakers jersey, Rick Thorne in black (of course!) and Rooftop dives in at the end. (Source: Tony Hawk’s Gigantic Skatepark Tour 2000 – Disc 2 – Outakes )

Was Ellis in the “50 Nuts” video? – 3/23/12

Download (link to MP3)

Video of Ellis jumping over chicks on a mini bike

This one is fairly self explanatory, look for Ellis in black and in the yellow shorts. (Source: 50 Nuts)